Apple iCloud: Details emerge on new music service - CSMonitor.com

Apple is almost certainly getting ready to release a cloud-based music service. So what's inside the 'iCloud'?
Apple iCloud: Details emerge on new music service - CSMonitor.com

that's what I was talking about in many discussion, and people always took me as a crazy guy

that's exactly the only way to get a rid of piracy (plus other things that need to be taken care of)


that should sound as a great news

except for the fact that will end the physical distribution and music shops, once so important to find new music, to select what was the best and what crap (do you remind when you went to the music shop talking to the owner and also to other clients, listening to music in the shop and so on... ended)

and also the end of music physical distribution, which means independent labels will have hard times.. because with the physical distribution you would have a chance to find an independent distribution that will put your albums in shops... now if Apple doesn't think your music is important, you will not be in iTunes and in the cloud, or you will be there (much probably) but without promotion, because only majors can pay for advertisement on iTunes

with the time passing, imaging a world with everyone with at least and iPod, iPad, iFu*k, everyone will listen to music using iTunes and iCloud...

hey guys, I have two macs and I like Apple, I'm a real fun but I believe in plurality, multiplicity, and I don't like to get my music only from one source and honestly I think iCloud is the only way, now, to make big profits with music, but what if that all p2p is something wanted by the majors to get a rid of music shops and distributions with 10 years and more of discography crisis so no one has the responsibility of that change?

million of people (shop owners, distribution workers and so on) that loses their job and the responsibility is of that p2p ghost...

what if that p2p ghost has been created or hiddenly supported to get a rid of physical distribution, physical support, etc, and transfer everything on the net?

where they can control everything better, have much less costs eliminating the distribution, the support, everything, so... no cost for them (except studio, producers, promotion, but much less because everything is on iTunes)...etc, only profits....?