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Hello Gearslutz!

I have been thinking...

... of how we will release our stuff in times of shorter attentionspans and internet piracy, where every record/release that is longer than 20 minutes just becomes inefficient at holding the attention of the average listener hostage.

... of how recordlabels like def jam put millions of dollars into single releases and promote them all around the world and still don't manage to land a hit with them, because the ****ty songs just don't cut it (Rihanna)

... of how people just claim that things they made are "art", just because they look like it. (Mr Brainwash)

... and of how our perception of what looks or sounds like it is "art" changes through the perfectionism that is spreading all around the music world. Music has to be perfect to be considered music. Why has it got to be this way? There are people who enjoy DRONE DOOM goddamnit! Wouldn't it be easier for record labels to produce music for EVERYONE and not just the brainwashed masses.
Make GOOD music for people to ENJOY it?

So I made an experiment: I created a 8-Minute Progressive Rock Album with sloppy drumming, pitchy vocals and noisy guitars and promoted it on different websites such as gearslutz, to see if people were able to look past the facade of the technically imperfect execution and see the songs as art anyways. (Which is what music is, right?)

I don't really know were to go from here. Maybe you could take a listen or just pick up the random thoughts I threw into the room and discuss from there?

Would be interested in y'alls opinions!