A word to the wise....

This has been a tip from Jules in the "video vault" for a couple of years now, but I haven't seen any threads mentioning it and it's really worth knowing. A way useful web resource for those wanting to educate themselves on various aspects of the music biz, as well as a huge number of related topics, is a site called ArtistsHouseMusic.

Tons of great videos from all kinds of cats, lots of entertainment lawyers, production people, management people, it's really very cool. A few hours there and my head is buzzing like I've just spent the day doing seminars at AES.

It doesn't look like it has any kind of revenue stream itself, and a little digging mentions support by something called the Herb Albert Foundation. So if you see Herb Albert walking around anywhere -- I think he's been seen in Honolulu and LA lately -- say thanks. Knowledge is power. The site is really an incredible gift.

Thanks, Herb.