Hello world. My name is Seth, I'm 26 years old, and I'm a singer songwriter, musician, and mixer/engineer. I've always played in bands, but as of a few years ago I've been focusing more on songwriting and going solo. I followed my dream, went to school for audio production and graduated with a 4 year degree, and since then have mainly freelanced out of my home studio the past few years.

Over a year ago I started a debut full length album, tracked some drums, acoustic guitar, and vocals, and then got busy with other projects for clients and haven't had the chance to revisit my record...until now. I finished up my latest project over the weekend, and am now coming back to my personal album and am super stoked! I'm not someone who is looking to get famous, or get signed, or rich...etc. I'm a guy who LOVES music with all my heart, and I want to do what I love as much as possible. At this point in my life, I feel I'm mature enough to put myself out there and see what happens.

For some time, I've thought it would be really cool to start a thread documenting this album, and everything that comes along with it including promotion, writing of parts, production, mixing, etc. etc. I wasn't sure if it would really be of interest to people, and would like some input and feedback as to how I can make it cool and interesting. I figured I would include audio clips, and video clips of the process.

But, what I'm also looking for are suggestions and feedback on PRODUCTION! I thought it would be really neat to post clips of songs as they develop, and get input as far as writing of parts, and the production of the album as a whole. I want to basically start a PRODUCERS thread. I'm not asking people to play parts for me or work for free, just for some helpful tips. I play all of the instruments and sing myself, and when doing this it's easy to get so narrowed in on a song that you can't hear the big picture. I'd love for people to chime in and give suggestions as to a certain instrument that may enhance things, or a certain part you may be hearing or think would sound good. Anything that may help me think outside of the song a bit. I may even hire a few outside musicians to help at some point with strings, piano, etc. Time will tell.

So, a brief background up to this point for the album. I tracked drums, main acoustic guitar, vocals, and a few electric guitar parts in my old studio which was a converted 2 car garage. This was all done over the past year or so. I then took a break, we moved into a smaller place, and I'm picking back up trying to finish. If people are interested in this, I'll give more details soon as to the actual recording of those parts, and then pick up from here out with videos and sound clips of the process.

After the album is done, I will mix, get it mastered, and promote. My personal goal is to just get my music out to anyone who will listen, book more shows, and have fun. I'm giving myself the next year to really take a shot at making music a bigger part of my life, whether it's professionally, or just for fun and my own personal pleasure.

My official website is almost complete, which I'll post in the next few weeks. For now, I did an acoustic demo awhile back, which you can hear at www.reverbnation.com/sethbrand. Some of those songs will be completely redone with a full production for this album. I also have a youtube channel at sethbrand12's Channel - YouTube

Is this, or could this be interesting to anyone?