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Hey guys:

I received an unsolicited email today from a website called BandSoup:


My name is Ryan and I work for a site called BandSoup and I really dig your music! We would love to have more of it on our site.

BandSoup is an "open" and free streaming service for bands and solo artists of any genre. We are currently working on a new version of the site (set to release very soon!) after receiving a government grant, but are looking for great bands to upload their music. We also have a blog where we write articles/artist spotlights on bands that upload music on our site.

I recently found Control and your EP and love what I heard! It would be great to see and hear your music on our website (there is no limit on how much you can share). Uploading and getting coverage on our social media sites/blog reaches out to thousands of indie music fans. Once you upload, we share it on our facebook and twitter pages and bands we especially like get further blog coverage. If you have any videos, free downloads, or upcoming album releases, we would like to cover that on our blog as well.

To upload: http://www.bandsoup.com and then click on where it says "create account". It's quick & easy and you only need an e-mail to sign up (your email is not shared or given to anyone). All artists retain their rights. All songs are made available to stream. As soon as you upload a song, it will be featured on the front of the site in the center of the bowl.

**FYI: We had to put up an unfinished beta version of the site, so there are a few things not complete, but will be completed as we complete our government grant proposal, etc. Please keep checking back with us because the final product will be released soon! We appreciate you being apart of our humble beginnings.

Thank you and keep up the great music!

Blog: http://blog.bandsoup.com
Site: http://www.bandsoup.com
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/bandsoup
Tumblr: http://bandsoup.tumblr.com
I've never heard of this site before and I'm wondeing if anyone has had experiences good/bad with them. I'm already on Pandora, Facebook, Bandcamp... but any promotion is good promotion I guess so I figured I'd at least do due dilligence.