Hey guys,

My band Waverland landed a placement on a nationally televised commercial for GM Buick, where our instrumental played for the entire 60 seconds of the commercial. It actually aired during the final four this year and people said they see it all the time on ESPN since then... check it out below:

Buick "What Matters" | Luxury Sport Sedan | Commercial - YouTube

My question is... does anyone have any idea about the royalties for something like this, and what to expect? We got a nice "lease" down payment for the song, and they said we will also collect royalties for each play, but it was released back in April and we haven't seen anything come our way yet (it does shows up on our ASCAP however) and we have no idea how much to expect... we plan on spending some cash for another CD soon, so if anyone has an idea then I'd really appreciate any estimates on what other people have received for something that sounds similar.



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