What do you think guys? It's exciting. But does it really work for everyone? Or just established artists?

This is an extract of a Trent Reznor video interview.

interviewer : What advice do you have for up and coming bands who choose the internet for distribution over traditional channels?

T.Reznor: “Try to identify what you are trying to do and how do you see yourself. If you see yourself as an american idol-esque mainstream artist, you’ll need a record label to pull that off. You’ll need their bank account, marketing power and permutation into the market. I would do what I did before (in the 90?s). Find the right way to appeal to those entities and groom yourself to be like what they want. If you want to do something unique and innovative, and you don’t sound like what’s on the radio and you don’t want to be the pussycat dolls, then you don’t want to be part of a major label. What they want to do is getting a revenue off you, and that is going to be put first, not your vision.”

other extract:

T.Reznor: “The huge barrier of distribution which used to be physical distribution is almost gone. Everybody is a broadcaster, blogger or publicist. The greatest thing about the Internet is that everybody is their own distributor. The advise I can give you is, make the best thing you can and present it. Have a website and cool videos, because they virally spread wherever.”

interviewer : Can you make money on itunes?

T.Reznor: Not that I’ve seen personally. No.

So, is this model adequate for everyone? Not for newbies I guess.

source : trademarkpeople