Ok, I’m trying to get my head around this...... take a deep breath lol

(a) I’m registered with PRS only.

(b) I sell my music on various small independent retailers which say on their website, they take 8% off the retail price per track, as they give it to MCPS (because this retailer has obviously got a license with MCPS)

(c) I then read here Joint Online Licence (JOL)

(d) So, of this 8% that’s deducted per track, PRS will get 25%, and MCPS gets 75%

My very simple question is……..... "What happens to the 75% if you dont have a publisher, and your not registered with MCPS?

The reason why i'm asking this on here, is because I posed this question to PRSforMusic, by phone and email, but no-one there knows the answer, keeps avoiding the question, or just plain 'wont answer me

It's got me paranoid, into thinking there's some kind of deviance. Any new retailer offering downloads is, at some point, approached by MCPS at some point, and MCPS will tell them something like “If you join us, we promise to give 8% of the download to PRsforMusic members, and we only keep 12% commission”.

But this is misleading. MCPS will probably be keeping that 75% "if your not a member of MCPS", which they don’t tell any PRS member about. I myself have phoned up PRSforMusic numerous times with questions about joining MCPS, but every-time I ask questions, the staff try and persuade me 'not' to join, as they say it's not worth it tutttutt

So, I guess…… if this is true? then the best course of action, is to join both PRS ‘and’ MCPS, to make sure your getting all of that 8% (minus their 12% commission)

Hope someone, with more knowledge on PRS and MCPS, can provide clarity on the 8% situation, as every single penny counts when you’re a struggling musician