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Hi folks:

I received email from an artist rep from a company called Trusonic/Mood Media (In-store Media | Mood Media North America) saying that he'd listened to my music and would like to include my in their catalog, particularly the loungier/downtempo stuff.

They appear pretty legit from what I can tell of the website and I'm likely to sign on as an independent artist (he told me that they had two different contracts--one for independent artists and one typically for labels and I could choose either one). But I wanted to get a pulse from the crowd.

This is a nonexclusive licensing deal.

As an independent artist I'm always looking for avenues to get traction with my music--I'm already listed on several nonexclusive licensing services in the US and Europe (Jingle Punks, Lisn, Music Supervisor, and now the new CD Baby licensing offering). And this one seems unique as they license to retailers for store ambiance, etc. This makes sense I guess for my music as I often hear similar music from artists like Zero 7, Morcheeba, Telepopmusik, etc. played in trendier retailers.