i have read some horror stories about artists not getting sample clearance when releasing their music (in particular the Djuma Soundsystem case) and been doing some research on the forum to try and ease my mind a little ...

here's my problem:

i make disco house/ nu-disco music using samples of mainly 80s tracks,
i have been approached by a small record label who are wanting to release an ep of my music online

they are not particularly big label but have had several releases in the past and i don't in honesty expect to make much (if any) money from the release, i am just happy for the exposure and the opportunity to expand my fanbase and get myself some gigs

the samples i have used are hard to recognise in my music (i have played my tracks to other people who would know the songs ive sampled and they didn't realise what tracks ive used) although my music uses them heavily throughout the tracks, and the samples have been cut up and looped in a way that is completely different from the originals (i have added my own drumloops, synths etc into the mix)

i know the general rule is to get sample clearance if you have sampled, but i didn't know if a lot of smaller artists and labels just generally... didnt bother

i am quite sure the record company are aware i have used samples but i feel obliged to bring this up with them, although i fear they will simply back out of releasing my ep

does anyone have any sample clearance experience or can offer me any advice??