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QuickUPC barcodes are an inexpensive solution for both physical and digital albums. Pandora, Amazon, CD Baby, Tunecore and iTunes all require that you have a barcode for your Digital Albums. All stores require that you have a UPC Barcode (or EAN outside of the United States and Canada).
Has anyone heard of this place? Barcodes - Indie Artists Alliance it leads to this place Quick UPC

i'm releasing a couple 2 and 3 track digital singles which need a barcode for ppl (uk charts), but have been told to stay away from cheap barcode places as a lot are fake

i've been getting them on CDBaby up until now, just putting out single tracks (9 dollars), but now i'm releasing some 2/3 track "digital" singles, so i'm not going pay their 49 dollars for that, madness! lol