How Major Music Companies Are Getting Your Royalties: The Global Songwriter Shell Game - hypebot

Guest post by Jeff Price, Founder & CEO of TuneCore. While the major music companies' revenue from music sales has gone down, they have a brand new increasing income stream: revenue generated from the sale of other people's music. In the past five years, hundreds of millions of dollars of songwriter royalties have been generated and never paid to the songwriter, or have been given to Warner Bros, EMI, Universal, Sony and others based on their market share- estimates put this new income at over half a billion dollars. Once these companies get the money, they keep it and don't...
Here's an interesting article by Jeff Price, founder of Tunecore, concerning the problems that songwriters sometimes face when attempting to collect royalties from Performance Rights Organizations (PROs) in countries other than those they reside in, and how money due writers is often diverted into the coffers of large corporations that have no right to it.