Spotify Readies Pandora-Like Online Radio Service - hypebot

Spotify is readying a Pandora-like online radio service for the U.S, according to reports surfacing overnight. The move is an extension of Spotify's aggressive growth strategy which, while having netted 10 million users worldwide, is dwarfed by Pandora's 150 million registered in the U.S. alone. Set to launch before the end of 2012, Spotify is already informing content partners of its online radio plans. Spotify currently has some radio-like features, but this new offering would go straight after Pandora according to Bloomberg News. Spotify has refused to comment on the reports. Adding a Pandora-like service has many advantages for Spotify....
Spotify is launching a pandora like internet radio service.

This means they'll be able to access music from artists and labels that have pulled their catalogs from Spotify's streaming. It also may be that they pay even less.