Music Industry Fail: This Time It's Personal. - hypebot

The big mistake that the industry continues to make is that too many are thinking of music in terms of social engagement, when it is actually a deeply personal experience. The huge success of Amanda Palmers Kickstarter campaign, which has so far raised over half a million dollars, exemplifies this point. People are willing to shell out on music when they feel a personal connection to it. When they feel part of the process on a very personal level - they want to invest in that opportunity. I understand that Twitter and Facebook help connect the fans to this opportunity,...
Music Industry Fail: This Time It's Personal. - hypebot

Amanda Palmer: The new RECORD, ART BOOK, and TOUR by Amanda Palmer — Kickstarter

I say casino win... this experiment is not much different from the NIN/Radiohead experiments... good for Amanda, but it's not a business model.

Do people really think the future is getting fans to pay $50 upfront for something they won't get for months, who aren't willing to pay $10 to get something instantly?

Again, I think this is GREAT for Amanda, who is a truly UNIQUE and RARE artists to command this type of campaign. But it's my feeling that's what this is RARE and UNIQUE... not a business model...

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Anyone on GS have a kickstarter going? Any real first hand experience?