MUSIC; Piano Versus Piano - New York Times

IT has been more than three decades since Steinway & Sons punished Garrick Ohlsson for endorsing a rival piano maker in an interview with The New York Times. ''It was enormously vindictive,''
I found a very interesting article regarding Steinway marketing. The article isn't new, but I guess it's still very actual. I know all brands try to push their products with some campaigns, but in my view this is pushing marketing way too far. I found this quote particularly shocking:

"Valentina Lisitsa, a Ukrainian-born pianist who prefers Bösendorfers, said she had encountered roadbl0cks to playing one at some of her American concerts. ''They created all kinds of difficulties,'' Ms. Lisitsa said of the response to her insistence on playing a Bösendorfer with the Atlanta Symphony in October. ''Steinway tried everything to get me to play Steinway, including some Steinway representative waiting for me in my dressing room right before the concert and asking me in not a very polite way why would I choose to play another piano.''

IMO it's not fair and surely not useful to the music to put pressure on an artist just before an exhibition... I'd hate that!

Here is the link to the article:
MUSIC; Piano Versus Piano - New York Times

What do you guys think? Have you already seen other brands go that far in trying to push their products? Where would you put the limit between marketing and harassment/unfair use of power?