No sympathy for the creative class - Salon.com

Taxpayers bail out Wall Street and Detroit. But there's no help, or Springsteen anthem, for struggling creatives <span class="hasVideo">VIDEO</span>
There was a thread that was based on this article that was closed:

No sympathy for the creative class - Art in Crisis - Salon.com

This thread is to take it's place.

It's about the difficulties of working or aspiring to work in the arts.

It's not about the record industry or piracy. It's not about people who work in the industry as executives or engineers or technicians.

It's about musicians, artists, dancers, painters, or anything along those lines.

So whether you are a trained violinist who works or used to work in an orchestra, or you play in a wedding band, or you work on Broadway, or you play in Vegas, or you play in a bar band, or you're a backup dancer, songwriter, or whatever....


I won't be participating, so enjoy.