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After several years of “flirting,” will social networking giant Facebook finally be integrated into iOS 6, Apple Inc.’s upcoming operating system for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch?
"It remains an open question as to how a Facebook iOS SDK might play with the existing Facebook SDKs if an app still does want access to more robust sharing features. All of this is the reason Apple previews iOS to developers before releasing it,” it added."

“Needless to say, Facebook being built right into iOS will provide a more seamless way to handle this – see the Twitter integration for an example of how it should work now – or Facebook’s clever cross-app way of doing it,” it said.

"Recently, it said Apple did a big App Store promotion for Facebook’s new Camera app, showing it “clearly knew about it well beforehand.”

Also, it said Cook had commented at the recent D10 conference that “Facebook is a great company.”

Facebook to be integrated into iOS 6? | GMA News Online | The Go-To Site for Filipinos Everywhere
In the case of Facebook, the company is now facing a string of lawsuits from irate investors who claim Facebook misled them about its financial prospects at the initial public offering. Breyer, as we noted in our story last week, sits at the middle of that: Just days before the IPO, he decided to more than double the shares he sold at a high IPO price — only to see other, less knowledgeable investors suffer once they bought the stock. Breyer looks to have netted more than $100 million in the IPO, and that’s independently of the wins his firm Accel enjoyed.

With Breyer serving on the board, I think we are in a safe and moraly sound pair of hands.
as long as I'm getting something out of it, I really don't think there's a moral issue at all.