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I kind of think the monthly format used in EMI&EMP is a bit too cumbersome, so how about one master thread to show off your...

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skoolafish 1 hour ago
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Hi, What do you guys think about a thread dedicated to videos of your modular synth music? Simply post your YouTube or other...

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zengomi 5 days ago
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Per suggestion by mutilatedlip If you cool cats can think of anything else that needs to be added to this post, please let me...

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Hokut 1 week ago
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Because porn is nice, but sometimes you just want to see how your neighbor is doing...

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skoolafish 1 week ago
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Look I don't know if this will work, and yes there have been quite a few modular threads here lately, but I'd like a one off...

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Derp 1 week ago
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Is anyone using/enjoying this filter? I'm faffing around on Modular Grid and am moving stuff around to see if there's any...

Deleted 80b9b09
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Sebastian N 4 hours ago
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100% noob to Eurorack. I know I need to do some research but thought I would start here. But, I know not what kind of Eurorack...

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reason108 16 hours ago
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To de-clutter the main thread and kich off some modding endeavours, here some info on modding your Böhrindja TD3 box. I hope...

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Paratnov 18 hours ago
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Pretty soon I’m going to have an empty tiptop mantis case. Instead of selling it I’m thinking about slowly designing a drum...

Gringo Starr
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IEC 1 day ago
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I wanted to ask your advice on daisy chaining power bus supplies. I have 2 rows using Uzeus powered by a Tip Top boost 3A power...

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SkyWriter 1 day ago
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Hello everyone, I'm pretty new to all this so bare with me. I've connected my CSQ-600 to my Arturia minibrute 1 with the...

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Chamomile Shark 1 day ago
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Let's get the obvious out of the way: Yes, I know this is impractical. Yes, I know that this is a job best done by software,...

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Hollowman9 2 days ago
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A new Moog will hit the streets soon!! I'm at the Knobcon synth convention in Schaumburg (Chicago). Moog has a little side...

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SkyWriter 2 days ago
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Cre8audio announces NiftyBUNDLE, NiftyCASE, Chipz, & Cellz Affordable modular synthesizer case with USB & MIDI...

The Press Desk
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skoolafish 2 days ago
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I’m looking for a standalone, non-eurorack option to boost the four +/- 5v outs on my hardware synth to a 0-10v range to work...

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PoundTound 3 days ago
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Hey Everyone! This is my first post in the modular forum. Couldn't find any threads on this so I made one cooge I'm really...

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Jesper_modch 3 days ago
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Have been browsing around this category and found some cool modules here And...

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Hollowman9 4 days ago
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Getting started with modular synths - Step 1: Building a DIY Eurorack case I've been meaning to...

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dhilowitz 5 days ago
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I posted this here, as although it is in breadboard (beta) stage, it will be turned into a module at a later stage in time and...

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hcppp 5 days ago
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vlz 5 days ago
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This was just posted on FB:

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SkyWriter 6 days ago
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Did I miss the thread on this? Also

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tpugsley 1 week ago
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What Oscillators are you rocking in your modular rig, right now, in February of 2020? I'm light on dedicated Oscillator...

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fudge rutgers 1 week ago
Avatar for Derp

it's a question that came up in another thread, but thought I'd ask the forum at large. Like you know how when you think Buchla,...

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fudge rutgers 1 week ago
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Hey so I would like integrate my eurorack to send CV / Gate and other modulations to stand alone synth with CV control. Was...

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Bignatius 1 week ago
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The new Flux from IO Labs is a monster trigger sequencer: Please check my channel for more clips.

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Audiorange 1 week ago
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Hi all- First post here as a lonnnggggg time gearslutz lurker. I'm a composer for video games/film/tv/etc (mostly games...

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Rosscodiscotrain 1 week ago
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Oh my! Not sure if real yet but it sure looks like a good idea.

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tpugsley 1 week ago
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what are you guys/gals using for an output module? any good ones? (pre-built or DIY) for a lot of years I've used a intellijel...

cane creek
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Hollowman9 1 week ago
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Hello, I'm going into Eurorack... I made my decision )) One more is going to be an addict )) Well I'm beginning small, for...

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wzxit 1 week ago
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Any ideas? Would like to add more modulation, more utilities and maybe one more voice. This is planned for future expansion,...

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Bignatius 1 week ago
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Only thing I've found is Tiptop happy ending which nobody has in stock anywhere. Is there anything else that's similar? Note:...

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Hollowman9 1 week ago
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Hi all, I'm starting with Eurorack and I get a lot of great advice (like this one:, what...

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Jesper_modch 2 weeks ago
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Hi folks, In order not to clutter the main thread I decided to start an RD8 DIY Modifications thread here, partly for the sake...

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radar23 2 weeks ago
Avatar for David@toybox

Hey Guys We just released the Nano Pack! :) The pack features over 500 ultra high-quality, low CPU blocks designed for...

[email protected]
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[email protected] 2 weeks ago
Avatar for Schwarzwald

Hi all, I feel stupid for having to ask this: How do I share envelopes between the Behringer Crave, Neutron, and KORG MS-20? I...

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normanion 2 weeks ago
Avatar for lightnb

I'd like to get a MIDI module that can provide a lot of control options to make a modular do repeatable things in response to...

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bsp804 2 weeks ago
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Hi all, I recently purchased an 0-Coast and an Plankton Ants. I wanted to dip a toe into modular without spending a huge amount...

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Bignatius 2 weeks ago
Avatar for dv3v3

Hello, This is my current rack and I really love my case and all the modules, I think a little bit to replace my Loquelic...

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dv3v3 2 weeks ago
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Ni Just released Reaktor 6 : Komplete : Synths : Reaktor 6 : What's New | Products 199 € New 99 € Upgrade

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Avatar for EvilDragon
EvilDragon 2 weeks ago
Avatar for neorev

Dreadbox Lil Erebus DIY Kit - Analog Paraphonic...

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Stardust01 2 weeks ago
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Hi everyone, I decided to make a new thread with a broad title as I like to share these video's with you all, but don't want to...

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stylesforfree 2 weeks ago
Avatar for Bbigelow

New to synths so maybe nothing is wrong here... My NYX 2 doesn't seem to respond to MIDI velocity information. Full on or no...

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hcppp 3 weeks ago
Avatar for Bignatius

I was unfamiliar with all things Buchla until recent years, and am only casually familiar now, and have still never even seen any...

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Bignatius 3 weeks ago
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Hi, I was never big on modular and tried to avoid getting into it, but I find myself drawn to the idea of building up a...

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rypalm 3 weeks ago
Avatar for ArtFluids

Anyone have any experience with it? Any demos? What are your thoughts?

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Paul_G 3 weeks ago
Avatar for subdo

Well check that out!...

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chilllwinston 3 weeks ago
Avatar for 678x

Got a Keystep 37 ,Arturia and am keen on integrating some modules into it.... first timer in all of this, What cheaper modules...

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Jtt 3 weeks ago
Avatar for slaughtrhaus

I've been working on fine tuning my rack so it all tracks and plays nicely together, which is easier said than done so far. In...

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Avatar for NobleSobel
NobleSobel 4 weeks ago
Avatar for Mushy Mushy

As per the subject line I'm looking for two types of Eurorack modules, namely a stutter like effect and a random trigger. Once I...

Mushy Mushy
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Mushy Mushy 4 weeks ago
Avatar for JavaLaurence

Hi, I'm wondering *roughly* how much $$$ would buy the kind of modular setup that can produce this music as one live...

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makasi 4 weeks ago
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wretchro 4 weeks ago
Avatar for Colonel Monk

Howdy, I don't know what to actually call it. I want to be able to hold a note to infinity whenever I want, to free up...

Colonel Monk
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Avatar for RogerFoote
RogerFoote 4 weeks ago
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Hello all. I'm trying to get my eurorack set up to go to my studio monitors and audio interface at the same time, ideally,...

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Avatar for RiF
RiF 18th March 2021
Avatar for Ogre Battle

Just got a nice little delivery of Boland System 100 modules and can't get the frickin' two 182 sequncers to sync. The quick...

Ogre Battle
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Avatar for RogerFoote
RogerFoote 18th March 2021