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Favorite gear you’ve ever owned?
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Favorite gear you’ve ever owned?

Just for fun, let’s share some of our favorite toys from over the years.
Here are a few of mine:
1. Teac 3300 half track, ca 1974 - bought a half track so I could play masters from Deep South studio where I was apprenticing under Hal Ellis. I was utterly in love with that beautiful machine.
2. Transcriptors Skeleton turntable with Vestigial tone arm, 1975. Lordy, what can I say - a pure work of art…
3. Sound Devices 702 - owning this little beauty just made me smile. What a fabulous, solid piece of kit.
4. Schoeps MSTC64 - while I had previously owned pairs of cmc64s (and a variety of DPA, Neumann, sennheiser, and gefells) which I used in endless trials of DIN, NOS, and pseudo-ORTF, the MSTC64 unit just sounded perfect right off the bat.
5 Cambo 45NX - while not audio related, I made my living shooting architectural photography for the Library of Congress, and this wonderful camera was my best friend for over 20 years.
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Gear Guru
joelpatterson's Avatar
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🎧 15 years
I'd be tempted to say every audio device I've ever had has been a treasured partner in the most tremendous undertakings I've ever undertaken... but these days, when I find myself separately but equally obsessed with video gear...

The humble Canon Rebel T7, which came with two lenses, continues to astonish me with its clarity and detailism...! It must be some chance meeting, the wheels of commerce and just the right parts list...
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Lives for gear
🎧 10 years
my pseudo-Schoeps MSTC64...the Superlux S502...has been as similarly revelatory, useful, and just as point/shoot as Jim's original...

The Tascam DA-P20 (powered by a kludge audio [ie Scott Dorsey] external battery pack) was my first foray into portable/location digital recording....and its built-in limiter was a lifesaver in my fault-ridden early level-setting attempts !

Prior to that...the Nakamichi Dragon:

...and Nak 550: were great cassette-based location recorders (which I should have learned a lot more about level setting from !)

The Tascam 244 deserves some kudos as well, predating the Nak gear for me:

Finally, from the mid-70's.... but still useful today for my mix assessments...the Stax SR-X Mark 3 electrostat headphones:

Be careful what you dispose of....lest it excel against the newer, shinier... and cheaper... !
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Lives for gear
jimjazzdad's Avatar
🎧 10 years
Reel to reels for sure. I still have several but the Tascam 32 I rescued from a dumpster is a favourite. Analogue mixers, an old Yamaha M512 and a Soundcraft Spirit Studio in particular. My pair of Rode NTR ribbons - gorgeous to look at, amazing to listen to...
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Lives for gear
king2070lplaya's Avatar
My Schoeps CMMT30’s w/ m934c caps. The first really good mics I ever bought, have been with me about 10 years since grad school, they have a lot of miles on them over my years of ownership. I had them modified by Rens Heijnis for his 48v power circuit a couple years back, and though they don’t get a ton of use because of their proprietary cabling and my paranoia about their age and delicacy, they never disappoint when they make it to the gig.

Also my more recently acquired SD 442 mixer. What a Swiss Army knife this thing is, and what life it brings to the mics it powers, particularly Schoeps. Great HP amp, tone gen, AA battery powered, built-in TB, limiter, mic pre direct outs, MS decoder, T-power (!)…. And functionally all analog. A joy to use, and always worth the extra weight in my kit for the sound and features it helps provide.

And I suppose I have to add my Bach 37 Strad. No frills, Elkhart, IN made, but Always seems to be the right tool for whatever jobs I come across. Great intonation, range, and tonal capabilities. Picked out for me by my undergrad teacher. Have had it for 15 years now.

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Gear Guru
Thomas W. Bethe's Avatar
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🎧 15 years
Tascam BR-20T reel to reel recorder.

Tascam 122 MKII cassette deck.

Three matched AT4060 microphones for my DECCA array.

Alon IV speakers for monitoring

Tascam DA-100

Sound Devices Mix Pre 3

A&H mixer ZED 14


Epson PP-100 on CD printer

and soooooooooooooo many more...
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Here for the gear
regal1956's Avatar
Compared to the usual suspects on Gearspace, I’m not a gear guy. Rather, I’m a classical guitarist who just wants to get good recorded sound without mortgaging my house. So once I found the right equipment, my search was over. The gear that ended my search are these:

• DPA 2011C mics
• Apogee Mini-Me

Both purchased used on eBay. They’ve given me years of good service with nary a glitch. And in spite of my sonically pedestrian recording space, they offer a sound that rivals many of the commercial recordings I grew up on. (I’ve come a long way from recording on a cheap cassette deck.)

Eventually I augmented my spartan setup with the FMR Really Nice Preamp 8380. It plays nice with my Mini-Me as A/D converter. The RNP was a definite upgrade. But it doesn’t displace the warm and fuzzy feeling I get from my Mini-Me and DPAs. Occasionally I find myself in the grip of gear aquisition syndrome. (Yesterday my finger was hovering over the “buy” button for a sweet deal on a pair of Beyerdynamic MC 930 mics.) But I’m always stopped short by the thought: “Why buy this when I’m happy with what I’ve got?”
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Gear Guru
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🎧 5 years
above all, my...

studer vista desks because they help me to achieve (with ease, speed and in ways i couldn't have imagined decades ago) pretty much any result i want!

the preamp, a/d, dsp and surface design are in another league and make the vista extremely fast to work with even with huge channel count and (one of) the most 'transparent' desks!

[and then there's a ton of gear from a multitude of manufacturers which i like quite a bit: anything grace, crane, weiss, lots from jünger, tc, lex, eventide, quantec, schoeps and neuheiser (analog and digital) mics, rme for interfaces/format converters, tannoy, kino§hita, genelec, turbo, meyer, ev, clair speakers, lake and meyer speaker processors, klangfabrik immersive headphone monitoring, lab gruppen and powersoft amps etc.]
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Lives for gear
🎧 5 years
Originally Posted by king2070lplaya ➡️
Also my more recently acquired SD 442 mixer.
You took the words right out of my fingers. I love my 442 so much that I'm thinking of getting a second one and chaining them together; the preamps have direct outs so I can record the individual channels plus I can record a live mix to several recorders simultanously. And it just looks cool.
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Lives for gear
Plush's Avatar
5 Reviews written
🎧 15 years
Nagra IV-S tape recorder
Stellavox SM-8 tape recorder
QUAD 34 preamp with QUAD 405 amplifier with Spendor SP-1 speakers
Nagra T-Audio tape recorder
Neve 5442 console
Kung alto recorder
D.A.V. electronics Broadhurst Gardens No. 1 mic amp
Pearl microphones
Schoeps CMC55 mics
Rens Heijnis equipment

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Old 5 days ago
Hudson- surely the stellavox should have earned a place on your list… :-)

Nice list, btw.
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Lives for gear
JCBigler's Avatar
🎧 5 years
My favorite pieces of gear, the ones that I will never get rid of or replace are my saxophones. (Currently) three of them; Julius Keilwerth SX-90R alto in clear nickel, Julius Keilwerth SX-90R nickel-silver tenor, and an SX-90 clear nickel soprano. Some day I'll have a baritone, which will also be a Julius Keilwerth SX-90R.

I'm also pretty fond of my Focusrite Red 8 Pre audio interface, which lets me do redundant recording to separate computers.
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Lives for gear
hughesmr's Avatar
🎧 15 years
Schoeps MK21
Sennheiser 8040 (my go-to cards)
Vandersteen Model 2
Old 5 days ago
Lives for gear
rmx16's Avatar
🎧 20 years
MetricHalo Labs 2882 3D
Little Labs Monotor
Old 5 days ago
Lives for gear
🎧 15 years
All time fave: Nagra III.

Current fave: Magliner cart with shelf.

Runner-up: 744T.
Old 5 days ago
Gear Maniac
ronmac's Avatar
🎧 10 years
My favourite gear is my current field recording package:

MKH30/40 mics in a Rycote Cyclone and/or MKH60 in Rycote Cyclone
Sound devices MixPre 6ii with Anker PD battery (2 days run time)
iPad and iPhone
Home-crafted baseball hat binaural stealth rig (hat with twin side mounted Countryman B3 mics (will upgrade to DPA soon))
Pair of Rode NT-6 (omni caps)
Sony 7506 cans and Shure SE215 in-ears
Vanguard Tripod (can convert to mono pod or boom pole), 15mm rods, Small Rig clamps

All fit in a small (inexpensive looking) backpack that is not too heavy and can fit in a Pelican case for airplane overhead.

Runner up: M1 MacMini with RME BabyFace Pro
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Lives for gear
Originally Posted by deedeeyeah ➡️
above all, my digital...

studer vista
You've got a digital Studer Vista? You've never mentioned it before - I had you down as an analogue guy! :D
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Gear Nut
HVY's Avatar

Favorite thing… probably my old zoom drum machine. As a young teenager in the 90’s that ment I could record my own songs with ”drums” haha!

I had a digital fostex 8 multitrack. I would mic up my Marshall valvestate combo, build a tent/booth with bed sheets and microphone stands just to keep the volume down. When recording a lot of bg vocals or multiple electric/acoustic guitars I had to bounce them down to another stereo track to make room for something else. The only mics I had were a sm58, Rode and a CAD mic. I remember the fostex only had low and a hi shelf eq and I couldn’t figure out how to make something sound radio lo-fi, so I tried using cheap headphones straight to the input and it worked!

Also remember reading recording mag and saw a 16 track portable studio ad and where like wooow that’s endless track count! Which is funny because nowdays when you get like 40-50 tracks to mix you feel that’s nothing.

There was something very charming having a ”home studio” back then. No forum to read or youtube teaching you about mixing and recording. You tried and tried, sometimes it worked but often it didn’t. If I were lucky I could follow my parents to the big city and read some magazines in the stores, reading fast so I wouldn’t get caught reading but hopefully I would find something I could try back home.
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Lives for gear
tourtelot's Avatar
1 Review written
🎧 10 years
Nagra IVS, Grace m108 and Sony TC153SD cassette machine.

Edit: Sound Devices 788T by a length.

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Lives for gear
Yannick's Avatar
🎧 15 years
Merging Hapi with two ADA8P cards.
Dan Clark Audio Aeon 2 Noire.
Sennheiser MKH30 and MKH800 twin mics.
Almost any power amp with purifi module inside.
Link audio K100 loudspeakers
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Lives for gear
Originally Posted by jnorman ➡️
Just for fun, let’s share some of our favorite toys from over the years. [. . .]
Mostly, I tend to lean toward the future—so favorite toys are always those currently within reach, rather than those I held before. . .about which I’m overly forgetful.

The guitars come first, especially the Yamaha GC82S.

The Schoeps mics, the AEA A440, and Heiserman H47Tube kits come next. . .which are made more useful by the [Sennheiser and AKG] utility mics also in my locker.

Like @ joelpatterson , video gear chews up a lot of my focus and attention.

In both audio and video, I appreciate NL ingress and editing. . .and access to so many tools. So digital has to fit somewhere high on the list.

I say to myself: What a wonderful world!

Ray H.

Oh yeah, those wonderful Grace Design m103 Channel Strips and the pristine DAD mic line AD cards in my MTRX! Amazing wonderful toys.
Old 1 day ago
Gear Addict
Grace m905:
Great d/a, incredible flexibility and customization, superb user-interface

So incredibly flexible. Great sound, stable as a rock, 1U!

SoundDevices 442 and MixPre 10ii:
So incredibly flexible. Great sound, stable as a rock, fits in a peli!
Old 1 day ago
Gear Nut
🎧 10 years
MKH 416T my first own microphone, still with me.
Nagra IV-S TC sold in 1998, before the crisis a few days later.
AKG 240 cardan
Beyerdynamic DT880S
NAD 3020, Quad II
What an old I am! ))
Line Audio CM-3
Audio-Technica BP4029 mods
MixPre-3 II
Pocket shaver Sony PCM-A10
Sennheiser HD 25
Etymotic ER4XR
Quad 405-2 and bookshelf speaker Altec Lansing Model 75 with subwoofer
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