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Hi everyone, im currently thinking about replacing the ITB eq with an analoge EQ. I was thinking about the warm audio EQP-WA and...

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JonMiller 5th December 2016
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we're looking for a plugin that might emulate Lavry Gold Soft Saturation effect, +3 and +6 settings, only needs to be...

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B Elgin 5th December 2016
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Hello all!! I've been thinking about this issue for quite a while now. Next year I'm planning to build a mastering room and...

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kodebode 5th December 2016
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Hi. Anyone know where I can get spare parts for an Studer A80? And while we are at it : My Studer is starting to sound like...

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inlinenl 2nd December 2016

Hi Guys I've just been go through a few tracks of old and new and I've been studying the stereo content and the Eq quantity...

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Precision Studio 1st December 2016
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Hi, I was using VST analyzer the other day to learn more about a few of my plugin EQs and saw something that seemed unusual to...

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Conundra 1st December 2016
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I've been using the REQ-2.2 for a number of years (coming up on 5 years now) and was the first one in Australia to order a unit....

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BumBataa 1st December 2016
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In another thread in the Acoustics subform, a couple of posters have been recommending that LF be made Mono in Mastering. This is...

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DanDan 27th November 2016
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As the title says. Is anyone here still using a 2 track deck in your mastering workflow? If so how do you employ it. Thanks

Deleted 7f9cade
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dcollins 27th November 2016
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I made a DDP file for a production in Waveburner (formerly included in Logic). The plant asks for an MD5 checksum. I don't...

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Thor 26th November 2016
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With some near future outboard purchases planned as well as my vinyl cutting it is time to get a proper mastering console with...

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Chris Chapelle 26th November 2016
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I've often heard that the difference between a good audio engineer and a great audio engineer is "taste". A good...

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Paul_G 26th November 2016
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hi I have a question about eq during mastering. Say you have a recording of a full band and there is an acoustic panned...

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da goose 25th November 2016
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I seem to be getting a rash of people calling, E-mailing etc. saying "We need xx done TODAY." In the hours it took you...

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Thomas W. Bethe 24th November 2016
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For many years I used a Sonic Solutions system for mastering with great success. I wonder what people are using these days for...

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idanaltman 23rd November 2016
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Hi; I am trying to save my TC 6000 settings to my daw by MIDI sysex dump. I manage to dump the sysex and record it, but can't...

gregor z
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msmucr 22nd November 2016
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Hi What can be the benefits of external metering like Clarity M | TC Electronic as compared to using plugins like izotope...

amit monga
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[email protected] 22nd November 2016
Avatar for Doctor Rockter

Hello fellow gear-maniacs, I am currently deciding between the above mentioned EQs - the Gyraf Gyratec XIV (14) and the...

Doctor Rockter
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macc 22nd November 2016
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Hi there! I do not want to start a discussion about 500 modules for mastering per se. Let´s assume IF you use 500 modules...

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Emiliano 21st November 2016
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Hi I wonder if I can beg some help. We're just getting a new production-music venture off the ground, have some great...

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Trailerman 21st November 2016
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I am having to mix and master my own album. I am having to double-check my mixes with meter readings as I am not sure of my room...

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idanaltman 20th November 2016
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How much are you charging for mastering? Hourly or per song?

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Deleted 2ef94c5 20th November 2016
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If you get a chance please watch this video qBf3OBMjRAg

Thomas W. Bethe
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Thomas W. Bethe 19th November 2016
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Pure Music 2.0 is reasonably priced, but I don't like the fact that it integrates with iTunes. AudioGate is free, but I compared...

Joe Porto
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chet.d 18th November 2016
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Anyone else having some Wavelab 9 issues? It barely lasts for 20 minutes before it crashes (on a good run), and some (new)...

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t_d 17th November 2016
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Take a look here Then down load the demo...Best plugin reverb I...

Thomas W. Bethe
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Thomas W. Bethe 17th November 2016
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My ask ? : What software EQ would you recommend for this special(described below) and other general EQ purposes, especially if...

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kodebode 17th November 2016
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I know there are many threads about this subject already but I struggle to find a clear and uncomplicated answer. I want to find...

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Bender412 16th November 2016
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I don't know if I'm a weirdo for loving this thing as much as I do, but I love it. Every day I go to work, it makes me very...

Silver Sonya
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Alécio Costa 16th November 2016
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What do you think about Maselec MPL-2 just befor the final A/D ?

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scorpix74 16th November 2016
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Yo. Just being a dork and reading up on some DIY projects, possibly with aim to get something on the go, but mostly just being...

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Joe_caithness 16th November 2016
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Hi, there are several plugins (e.g. Nugen Audio Monofilter, UAD bx saturator, Alex Hilton's A1StereoControl etc.) that offer...

Sudad G
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idanaltman 16th November 2016
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So, my band has an opportunity for a spin of one of our songs on a major station (KUPD in the Phx area)! The 'problem' is that we...

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Corium_AZ 15th November 2016
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I feel like I'm relatively familiar with modern mastering quipment, but I'm curious to know what the industry standard mastering...

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Adam Dempsey 15th November 2016
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Have to decode an old 1/4" tape that is dbx encoded. Does somebody make a dbx type I decoder plug-in to do this? Other...

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msmucr 14th November 2016
Avatar for Quantumphysics

Just need a transparent EQ and limiter. I'm coming from Toneboosters which is fine but have doubts it's true 192k. Samplitude 7.0...

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FabienTDR 14th November 2016
Avatar for Solid Mastering

Hi, lately I've been intrigued by the Blackbox HG2 but have never had a chance to try it and get a demo unit is not an...

Solid Mastering
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rvwainscott 14th November 2016
Avatar for Progmatic-Studios

Hi, I'm in the market for a mastering EQ on a budget ;) Can I get an Mastering EQ for €700 - €1500?

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ArtSta 13th November 2016
Avatar for joecandy

I recently read a couple of articles declaring the loudness wars to be over due to the fact that Itunes, Youtube, Spotify, etc...

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Thomas Lund 12th November 2016
Avatar for lame pseudonym

This isn't exactly about mastering but mastering is as far down the stream that this site goes so I probably have to post...

lame pseudonym
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Avatar for StephenMarsh
StephenMarsh 11th November 2016
Avatar for Jaybird

No matter what, In sequoia I have two tracks that appear to be linked together so I cant delete some elements with out removing...

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Jaybird 10th November 2016
Avatar for ImadMusic

When I was at school we took a tour of Bernie Grundman mastering studios... One of the mastering engineers told us to always...

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Virtalahde 10th November 2016
Avatar for ryanwilsonfive

Firstly, I'm not a mastering engineer, nor do I claim to be. I'm simply looking for some insight on an issue that I've been...

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idanaltman 10th November 2016
Avatar for KIDBILL

Loving the great sounds of Daniel Lanois I'm wondering which kind of device he use to capture his mixes? I know about the radar...

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engmix 10th November 2016
Avatar for Nonlinear

A potential client sent me raw tracks to mix and master a one song demo. Selected engineer gets the full album. I spent all day...

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Miles Flint 9th November 2016
Avatar for JP__

How much influence of all the small difference in the world of audio dominate your way of working. With influences I mean all of...

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JP__ 8th November 2016
Avatar for innesireinar

If you are still here I would like to clarify some concepts about the right level we have to work with in a DAW. In the thread...

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Avatar for 8th November 2016
Avatar for tlectual

Hello, I am finally making the jump into the UAD world. For now I can only purchase one of these (hopefully the other very...

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Avatar for Paul_G
Paul_G 7th November 2016
Avatar for dontsimon

I have some stereo mixes that are a bit wild dynamics wise, so need some taming. I'll probably use Kotelnikov as it seems to be...

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dontsimon 7th November 2016
Avatar for sinisterbr

Hey, guys I'm about to send my new album to be mixed/mastered to someone (don't know who yet), and have been looking for an...

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psycho_monkey 6th November 2016