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I'm working on putting together a mastering room, and trying to get all the acoustic treatment figured out. I'm pretty new at...

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Ethan Winer 8th November 2005
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Now we all now how to embed and read ISRC codes using Roxio Jam software, etc....but I had a client phone me asking why she...

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castle 4th November 2005
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hey guys.. i am not a professional musician or an engineer but it is my favorite hobby. The way i learned most of the things...

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WEAPON_X 30th October 2005
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Hi, I'm working on an album in my personal studio. Music style can be likened to aggressive rock. I really enjoy being able...

Bolt Thrower
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Darius van H 29th October 2005
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I'm a little confused, I guess. I use Logic Audio. Let's say you start w/ a stereo mix file that's 24bit /...

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Bob Olhsson 20th October 2005
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Hello I need advice for making some master demos, I´m going to use samplidute for material I´m thinking to use the next...

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powerestudio 19th October 2005
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ok here is the deal- right now i have a masterlink for mixdown and that is it. i am running pt le and a digi 002r on a...

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cdog 19th October 2005
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Ok, now, i cannot afford to buy it all, i don't have a good room to mix or record in, but i mostly do synth based music any how....

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Jay Kahrs 14th October 2005
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So, I know we all hate the 'square waveform' school of mastering, and that none of us here would ever make something sound like...

max cooper
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max cooper 9th October 2005
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Anyone here sent thier projects to Bob Katz for mastering? If so, how were the results? Thanks

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audiothings 2nd September 2005
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If you could order up your own custom designed mastering plug in.. What hardware would it emulate / model..? Here is my...

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dave-G 31st August 2005
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With all the L2's in use - or digital limiters... Does compression flavor really get a chance in mastering? Reason for...

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Riccardo 30th August 2005
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I've been talking to mixing engineers to mix my stuff. They either don't want me to sit in, or to pay them $100 extra per hour to...

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alphajerk 7th August 2005
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I've been starting to master some stuff and I'm looking for approaches, techniques, and gear suggestions that might help me tame...

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Lou Judson 25th July 2005
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how many db's of space are generally left on your pre-mastered cd tracks to give the mastering engineer room to do his thing?...

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lucey 1st July 2005
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Any of you mastering gurus using reverb at the mastering stage? What circumstances would cause you to use it and how would you...

Kyle Ashley
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jayfrigo 30th June 2005
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I know many of the top mastering engineers (and I mean like the huge biggies like Ted Jensen, Howie Weinberg, Tom Baker, Joe...

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Brad Blackwood 26th April 2005
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I am mastering some of my own music through the finalizer. IM recording at 44k 24bit when I make my music then run it through the...

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lucey 1st March 2005
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I'm looking to outfit our B room with a decent set of tools for mastering. Any feedback on $4k -6k pairs of monitors that would...

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Gravity8058 21st February 2005
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Hello- My band has recently finished mixing our record on a 9000J SSL. The mixes sound great but i have noticed that on some...

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thethrillfactor 6th February 2005
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How much better sound the compr.(MD4) limiter.and the eq (GML) in the TC6000 than the plug- in in pro tools for instance (waves,...

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salvator 1st February 2005
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Do you have your own rig? Or do you use rooms in your town? What gear do you favor when mastering? Thanks! howdy

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zmix 20th January 2005
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Hi, Will soon finish recording a solo classical guitar album. Could someone please recommend a good mastering house/engineer...

Douglas Whates
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lowland 9th August 2004
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hello everyone, i'm not sure if i picked the right subset of gearslutz, so my apologies if i'm in the wrong place for...

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barefoot 25th February 2004
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Hey Guy's and Gals I have a record to do in the beginning of the year and I'm getting ready for it now as far as this...

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niccolo 16th December 2003
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Is anyone still building 1/2" and 1/4". I had a look at Studer's website but they only do 2" these days (such a...

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CV7 25th November 2003
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Hi there, would anyone here recommend those "audio engineering" schools? The reason why I ask is because none of my...

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Bob Olhsson 19th October 2003
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In last months I had growing nr of discussions about mastering. Like in unisono, everyone looks pretty fed up with the only...

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toolstudio 15th October 2003
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I'm working on a project right now and there's one song specifically that I want to be very dynamic. It's a song that consists...

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Avatar for Bob Olhsson
Bob Olhsson 8th August 2003
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Weiss vrs Zsys these both seem to be great EQ's i am shopping for a good mastering eq and keep finding my way to these.

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MIKEHARRIS 17th July 2003
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I'm recording on nuendo and than send the virtual group busses to the desk and mix on the analog domain. when i want to mix down...

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Alécio Costa 7th May 2003
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I'm not one............I don't want to become one full time......(give it a crack though) Are you an engineer for a while, and...

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davemc 18th December 2002
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i have been using prism sound mla-2 mastering compressor for mixing and mastering. i like it very much and it works very well...

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thethrillfactor 2nd December 2002
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Do folks see PT rigs in mastering suites nowadays?

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Jax 4th November 2002
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guess it's gonna be demoed on it gonna be just a detented version of 8900? new features added?

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etherize 30th September 2002
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I'm taking my digi001 setup to mastering next wednesday. The project is very important to me so I want the mastering engineer...

planet red
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Avatar for Jay Kahrs
Jay Kahrs 21st September 2002