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So I'm making a mix, at this stage just throwing in samples and what not. My question is, when mixing, should I go ahead and...

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NewAllianceEast! 5th August 2013
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We just submitted Backline DDP Mobile, a DDP player for iPhone & iPod touch (and iPad), to Apple. Backline DDP Mobile allows...

Matthew Foust
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Deleted 49af092 5th August 2013
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Thought this might be of interest here on the mastering forum: Backline (download) is our new utility for Mac OS X. Think of...

Matthew Foust
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Deleted 49af092 5th August 2013
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Hi, Is there a manual of recommended procedures so that we can have a 100% compatible mastering for (180g) vinyl? Something...

Alécio Costa
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Bob Olhsson 3rd August 2013
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Hello! I have a problem with my VariMu since first day I got it. A few years ago. I sent the official service, but when they...

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Glenn Bucci 3rd August 2013
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In Samplitude you can create a playlist of songs and order you want. Then open them all up on one track. You then can apply...

Jason rocks
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807Recordings 2nd August 2013
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Universal Audio Announces Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor Plug-in - Review To Available as part of the upcoming UAD...

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Jason rocks 2nd August 2013
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Is this still a shaped dither when no noise shaping is applied? I much prefer this noise to standard TPDF which sounds harsh to...

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SmoothVibe 2nd August 2013
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Curious to see what speakers you're using for secondary (or third) reference? (or are you using any?) Mixcubes still look...

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Call_me_Switters 1st August 2013
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The record company has received the acetates back from the cutting engineer. Unfortunately they started playing them on their...

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dietrich10 1st August 2013
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Hey, all... I've got a discussion of these topics going elsewhere for digital distribution, but as I'll be doing a physical...

Ain't Nobody
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Ain't Nobody 1st August 2013
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Yet another night of Soundblade bugs taking hours of my time when something should take minutes. I'm having a problem with a...

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thermos 1st August 2013
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Hello! I have a little unusual question... I'm looking for someone who own Weiss DS1 MK3. In one of the menus I found the...

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bmanic 1st August 2013
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I can't seem to get the LAME library installed correctly and can't find a decent tutorial on the interwebs. I am on a newish Mac...

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G>SUS 1st August 2013
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I've been handed a butt load of narration. It was all recorded on a microphone without anything but the microphone. And the...

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JodyBaxmeyer 31st July 2013
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I just had a project come up and they want to release it on vinyl. The audio itself is actually part of a contemporary art...

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Alécio Costa 31st July 2013
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Hello Todos, I have tu submit a Master to a radio station whose internal format is MP2 (MPEG 1 Layer II). I know the...

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Hic&Nunc 31st July 2013
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Good evening from Germany, at the moment I'm in search of a new Amplifier for my Myro Whisky loudspeakers. It should be...

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dietrich10 30th July 2013
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Am I right to assume it is better to have your record mastered for vinyl by an engineer that knows the lathe equipment and...

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dietrich10 30th July 2013
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I been searching the threads and never really seen a definitive or at least clear answer (direction) in regards to the Grace M903...

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Manoloco 30th July 2013
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I just had a few questions about use of parallel compression while mastering. I understand what it does and how to accomplish it,...

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Filthrill 30th July 2013
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I've been looking on here for awhile trying to find an answer to my question but I'm not having any luck. I watched an old video...

that dude
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that dude 30th July 2013
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I've just been playing around with the Brianworx eq plugin and I wasn't hating it...what's the feeling here, as I'm not a plugin...

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teebaum 30th July 2013
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I do free mastering currently but I was wondering what a decent amount to charge as a business would be. I plan to list $49 per...

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quintviskup 29th July 2013
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I've always handed my mixes to someone else to master. They've recently retired and I've started to master myself. The end...

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Fizzyhair 29th July 2013
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I've done lotsss of researching on this forum as to my mixing/mastering related issues. And I've finally figured out that it's...

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Greg Reierson 29th July 2013
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Did a mix that kind of have the volume going up and down when played back on PC speakers but sounds fine on studio monitors....

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Taurean 28th July 2013
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Hello, I am searching for monitors which I can master with. I don´t want to have ADAM´s. What do you think about the...

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dangerousben 28th July 2013
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I had a great conversation with an long time client of mine today. He expressed his thoughts on mastering from a clients...

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PaRaNoId 28th July 2013
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Hi there, Guess this is a bit of a noob question sorry.. For a few plugins, when scrolling through their presets, a few of...

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Andy 28th July 2013
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I'm interested in acquiring a capture device for mastering and am looking at these two units. the Masterlink is looking a...

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DSD_Mastering 28th July 2013
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How To Music Really Good - Mastering - YouTube Stumbled upon this, this morning. Enjoy kfhkh

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Umulamahri 27th July 2013
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Hi there, im electronic music producer and i just have 1 question to ask. What is the idea of the perfomance -> Having my...

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DanSareal 26th July 2013
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Hi all, I'm about to get some mixes done. In the OLD DAYS (hehe) they would be printed to analog tape and then you could...

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Bob Olhsson 26th July 2013
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Is there any point exporting a Cubase mix for mastering, at 44-32, although the project is 44-16 ?

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Laurend 26th July 2013
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Hi there... Is there any reason why I shouldn't make a small adjustment to the IMAGE.DAT file in DDP Fileset - say, for...

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JeremyPaulCarrol 25th July 2013
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subject says it all.... it's a hard one to track down! i've got Illustrator skills, but i'd rather see if there's one already...

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Twerk 25th July 2013
Avatar for Strut78

I was just wondering if anyone had found a supplier of 1/3RU blank rack panels? I am just re-organising the racks in my sterling...

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jackbraglia 24th July 2013
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Hi guys, I have recorded an advert and a couple of spots/ drop ins for an online radio station. Im just not sure about the...

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RedEyeJedi 24th July 2013
Avatar for Swift Mastering

Hi peeps! As everyone has its own style and way of doing things... What is in your chain that although it could make others...

Swift Mastering
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fradoca 24th July 2013
Avatar for StringBean

As a mastering engineer, do you prefer a darker mix that needs some boosting in the 2-5k area, rather than an overly bright or...

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Dina Mastering 24th July 2013
Avatar for DJ Tricki

For full quality and mastering purposes, any engineer will ask for at least -4 - -6db of headroom to master, right? Is there...

DJ Tricki
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Slug1 23rd July 2013
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some days ago i made a small test for myself comparing the high bands of my EQs which i would like to share. the following EQs...

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matucha 23rd July 2013
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Hey so i'm making this song right now (almost done) and i think it's really good. I feel like the production could be better...

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SmoothVibe 22nd July 2013
Avatar for Nonlinear

It seems that every new digital limiter and meter these days is obsessed with measuring and controlling...

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Orson Maxwell 22nd July 2013
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Hello, Im pretty new to mastering and my main program is Ozone 5 since Im trying to master my cd myself. My main problem Im...

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Avatar for Nick Morris
Nick Morris 22nd July 2013
Avatar for cjogo

Speck EQ vs NEI Neptune 342 ---any preferences. Looking for a EQ in our "mastering" chain to a Masterlink

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Channel time 21st July 2013
Avatar for lowland

Produktbeschreibung: Sound Performance Lab An interesting couple of insert switchers. The '2' is stereo and sells at about...

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petermontg 21st July 2013
Avatar for Nick Di Lorenzo

Hey guys I was wondering for anyone working in mastering, mixing or audio full time have any techniques for fighting ear fatigue....

Nick Di Lorenzo
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Swift Mastering 21st July 2013
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Hey! Any mastering guys in / around Nottingham UK? Would be up for having a coffee / talking shop :)

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Joe_caithness 20th July 2013