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Files here: https://mega.nz/#F!InggRS4K!ztYVoN9G7H46yqF7TBYlOw]Mastering Compressor Comparison The compressors include: ADT...

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lunecha 1 week ago
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Edit, October 11, 2021: This post has been updated with more current information. Below I am sharing something that I send to...

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Trakworx 1 week ago
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Dear friends and colleagues, it's with great sadness that I have to inform you my studio has been burgled, here in Los...

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Thor 4 weeks ago
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We have a new sub-forum titled "Mastering for Beginners" (see above) Some of the past threads will be moved there...

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Riccardo 22nd November 2013
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1) Please search the forum prior to posting. Many topics have already been discussed ad infinitum. This will avoid clutter and...

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Riccardo 11th October 2007
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I saw this question raised in another thread and thought it might be a good topic for discussion. So. . . What gets your...

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Adam Dempsey 2 hours ago
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Hi sluts and spacers, I could use your help in communicating with a mastering engineer. I sent a track to mastering engineer...

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Mac808 5 hours ago
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Converters? if so which ones? r8brain? rx7? Sox? Weiss? CDfile? What else is there? What settings? When and how?...

Disease Factory
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BenSW 6 hours ago
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Shaker Desk is an A/B Path console for mastering directly from open reel tape to lacquer master.  A record is a single spiral...

Paul Gold
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Paul Gold 7 hours ago
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WaveLab 11


WaveLab 11 is out today. Lots of new features such as plugin parameter automation, lanes which help with stem mastering and...

Justin Perkins
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Justin Perkins 10 hours ago
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I would assume at the mastering stage open back headphones are the best choice since they provide more open sound. Which do you...

Glenn Bucci
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Jerry Tubb 13 hours ago
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I'm trying to compile a collection of reference tunes to calibrate my hearing with. One I'd like to use is Carly Simon's...

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Gregg Hermetech 16 hours ago
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Hello, everyone need help I discovered analog access And it's amazing to work on real analog equipment There are some...

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Eldad 1 day ago
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I've read the threads on the forums about the Amari and there really isn't any answers about this machine. There's one guy who...

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[email protected] 1 day ago
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Hey guys I’m working with a client who reminds me of The White Stripes/Hives - tight rhythms and dead space. The artist...

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Surbitone 1 day ago
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A few years back I watched this Mastering YouTube video by Warren Sokol, and a question someone asked him caught my eyes. I'm...

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Jerry Tubb 1 day ago
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Hey just wanna compile a list of volume/gain/trim plugins DMG - TrackControl Sonalksis - FreeG Bob Perry - Crossfader ***Sample...

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waltercruz 1 day ago
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If YouTube Music plays all music at the same basic LUFS, let's say -13 , then why does the music I master to an average of...

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Mindtree 2 days ago
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I realize this has been talked about ad nauseum, but I've read a million threads with differing answers. Is there any other...

Garage Rodeo
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Trakworx 2 days ago
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I've been toying with the idea of putting together a laptop and cans based, all in the box, portable mastering rig, so I can...

Gregg Hermetech
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thermos 2 days ago
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With all of the variety available in the API 500 series these days, is anybody using 500-series gear in the mastering studio?...

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missioncontrol 3 days ago
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Now - I reckon everyone has that little thing they do that gives them a bit of their signature sound... And, I know that...

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The Beatsmith 4 days ago
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Just listened to the new single by Adele called Easy on Me. Great song and vocal performance, maybe I'm imagining this, but I...

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dbot 6 days ago
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Hi all, We are currently in a large project of archiving old DAT recordings. We have been using some Sony 7030's and 7040's...

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pelliott 6 days ago
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Manley Variable Mu users: How frequently you check and correct Dc balance ? How much acceptable range you keep between 0mv to...

amit monga
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kludgeaudio 6 days ago
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I'll start with a standard GS disclaimer: I don't get anything for this. I've just been a beta tester and this thing is...

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phantomcenter 6 days ago
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Hi, I know many mastering engineers use full-range speakers from audiophile / home hi-fi manufacturers in their studio rather...

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mcsnare 1 week ago
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As a new member of a presently very small club of owners, I think a thread about this box might be merited. 'What's it...

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Trakworx 1 week ago
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51dB audio berlin builds an eq to my...

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teebaum 1 week ago
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Hey fellow Mastering Engineer, here's something new for you :) 1951 Mastering...

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AudiotalesDesign 1 week ago
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Hello - I'm considering buying the Oxford Limiter while it's on sale. It says it requires an iLok Gen2 or Gen3 or an active...

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OTRM 1 week ago
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I regularly clip the AD in the Crane Song HEDD 192, and if used with care depending on the material, I typically prefer the...

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Razik 1 week ago
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Wondering what EQ people like the best in the 100hz-ish range. I think the Ibis does pretty well down there but I could imagine...

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polybonk 1 week ago
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I've been demoing this one for the last few hours. You can do some pretty deep processing with it on program material. Have any...

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Carl Freeland 1 week ago
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Greetings ! Do we need to care about true peak limiting in modern masters? I've heard numerous CD's done by the A-Lister...

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Jerry Tubb 1 week ago
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Another LANDR type automated mastering generator. IMO this one seems to fit somewhere between LANDR and eMastered. It really...

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Keiwoods 1 week ago
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Hi members, Does anybody ever heard about this company ? http://www.wholegrain-ds.com/products/dynpeq/ I began working...

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arnoldorodeo 1 week ago
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Hi all, I'm working on some draft house tracks (vaguely swedish house style), and wanted to ask about limiter settings, esp....

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cmwolf 1 week ago
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Hello everyone! I have the Manley Vari Mu and API 2500 as my analog compressors, I'm happy with them. However, to have...

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StevenLMorgan 1 week ago
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i'm not always very enthusiastic about the concepts of spl, but this device looks really well thought out now and would also...

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Surbitone 1 week ago
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Well.... I finally made the Quantum Leap, Schwiiing! Bought a new MacMini M1 w Big Sur OS 11 WaveLab Pro 10, somehow...

Jerry Tubb
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Jerry Tubb 1 week ago
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Anyone tried a New Mac Pro Tower as a DAW yet? I’m thinking of doing a big upgrade this year, probably the rack version which...

Jerry Tubb
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Jerry Tubb 2 weeks ago
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Hi, is this a good business to get into? I was thinking of setting up a business with a team of experienced sound engineers for...

B i e b e r
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artech909 2 weeks ago
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In market for Transparent compressor before my Manley Variable Mu. Both compressors are considered to be Transparent. So whats...

amit monga
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Surbitone 2 weeks ago
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joeaudio 2 weeks ago
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Gyraf G24


Thought I'd start a thread on this one - had it in my rack for just under a week now. I wanted to write a proper review, but have...

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faerderaudio 2 weeks ago
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Hello everyone, Lately I've been finding myself irritated a lot by the 1,5kHz-7kHz freq area. In so many modern productions,...

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Gregg Hermetech 2 weeks ago
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i found somes : -decimort2 : samplers audio quality.. like for beats.. or hithats.. but need a good softener fx..... i...

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lunecha 2 weeks ago
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Has anyone compared the hardware versions of the RC and L2 to the software versions. I am thinking of picking up a Waves Maxx BCL...

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thomalondon 2 weeks ago
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Just something I've been wondering as loud & competitive music is now even with the loudness standards in place. I don't...

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Bob Olhsson 2 weeks ago
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I had a few requests to list my soundBlade “capture” steps, so i made this long tedious list. I’ve done this many thousands...

Jerry Tubb
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Paul Gold 2 weeks ago
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Looks like everyone wants to get into the mastering business. I just got this in my email. I guess it must be very profitable...

Thomas W. Bethe
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deedeeyeah 2 weeks ago
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i've got an NSEQ-2 FF, which i really love the sound of, especially the mid range... but don't find myself reaching for it as...

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Jerry Tubb 2 weeks ago
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Hi Guys, So I'm in deep debate whether a hardware limiter is warranted or not. Here are a couple of conundrums I have reached....

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drockfresh 2 weeks ago
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Today i was able to try out a Roll Music System rms755. I compared the compressor with my other vca's - foote 3ps, tk-audio...

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Dirk Churlish 2 weeks ago