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who knows KLINGER FAVRE Speakers ?
Old 3rd May 2009
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who knows KLINGER FAVRE Speakers ? stunning !

Hi all !

just wanted to mention them here,
KLINGER FAVRE Audio, HI-FI d'exception

i worked last week on a system with 6 Klinger Favre studio 15 for a contemporary art project, and was really impressed, by how they sounded.
( my reference speakers are actually my PMC IB2s powered with 2 hypex ucd700hg based amps )

the studio 15 had a large and detailed soundstage, full of innerdetails, very neutral..
i listened some accoustic sources and field recordings , they just sounded like the real thing !

does anyone have heard of them or mixed / mastered with them ?

ps they were matched with 6 velodyne DD18 subs !!! just huge ...
Old 4th May 2009
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🎧 15 years
I use Klinger Favre Audio everyday in my set. I am not affiliated with this brand, just a very happy user. I have the smallest model of the range. But I know the other models very well, having been to the manufacturer's place in St DiΓ©, France to listen to the products. Killer monitors! Haven't heard anything more neutral and clean yet.
The manufacturer is extremely serious about the quality of his products.
My favorite of the range are the Studio 15. The huge Studio 30 are amazing too. There is a studio in Dunkerque, North of France, equipped with these, Orion Production.
The amplifiers are amazing too.
Since I had the Klinger Favre in my system, I can't hear the usual suspects any more.
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🎧 10 years

I own D46 model...

... don't know what I can say... it's just awesome. Everyday of job is a real pleasure.

I've not heard Studio 15 model, it should be obviously better, and Studio 30, ouch...

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🎧 15 years
Hi all,

I am a proud user of an amplified D26 pair. I discovered Klinger Favre reading a French audio forum, Audio Addict.

Here is a picture of them presented in the SATIS 2007 in Paris:

They are small speakers, but do not be fooled, those are carrying way more bass than most of its counterparts, and with a better definition. Apart from some lack in extreme bass frequencies, those speakers share the same qualities as the D46, studio 15 and studio 30: defined, neutral and dynamic sound. The major difference between all those speakers is the amount of power and bass that can be delivered.

As aileka, I also went to Klinger Favre's Auditorium in Saint DiΓ© / France to listen to all of his products. I ended up with the amplified D26 (not listed on his website) just because I could not afford the other models! I dream of a studio 15 pair coupled with the DAC and the precision amplifier, all linked with Klinger Favre cables.
I think my quest for DAC / amplifiers / speakers / cables is now over, I have found my graal. Now I only have to find the is not cheap, but worth it!

I had the occasion to compare a Benchmark Media DAC1 to the Klinger Favre DAC.
=> Ouch, not even in the same league!!! I was not expecting that! Klinger Favre DAC made the DAC1 sound thin, flat without any bass and with a poor stereo imaging, I could not believe it, it was so obvious!

Jean-Jacques's craftmenship is superb, with big attention to details, a real passionnate guy and a pleasure to meet.

I encourage anybody to go to St DiΓ© / France and listen for probably one of the better sounding audio chain in the world.
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🎧 15 years
i worked last week on a system with 6 Klinger Favre studio 15 for a contemporary art project
Was it Top Master in France?
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🎧 15 years
no ,

i setted up this system in the french pavillon for the next international art bienal in Venice, as i ve been asked by Claude Leveque who'll represent France this year, to do the sound design for its piece.

we wanted 3 very good large band stereo system, the budget were good
so there's 3 Weiss DAC2, 6 Velodyne DD18 & 6 Klinger Favre powered studio 15 (custom dual 250w class D amps )

i also went to Saint DiΓ© in the Factory, Jean Jacques Bacquet were extremly nice,
he made me discover all its line and i were very impressed by the D46 for their size too.
they share the same tweeter as the studio 15 & studio30 and the bass as you said were really impressing for their size

the studio 15 were just what i wanted the stereo image is stuning as well as the clarity, i were just very sad to let them in Venice ...

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🎧 15 years
Ok, thank you for those details!
I had never seen those amplified Studio 15!

This kind of setup must sound very nice!!

Just a question:
Why not Klinger Favre DACs instead of the Weiss ones?
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🎧 15 years
Frederic, how is the integration of the studio 15 with the Velodyne sub? Quick comparison with the IB2/UCD combo?

I saw a picture of a Red and one of a White version with matching stands! Cool!!!

Price range?
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🎧 15 years
Studio 15 pair: 10000€ including stands (non amplified version, I am not aware of the amplified version price.)

Separate Precision Amplifier: 6000€
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🎧 15 years
Originally Posted by Riccardo ➑️
Frederic, how is the integration of the studio 15 with the Velodyne sub? Quick comparison with the IB2/UCD combo?

I saw a picture of a Red and one of a White version with matching stands! Cool!!!

Price range?
the studio 15 are 4000€ each excluding VAT
dual dedicated class D amp with balanced input with lundhal amorphous core xformer
1650€ (if my memory is good )

note that the speakers as well as DAC and amps are all floating,
not electronicaly but mecanicaly
they're all decoupled with 3 x 1" iron balls
the weiss dac were choosed for their neutrality, price and ... weight heh

about the integration of the studio 15 and velodyne, sweet, i'd prefer a 15" but the sound played in the installation have huge sub basses so the 18" was better in this case
the variety of settings available with the DD series is the key to match the speakers and subs ...
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🎧 15 years
the weiss dac were choosed for their neutrality, price and ... weight
Had you the chance to compare them to Klinger Favre DAC?

I thougth Weiss and Klinger Favre DAC were in the same ballpark concerning price...?

But their mass & size is certainly not the same!
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🎧 15 years
I haven't the Studio 15, but D46 Amplified... since last december and it's blow away everything I've heard, may be the Linn Monitor have in the same definition...

I'm so happy to use it every day! You have to hear it for believe it!!!
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🎧 15 years
For info, news were just updated on Klinger Favre website:
NEWS Klinger Favre Audio
Old 8th May 2009 | Show parent
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🎧 10 years
The journy to St. Die is an eye-[ear]opener!

Hello all, ,

//Personal background: Let me state here that I am not in the industry (rather, just music lover - I 'hate' HiFi [but love music]), but actually am a greenkeeper (yes, get paid for mowing the lawn!). Ex-(USA)patriot living in Germany more-or-less since '71 and the only studio I 'know' was in Frankfurt, the Hotline Studio (during construction and opening - did some custom leather work for the control room) and only once did I have a genuine master tape on loan (Boney M - Daddy Cool) and a Fostex open reel to audition it for a short while. However, I happen to have an above-average memory for things I've heard and I judge my hearing as at 'bronze' level (taken my age of 55 into consideration). Phew! OK... Daddy Cool played over custom, 100W A/B-powered (were they Beck, Beyer... German construction? & ElectroVoice x-overs) 12" triaxel Altecs in 350L plywood cabinets on 3ft. stands ('never should have sold them!), left a lasting impression on me. I suppose I am not the first to ask, "why can't that sense of realism as I remember [via master tape] be recreated on LPs, CDs, etc.?"//

But here is my reason for joining your forum:

Mr. Jean Jaques Bacquet asked me to read into your link and report back. (This is kind of crazy as his English is somewhat better than my truly poor French!) And right here I'd like to thank you all from him for your kind and positive comments. I agree with all of them.

We met a week ago for the first time when I visited a [HiFi-crazy] friend who lives near St. Die. Friend Peter has Mr. Bacquet's Studio 15s & stands in his bedroom (!) rig (Avantgarde Trios for the lounge). He wanted the two of us to meet and also to get my opinion on the Studio 30s (& Studio 20s, 25s?). Coincidence, Peter says, living in the boondocks, and look who else is here too! Both Peter and Mr. Bacquet are masterminds.

"There are no mistakes [in life]," I was told as a kid by a noted mystic and several years ago I consequently did-over my stereo system based upon what I have [expensively, due to learning curve] learned to like = no sensationalism, for one. I was astonished, to say the least, that Klinger Favre, Mr. Bacquet's 'goals', appear to be spot-on with what I have learned to like and seek in my persuance of musical appreciation. I have not been everywhere and seen and heard everything (meaning *****', 'kit' available to the HiFi and Pro markets), but I've tried to since age 11.

Klinger Favre:
I did not hear the D/A. I did hear the speakers, amp and wire(s). We also visited a nearby custom (active) home installation that I recall as one of the best playback systems I have ever heard* (6Hz bass), and it would have been rude to count all the [dozens of?] 'Klinger Favre' labels visible and bundles of their wire - likely costing more than the house I'm living in...

In Mr. Bacquet's studio I was not at all surprised not to 'hear' him following a flute playing over his [Studio 25] speakers. That is, that their sonic thumb print, so I like to say, was just as 'real' as real..., conversely, 'invisible.'

For my "what it is worth" comments, that is, in my opinion:
The amp plays almost identical to my Gryphon Tabu Century integrated that also uses C-core transformers. In a pinch I might tend more toward the Klinger Favre but mine has an on-board phono board (PS1), worth to me alone what the amp cost. His wires appear a close match to my Zu Audio's top-of-the-line (Zu's designers used to be Product Managers for Kimber), and his speakers, as mentioned above, are 'invisible.' I [meanwhile] recognize dynamics, especially in home playback, after knowing my own speakers (Zu), and Klinger Favre; both get that department right (so many companies do not).

His 'Moving Board' (or whatever the name) instrument base using the roller balls technique also "blew me away" and belong to the 'affordable' world-class value deals.

As an end-user of your products, I strongly suggest investing into as much Klinger Favre product as you can afford. Expensive, yes, but not overpriced.

* Sounded like a blown up version of Gryphon's Poseidon. Gryphon's Flemming E. Rasmussen owns many (100s?) 1st and 2nd generation master tapes and this is why his products "have their nose forward" in [home] playback systems. By the way, Mr. Bacquet was pleased that I made this comparison - he is a fan (both use, "similar electronic devices" -JJB), of Gryphon too!

Right now I am awaiting delivery of my Zu Audio Essence loudspeakers. I presently own their Druid Credenza and [Hypex plate amp] MiniMethod sub. I brought the sub with me to St. Die and Mr. Bacquet was surprised just how fast and well it integrated on the fly with his speakers. Zu's cables are the deal of the century in my opinion though maybe topped by Klinger Favre. I'd have to audition the two for some time to be more specific but both are mighty similar in "doing things right that other manufacturers don't even think about." Last not least, GERMAN HIGHEND make silver signal and speaker cables that work too... Understanding physics and good ears... I'm crap on the one but decent on the other and,


Last edited by hatehifi; 10th May 2009 at 08:00 AM.. Reason: update after review by Mr. Bacquet
Old 30th May 2010
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Klinger Favre Studio 15

So! I've been aware of this blog for at least a year and have been very very very reluctant to post anything regarding the Studio 15 by Klinger-Favre because it seems that I am the only engineer owning them in the US. For people like sound engineers, having an edge on the technology is a MUST...An honestly owning this system is like withholding the Holy Grail. So coming from this point of view...My thinking was...well if people know I have the Holy Grail...they are going to want it too! And then I'll only be another sound geek amongst the multitude ( which I am anyway)
Seriously...what can I say about the studio 15 , the precision amp and the DAC...
Well It completely messed up my life. The first time I heard this system, I felt that I never heard before and entered a pretty serious depression because I was running my recording studios for 10 years in Manhattan and after hearing Klinger favre...I felt like I betrayed my clientele and myself for way too long. Why the depression? Because I couldn't afford them.So in clear...Forget all the big brands with multi million dollars marketing companies...stop listening to names and hype and come back to the simplicity, truth, moving power of the sound.
Now I could tell you hey! Dude, I'll be happy to have you over to come and listen to them..But I won't because I'm running a business and I'm too busy using them.
Though ..You can help me write to The owner/designer/builder/Illuminate Mr Jean-Jacques order to help me convince him to seriously start a show room in NYC.

Patrick Lo Re One Soul group, LLC. NYC
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Are these the speakers designed by the cross dressing NFL quatrerback i've been hearing so much about???
Old 3rd June 2010 | Show parent
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So everyone goes on about how good these are but what about stacking them against some other branded elites like Wilson, Focal, B&W, YG, etc?

Many of the arguments I hear are similar to ppl who first heard my system when I had my B&W with the Classe in a correctly treated room.

Just looking for some perspective.
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perspective is always a good thing,
but it's difficult to set for a test all this speakers in a same room,
and even more difficult in a well balanced one ...

I'll write for what i have listened in the same room : PMC IB2S powered by two Hypex ucd700hg and Klinger Favre studio 15 powered by 4 modified gemincore,
all class D,
( i previously had the first professional focal speaker the MC208, before the ib2 but never tested them in the same room as the 2 others )

it's simple they're just not in the same class, phase coherence, imaging, & balance seems just right & evident with the studio 15,
their only limitation is about deep bass frequency response, (i've mesured they was about -4db @ 32 hz in my room)
the IB2 give a more physical bass but even if the sensation is there the coherence with the higher spectrum is a bit weird (transmission line).

i heard the the studio 30 at klinger favre, they get much lower than the studio 15, they sound a bit more "natural" mixing perfectly neutrality & expressivity (maybe it was the klinger favre amp compared to the dual class D powering my S15)
at this point it's the best listening/audio reproduction experience i've ever had

If one day you pass in east france near strasbourg and have a bit of time, give a call to Klinger favre, Jean Jacques Bacquet will welcome you for a visit & a listening, he is an humble and awesome man,
it's just that if his speakers/amps/dac where better distributed and known they could stand the comparison with best ones.

he has been involved at some point with some of the best french mastering studio, translab, actis, topmaster,
for a good reason ...

i've been maybe a bit hard for th IB2, there's one point on wich they shine is for elecronic based music, great punch then .
Old 22nd April 2012
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had a great time at audio days 2012..respect to christoph and his team
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