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It is a place for engineers starting out seeking advice about the fundamentals of mastering. Seasoned pros with a bit of time and...

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Riccardo 27th March 2016
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Let me take a moment to type up a PQ primer... PQ codes refer to 2 of the 8 subcode channels P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, that run...

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jayfrigo 12th May 2008
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Hiya, Sorry I know this has been covered before, I've read the older threads, I was just wondering if any users had any new...

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faeriepunk23 1 week ago
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Hello I am from Greece and I am a beginner in mastering. The only thing to know is to clean scratches and clicks from vinyl with...

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thebest20 2 weeks ago
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Hi Gearspace. I was wondering.. before I send my song off to mastering do you think I should remove my stereo width plugin...

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jpanderson80 3 weeks ago
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Hi guys I need some tips on Mastering, I'm quite a newbie. I'm using Ozone 9 but having a problem with raising the overall track...

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ilalin 6th August 2021
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Hi. I recorded a music mix doing my best to keep the "peaks" reported by the recording software (Wavelab) at -6dB...

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ilalin 6th August 2021
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I’ve searched for previous threads but was looking for a bit more discussion if possible. I only do this as a hobbyist, but am...

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ilalin 6th August 2021
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Hello, Can you recommend me a great mix buss compressor plugin for glue? Which would you choose Between these: (both same...

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ilalin 2nd August 2021
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Hi everybody, I recently started a collaboration as mixing and mastering engineer for a small funky house / disco house...

Concept B.
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ilalin 1st August 2021
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Preparing lossless pre-master files. Mastering Engineer wants 24-bit / DAW works in 32-bit Floating Point. Should I dither?

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Mindtree 19th June 2021
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I'm trying to keep my true peaks below -2.7dB, but my software is not making it easy! I have Ozone Elements 8 on the master...

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RyanM 16th June 2021
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I have a mix that is set to 0.0dB after a bunch of compressors each eating 0.5 to 2dB per had been stacked on the master bus. It...

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SmoothTone 16th June 2021
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I've been practicing on mastering spoken word audio ITB recently and I'm having trouble making the audio reach the levels I see...

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gradivus 12th June 2021
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Hello, I've been making electronic music a long time, but haven't finished any tracks in years. I am now being productive...

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MogwaiBoy 9th June 2021
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I should say compressor (since I only have one) but would it be a good idea to go out of the box and mix dual mono then recombine...

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777funk 6th June 2021
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i have released numerous records sometimes using separate streaming masters when appropriate and sometimes using just a...

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Carl Freeland 4th June 2021
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Bear with me I am a mere amateur. Once you mix the element sdo you add a bus saturation or plugin like trainsgainer, then...

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nick b 29th May 2021
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I'm looking to create a capable home Recording, Mixing, Mastering setup. I've created a list of essential, and desired components...

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Lashtal 23rd May 2021
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I'm trying to master some of my psytrance tracks, and I seem to need excessive limiting to get them around -9LUFS (around 6dB or...

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denstrow 21st May 2021
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Ok so as the title says. My mixes and masters sound great on earbuds, phone speaker, studio monitors, even the nightclub sound...

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ScottBrio 19th May 2021
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Im sure this is basic stuff but cant find a good answer I want to use a stack of limiters on the mix bus One multiband One...

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deedeeyeah 24th April 2021
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I’m a novice at mastering (clearly) and just tried my hand at my own track for the first time. It has a true peak of -0.3, as I...

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jsbeeth 19th April 2021
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Hi, Does Anyone have any specific advice on using Izotope Ozone 9 on a recorded DJ mix? The mix itself was recorded using an...

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Window101 15th April 2021
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Hi, I mastering one simple audio recording and it looks good and gain is up -2dB. But on mobile is it very bad and height loud...

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heroj 8th April 2021
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Your preferred cloud drive for File Transfers?

Deleted c7044de
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ScottBrio 3rd April 2021
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Hi, I am looking at analog hardware options to complement my SSL Fusion. I have no other hardware at the moment. Budget -...

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thetizzler 3rd April 2021
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Ok so I’m investing in a solid 5-6 piece mastering chain to start off my mixing and mastering business. Here’s what I’m...

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Nitrouspizza 2nd April 2021
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Hey guys, i recently moved from Mac to PC and i'm not digging Ableton as a DAW for mastering. Thought it might be a good time to...

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RJHollins 1st April 2021
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Hey! First post here so apologies if this one is a bit of a mess! There's a lot of info online which is great but at the same...

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Nitrouspizza 1st April 2021
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How do you slutz handle payment after a job is completed? do you send them a partial sample or demand full payment before...

Deleted c7044de
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Deleted c7044dea016f2f2 3rd March 2021
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So confused. So I downloaded an old country song from iTunes. Put it in Cubase. Played it with fader at 0. On the Master...

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ghostman 27th February 2021
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Hey guys! Quick question. Running Logic Pro X. Looking to run audio out of my interface and BACK in for printing. But looking to...

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TomVY 26th February 2021
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I'm trying to learn some mastering. When I use the Weiss DS1-MK3 and throw a TDR Limiter afterwards (no processing, just for the...

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TomVY 26th February 2021
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Hi, I'm preparing original tracks for sale and download from a website. I'm mastering each track as a wave file which I will...

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Marindakim 8th February 2021
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Hey, everyone! I do audio engineering and mixing, and ocassionally, I run into a client who can’t necessarily afford mastering,...

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SmoothTone 28th January 2021
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Any tips on level matching when mastering in a hybrid system? I’m trying to compare what the outboard is doing, and so was...

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phillus 21st January 2021
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Hey guys, an area of my track is clipping and I'm not sure how or why. I'm working in elevate and I have the ceiling set at...

Edward Shnapper
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DGillespie 11th January 2021
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Hi everyone I want to make two master of the same project, one for cd production and one for streaming.. I normally master with...

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DanMartini 9th January 2021
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Hello, Does anyone within Europe have the Golden Ears Audio Ear Training Programme CDs that they would like to sell? Thanks.

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mottow 5th January 2021
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hi there I'm doing a master with Ozone 9 and I'm facing an issue that makes me feel a complete novice: In the module dynamics,...

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darkalex 31st December 2020
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Hi everybody. I know dithering is for when reducing bit depth. The label I'm working with would be releasing vinyl and bandcamp...

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SmoothTone 25th December 2020
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Hello there. I run a YouTube channel where I make video essays on shows/movies that I like. Currently, to record my voice, I use...

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CJ Mastering 11th December 2020
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Hey Slutz! I think everyone is finally on the same page that mastering is in fact necessary. But now that we’ve arrived at that...

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Nizzle 10th December 2020
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I've begun mastering for some small-time ambient/drone artists, and I think it's got to be the easiest genre to master in a lot...

Andrew Klimek
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Andrew Klimek 7th December 2020
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hi everyone, what are your advices for preparing a good mix before it's mastered? By looking around I saw that there are...

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DanMartini 4th December 2020
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Hi all, Here's a newb sort of question for one of the many patient mastering engineers present. I'm learning how to limit...

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timboalogo 3rd December 2020
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hi everyone, I'm working on a master where I'm using Izope's dynamics and I realized I went too far expanding the high end,...

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DanMartini 1st December 2020
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Hi! I am fighting with a track and I’m looking for guidance. The mix sounds good, but the snare tends to lose significantly...

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Andrea 28th November 2020
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From 'back in the day"... ....I am used to using a TC Finalizer + 96k. But the one I have is in use. I need another 2 Ch...

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johannburkard 22nd November 2020
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I'll make it short and sweet: Best modern interface ~$500 with mastering quality D/A converters? Shoot!

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Deleted 903526e7e14c64f 15th November 2020
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Hi there, since a DDPi can be sent in higher resolution that 1648 does it make sense to let the pressing factory take care of...

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CJ Mastering 13th November 2020