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Ok, I am looking at getting one of the Mojave Audio mic kits, and was wondering if the ADK capsule that comes with the...

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alexhornbake 7th October 2004
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Any tips? I've been trying to mic my CS257, ultra-shallow bodied guitar (w/ the funky soundholes on the top half of the...

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ulysses 7th October 2004
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I like the sound of 12bit samples and funky old converters in 80's drum machines. The sp12 is too much dough. I was thinking of...

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grouphome 7th October 2004
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Hi everyone, I thought with the official arrival of the low end forum, I would show you guys my vocal booth. It's a 1990...

Farm sounds
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Mystr Tiger 6th October 2004
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bobby_z 6th October 2004
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Hi Guys, Today I purchased my first house! Big thing for me. I have a basement where I have some room to build a basement...

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Luke V 6th October 2004
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I want to add some flexibility to my acoustic kit when I play live. Ideally, a drum machine (or midi interface to sampler ), 2-3...

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Geert van den Berg 6th October 2004
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I had two hours to kill yesterday so I stopped by the CD store and found a Rollins Band CD called "End Of Silence...

Jay Kahrs
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Jay Kahrs 6th October 2004
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Hello.....I might be out of my league here in this web site but.......I am a singer- songwriter and I've just purchased a Korg...

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tINY 5th October 2004
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Ok, I've never heard the things. I'm especially interested in the KR-33a, and the KR-25. Anyone heard them? They're NOT tube...

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Audiopool 4th October 2004
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Jules 4th October 2004
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Anyone else use Fostex 6301B's as a second opinion? I recently moved up from Tannoy 600 to ATC 12's, but I still have my...

max cooper
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shaggy digital 3rd October 2004
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Hello...I just bought two pairs of Rode NT5 condenser mics. Someone told me that I just wasted my money. Anyone out there...

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lukejs 1st October 2004
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Does anyone care to share there knowledge about the subject? Say for instance is there a huge delay coming out of you daws...

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Mystr Tiger 1st October 2004
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Ok, there are already some Logic 7 threads going, but this deserves one in this forum as well. Why? Cuz, imo, this once again...

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Hexfix93 1st October 2004
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I've been thinking about getting a cheapish before-the-mix set of monitors for songwriting (club/dance, hip-hop) with clients...

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Ruphus 1st October 2004
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Low End theory by ATCQ is on my top 10 lists of favorite LP's of all time! kfhkh

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Teacher 30th September 2004
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I want to disconnect the speaker on my amplifier and run the speaker output into a speaker soak DI box, "a millennia td-1 to...

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tINY 30th September 2004
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Hi - just joined this forum because i like the name of it ;) i make electronic music - mostly experimental stuff, and of...

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Jay Kahrs 30th September 2004
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Looks like the thing for me but i would really like someone else to take the risk of buying and let me know whether it is a s...

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JonCraig 30th September 2004
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Ok, heres som pics from my latest session. Its my own band "figures from here" recording what probably will be our...

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Drumsound 29th September 2004
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I want to use this basically as an effects unit. I'll bounce stuff onto this to get some analog sound and then I'll import back...

Last Legend
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DrDeltaM 28th September 2004
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it seems like everyone of my mates wanna get in to recording!! anyway I got him sorted on the mic side and now he wants to get a...

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DrDeltaM 28th September 2004
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Man, I can't figure it out! My CPU meter is at most 50%. I'm only using about half of my 512MB of RAM, and still the audio is...

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Telecastr 28th September 2004
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No message. Just a gratuitous subject heading. And you can never have too many Spinal Tap references.

Charles Dye
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Charles Dye 27th September 2004
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I did this small test about an year ago, normaly I wouldn't put it on gearslutz (because of the flames), but now there is a...

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matucha 27th September 2004
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I'm stuck in the house right now and it doesn't look like I'm going anywhere anytime soon. We think there's about 23" of...

Jay Kahrs
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warhead 27th September 2004
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Just bought the e-mu 1212m The D/A is OK but the A/D doesn't sound as stable as my LynxONE. To me the e-mu A/D sounds like...

shaggy digital
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shaggy digital 25th September 2004
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Have a great time with your new forum! I look forward to seeing the style you establish here. kfhkh

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5down1up 25th September 2004
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Ok, what's going on here? What is the difference between this and the old low budget forum? Please 'splain. Thanks

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Berolzheimer 25th September 2004
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AD/DA Converters on a budget. Any recommendations?

[email protected]
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oudplayer 25th September 2004
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i need a simple device. must be 1U, to fit in my live rack. must have 4 rotary encoders, to send midi. that's all. do you know...

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cebolao 24th September 2004
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hello folks! I would first like to say thank you to anyone and everyone here. this forum is a blessing. I use the 002r, have 2...

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Caldo71 22nd September 2004
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So far I've just been recording my band and friend's band's for fun and to learn (for free) but I just got done doing my first...

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Jay Kahrs 22nd September 2004
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I just pcked up their BCF2000 and BCR2000 contol interfaces. And they are actually really vool. It;s a great combo. 32 Rotary...

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Caldo71 16th September 2004
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Here's one I'm sure a lot of you Gearslutz can get behind! Check it out: bumpkin hittt jummpp kfhkh kfhkh...

Mr. Uli
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dim light 15th September 2004
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I'm looking into putting in a decent studio into my garage. We would do indie bands that wanted a quality demo, without having...

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manning1 22nd July 2004
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My home studio isn't giving me the kind of professional quality I'm looking for....I'm not rich, but I'm not poor and I'm looking...

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Songhead 20th July 2004
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Hi all- What can you guys tell me about an Otari MX80? Is it worth $3000 with 60% head life from an experienced tech who is...

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Jay Kahrs 16th July 2004
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Ok Guys, here is a Behringer product which could be just cool! It´s just a control surface so it wont ruin your sound, and if...

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kmshroom 28th June 2004
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i read somewhere that there's a modification available for the ada8000 to make it sound better. Does anyone have more specifics...

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shikawkee 24th June 2004
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deep purple - machine head frampton comes alive Dire straits sultans album acdc hits cheap trick hits The knack first album...

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Rusty Cage 17th June 2004
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And inspired you musically or as an AE or just as a listener?

Jay Kahrs
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Jay Kahrs 11th June 2004
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I'm new to this forum and have found the information I have been reading here very useful. The recent thread about analog mixing...

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el cochino 19th April 2004
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hey, any opinions on this Behringer mixer ? I'm seriously thinking of getting one tomorrow Cheers

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moogybase 13th April 2004
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I am always interested in cheap gear people find that have a cool tone. Esp. pres and eqs. and guitar pedals I have a bunch of...

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mattasbob 31st March 2004
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I'm interested printing some mixes to a 1/4" deck, for the sound. I dont really want to archive the mixes on tape per-se. ...

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Jay Kahrs 8th March 2004
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Have anyone tried TUBE ULTRAGAIN T1953 and how it compares to others like foucusrite, avalon etc. Seems good for the price..

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Boogle 8th March 2004
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Hi, i`m trying to set up 2 mic direct live acustic recording setup. For now im getting marantz cd recordes as some payoff for...

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miziq 27th February 2004
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Budget monitor question here... I recently picked up a pair of Behringer Truth's from american musical when the...

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Avatar for Jay Kahrs
Jay Kahrs 14th January 2004