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I can afford to buy 1 hardware comp clone for tracking vox/guitar/bass/drums. The rest of my chain isn’t high end (various...

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Pyeguy 4 weeks ago
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I just got a reissued version of the Astatic D104 Silver eagle microphone. It's got a female 4 pin plug for the output. I've...

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thirstypirate 4 weeks ago
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Folks, It monitors track 3 but won't record to tape. I didn't have this problem until after I changed the idler tires, which...

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emeters 4 weeks ago
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I've seen Altomusic's ebay store, but not until today did I realize they also had real brick and mortar stores in New York. I...

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Kja 4 weeks ago
Avatar for gofortheheart I just got a Zoom R16. I have some wav files that were recorded on an HD16 that I would like to import into the R16. I...

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JLast 4 weeks ago
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So basically I use my Maschine mk1 as MCU unit on Cubase. Love it. I then bought BCF 2000 for extra faders. Now, I heard...

Method Man
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Method Man 4 weeks ago
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Hi, I wonder if someone knows the package form or exact model of the Alesis Quadraverb 2 backlight display LEDs. Some of mine...

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samsine 4 weeks ago
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Will there be a noticeable sound difference when recording through a dual layered nylon pop filter with the gap in between both...

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GAVAHMON 4 weeks ago
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Hi guys, I´ve been reading the forum researching all the MXL v67 mods you guys have done. This month i got one as a gift (a hi...

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Sound Thief 4 weeks ago
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I was looking to see what people do when recording percussion to add to the main drum kit recording. What I mean by my question...

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BIG BUDDHA 4 weeks ago
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Hi everyone! This is my first post on here so please bare that in mind - don't bite! I recently acquired a Joe Meek MQ1...

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crattray1997 4 weeks ago
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I often hear people describe preamps as "getting noisy" when you turn them up too far, as if the preamp would behave...

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carpa 4 weeks ago
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hello I gonna dismiss my rack fx and going to pedal for size reason. Im used to produce house music OTB, and modulating sends to...

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DirkP 4 weeks ago
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Hey There, I have the opportunity to purchase a Tascam 388 for a fair price ($700) from the original owner. It's in, as...

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studioguitarman 4 weeks ago
Avatar for Ladycharles

Hello, I know just about nothing about electronics (other than how to not zap myself) but have decent solder skills. I built one...

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MandoBastardo 4 weeks ago
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I am looking for opinions on stereo bus comp VCA - SSL-style to add to my hardware. I have been using software bus comps up until...

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elegentdrum 4 weeks ago
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Hi guys, I am trying to replicate the vocal chain I use in my home studio for rehearsal/live for a reasonable price. At home I...

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Fantomaz 4 weeks ago
Avatar for thestranger

Hey... I just got a great deal on a pair of KRK V8 (First Series) for a crazy good deal over craigslist. I had been meaning to...

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izman23 4 weeks ago
Avatar for ShelGef

Greetings. You see them on eBay all the time now ... Chinese-made "replacement" dynamic microphone elements/capsules...

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mrufino1 4 weeks ago
Avatar for umbral

Hello everyone, I have read a lot the last couple of days about microphones. There are simply too many models. I researched...

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mrufino1 4 weeks ago
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Hi, I was already decided on getting the cheap Behringer UMC404HD but then a used MOTU Ultralite mk3 hybrid came up at 30%...

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DienteDeSierra 4 weeks ago
Avatar for Bugsmasher

I got a pair of beyerdynamic installation boundary mics for almost nothing. They’re made for putting into holes drilled in...

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Bugsmasher 4 weeks ago
Avatar for teddymusic

Hi, I have a problem. My Soundcraft delta 200 have 6 sends but I have just 1 free stereo channels and I can only return just on...

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Ol' Betsey 4 weeks ago
Avatar for RoadRanger

I have a Teal SE and just got in a Black SE yesterday :) . These are single voiced cardioid only versions of their more expensive...

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BrentA 4 weeks ago
Avatar for Ladycharles

I have a behringer tube ultragain that I put my gf's mic through when we stream with friends and last night it got unplugged and...

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cyrano 4 weeks ago
Avatar for woogiegoogie

Hi, I use a Behringer UM2 for VOIP and some recording. I've always had an issue where it only outputs at a max level of...

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woogiegoogie 4 weeks ago
Avatar for percussion

1998 Sound on Sound review of the Tascam Portastudio 488 MkII 8 Track Cassette Multitrack Recorder. Posted for posterity, this...

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rrb6699 4 weeks ago
Avatar for beach bum

I've always been a very resourceful (and thrifty) musician/producer. I occasionally use broken headphones for lofi mics, guitar...

beach bum
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JLast 4 weeks ago
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Has anybody tried this yet? Its going for $5 for existing customers.

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sokoleski 4 weeks ago
Avatar for vincentbingkau

Hi, I owned a Yamaha HS-80s for 6 years and want to upgrade this monitor. Tannoy just released a brand new Reveal 802 and come...

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noah330 4 weeks ago
Avatar for luciamezzo

Hi Everyone, I'm a low mezzo soprano working in a bunch of genres, a lot of early and baroque music and a range of classical /...

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mrufino1 4 weeks ago
Avatar for TobyB

I have lots to learn about recording, asking for expert advice. I am starting with recording solo acoustic guitars and mandolins...

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JonnieK 4th April 2021
Avatar for Lcoverdale

As title says. Can anyone help identify this Mixing board Cheers!

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nstu 4th April 2021
Avatar for onlywhelmed

Hey all, I hate to say it, but after years of messing with hardware (and having tons of fun and making some great sounds), I...

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Herzton 4th April 2021
Avatar for NoPro

Well , I did a two mic set up a few years ago with a drum track. I’m trying to figure out how to separate the kick and snare...

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NoPro 3rd April 2021
Avatar for XHipHop

Hi folks, My headphone amp seems to be blown on my Focusrite 2i2 Gen 3. TL;DR: I need to monitor myself on headphones while...

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ambiguous signal 3rd April 2021
Avatar for Rymdis

Hi! Is there anybody who have the manuals for the AKAI S3000 and S3200? I have searched all the net, but came up empty :( I...

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Supawolf 3rd April 2021
Avatar for 5at19

Can you turn any feed-forward compressor into a feedback compressor by multing the output and sending it to the sidechain input?

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5at19 2nd April 2021
Avatar for AnalogOverdose

I was looking at the Clarrett 2Pre, which has 2 preamps and an optical input for 8 more channels via ADAT. There are many 8...

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Avatar for elrobis
elrobis 2nd April 2021
Avatar for The Tenant

Hello folks, I'm in search of a low budget mic preamp and was wondering why are the threads/reviews about GAP Pre-73 Premiere...

The Tenant
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Avatar for The Tenant
The Tenant 2nd April 2021
Avatar for eldon2975

Products – iSK Pro Audio Has anyone here tried those HD-9999 headphones ?

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Avatar for RightOnRome
RightOnRome 2nd April 2021
Avatar for hanuman

Dears, One singer has an AT2050 that focusses on the mids where her voice sits. The others voice kind of envelops that...

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Avatar for David Rick
David Rick 2nd April 2021
Avatar for Corona Radiata

I'm playing in a black metal band and want to experiment with analog gear so i'm planning to build a mastering room in my...

Corona Radiata
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Avatar for MAXX VADA
MAXX VADA 2nd April 2021
Avatar for Sunrises

I’m trying to decide on an audio interface. I’ve narrowed it down between these two. Both serve as audio interfaces with...

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Avatar for JSchmo
JSchmo 1st April 2021
Avatar for DB22

Hi Wondering if anyone has any suggestions. I’m running the output of a DJ mixer into a Soundcraft Compact 4. The Compact 4...

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Avatar for DB22
DB22 1st April 2021
Avatar for vizcities

So, I'm posting this here for two reasons: 1) Audient folks tend to trawl the forums on occasion, so this is an attempt at...

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Avatar for Eric Tetz
Eric Tetz 1st April 2021
Avatar for Jay Kahrs

Are there really any out there? Something that you can put in front of a super clean amp like a Twin and it doesn't sound like a...

Jay Kahrs
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Avatar for Neddy Seagoon
Neddy Seagoon 1st April 2021
Avatar for Mikesoundguy

Hey y'all hoping to get an opinion, so I just bought the jbl 305p mkII and like them so far, but there is one thing that's...

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Avatar for EzMixx
EzMixx 31st March 2021
Avatar for spnc

Hi guys, I'm gonna pull the trigger and move to the UA world. I was planning on getting a Scarlett 18i20 because it has a Midi...

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Avatar for Richie Witch
Richie Witch 31st March 2021
Avatar for Bugsmasher

I’m going to record myself drumming for several songs in a large, resonant space with the gear listed below (mine and...

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Avatar for Bugsmasher
Bugsmasher 31st March 2021