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Ok, nobody wants to read all of that, how about those IK MTM iloud thingies? Worthabuy?

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d.igital 4 minutes ago
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Hi All, I just picked up a Zen Go, it's sitting on my desk. You can't really use the damn thing until you register it to your...

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d.igital 7 minutes ago
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Hi, Been a long time since I’ve posted in here. Not sure if this belongs here because I don’t know what I’m looking at,...

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ridgeway 7 minutes ago
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I will only be using it for gaming/talking. It’s what I love doing after work. My current mic doesn’t pick up my voice very...

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MandoBastardo 3 hours ago
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Pref around $50-100 :cowbell:

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TMOQuantity 5 hours ago
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A lot of manufacturers produce even more nice sounding, good looking and reasonable priced gear with a right to live. Maybe they...

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staticwhitesound 5 hours ago
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got examples of hi fidelity songs recorded on gear you consider budget? no, no you don't. Never have I heard any song I...

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TMOQuantity 5 hours ago
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Hi, I recently purchased a rme babyface pro fs and focusrite isa one. I did the tests and there is not much difference in my...

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rezen 9 hours ago
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It's all nice when gear works properly whatever the brand name is. However, when it starts giving you trouble, suddenly the brand...

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JLast 9 hours ago
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I'm in no hurry to buy any condenser mics at the moment, but I am considering keeping a lookout for a used Studio Projects B1 and...

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Brian M. Boykin 10 hours ago
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I currently have a 59 Gibson LP Jr amp that is 5 watts. Love it but need something a little louder for gigs now and prefer to not...

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tINY 22 hours ago
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This is a little different than the typical "what monitors" post because it is specific to my setup. I own Kali LP-8s...

Junkyard Sam
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Junkyard Sam 1 day ago
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Hi, I am looking for a multi fx hardware unit. Price range- not higher than 1000 euro. I know the price range is possible...

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floeter 1 day ago
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1 comp, delay, reverb, eq, etc :cop:

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jzero 2 days ago
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Hi I have the chance to buy cheap a lexicon reflex and/or a yamaha rev500 but i don't have the opportunity to test any of...

Stergios T.
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Brian M. Boykin 2 days ago
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I've been trying to upgrade my old Adam A7 I used for years. This is a long proces already - I've already tested some more...

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jeanclaudevanlee 2 days ago
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I happen to have a few NOS Sennheiser MD409 capsules around which have been in storage just in case one of mine gets funny. Fast...

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Insomniaclown 3 days ago
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Hello everyone, I'm looking for suggestions on a comp which would help tame an electric drumkit I have. Playing it through a...

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Muser 3 days ago
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Hi, Will these be any good for music production and mixing? Or are they totally unbalanced since their intended use is as...

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AndreiPiatra 4 days ago
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Best sounding Mixer out of these 2? Hi folks I have been using a Soundcraft Spirit ES desk onstage for around 11 years now,...

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HeadlessDinosaur 4 days ago
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I have a question for all of you that I’m sure are very knowledgeable on this. I have 2 pairs of monitors and trying to decide...

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j.hexx 4 days ago
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Products – iSK Pro Audio Has anyone here tried those HD-9999 headphones ?

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bill5 4 days ago
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Heya I checked some of the similar threads related to the topic but I’d still like to get some recommendations for...

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tylerwylie 5 days ago
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Progger 5 days ago
Avatar for DownSideUp

apparently "this is the futur" https://youtu.be/ZFLmP9XWyhg ADDED BY MODERATOR: More talk on the CLA 10TM...

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Jeroko 5 days ago
Avatar for unmillonde

Hi again! I'm looking for a new interface with at least 4 line outputs that's not very expensive. I don't have a lot of...

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esldude 1 week ago
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Hey guys, since i can't find a midi controller with a synth like key bed, I am tossing all my midi controllers and will want to...

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cubannito1 1 week ago
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My room is full of dvds and shelves, gear but no sound proofing at all. I have Behringer B1 condenser, Shure Sm57 dynamic and...

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JLast 1 week ago
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Hey slu- I mean... spaces... I've recently become obsessed with using my guitar pedal collection as outboard gear in my home...

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Seamus TM 1 week ago
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Hi GearExpertz I have been suffering with a bad case of GAS caused by ebay and ended with lots of low end pieces like Behringer...

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kennybro 1 week ago
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How is your MOTU 16A holding up for you today? I've been thinking about getting one myself since I've heard good things about...

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HeadlessDinosaur 1 week ago
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I am curious what’s in YOUR mic locker?? Mine: Oktava MK319 (Russian ) CAD E100 (American) ...

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Dr. Jule 1 week ago
Avatar for TOTAL

Hi I wonder if you could help. https://www.emimikos.gr/Documents/FENTON-FT12LED_FT15LED_F15JB_Manual_En.pdf...

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TOTAL 1 week ago
Avatar for Johan Lopez

Hello Gear Slutz partner I'm looking for a nice MIC PREAMP & COMPRESSOR That I can use for my setup. I am mainly planning to...

Johan Lopez
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Avatar for Junkyard Sam
Junkyard Sam 1 week ago
Avatar for zsantella

Been looking at getting a pair of sE 4400a's or sE T2's. Need an all-rounder workhorse that sounds good on just about anything,...

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XHipHop 1 week ago
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So, I had posted a thread about 2 years back regarding crackling noise in my left Yamaha HS8. After a week days of use the...

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bill5 1 week ago
Avatar for craven

i am looking at a behringer xenyx 2442 with 10 xlr inputs, because i heard the xenyx pre-amp was solid....but i found 2 other...

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Avatar for Waynester
Waynester 1 week ago
Avatar for DontaBlack

What's good GS fam, I don't have 3k to hash out on a Pultec device, just yet. So in the meantime, I have set my eyes on a EQP-WA...

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Avatar for Enlightened Hand
Enlightened Hand 1 week ago
Avatar for jetpackstudios

I have an older Zoom 9200 that is in need of repair. I've heard these have a bit off background noise but mine has steadily...

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bluegreengold 1 week ago
Avatar for B i e b e r

Hi Can everyone show us their gear along with their music so that we can hear the quality you're capable of getting with it....

B i e b e r
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Avatar for Unclenny
Unclenny 1 week ago
Avatar for johnmarkpainter

I haven’t gear shopped in a while…. UA Apollo with a Presonus DigiMax 8 for expansion (talkback, room mics, hat) Neve...

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WarmJetGuitar 1 week ago
Avatar for hanuman

Dear GS community. With so many more musicians having mics an soundcards life and mixing has become so much nicer. So, for...

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ilikefruit 1 week ago
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Worth changing Adam A7x + 7 sub to kh 120 neumann? Have never heard them side by side just individually in less good...

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Avatar for morre
morre 1 week ago
Avatar for kidvybes

...there are a few higher-end LDC mics that offer multiple voicings, but I've never seen one this affordable...anybody have any...

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MandoBastardo 1 week ago
Avatar for rafferty

Hi guys, I´ve been reading the forum researching all the MXL v67 mods you guys have done. This month i got one as a gift (a hi...

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jams3223 1 week ago
Avatar for planet red

So I've been ignoring my mic collection for awhile, while I've been buying up a bunch of outboard... now its back to my mic...

planet red
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MSR74 1 week ago
Avatar for bill5

PLEASE NOTE I AM ONLY INTERESTED IN NEW Since the "affordable" thread has taken a different path...here's what I'm...

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Avatar for ZEF
ZEF 1 week ago
Avatar for The Recordingist

So I'm in need of a Reverb pedal for recordings I plan to do while traveling through Europe! Right now I'm recording fully...

The Recordingist
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Avatar for bmdaugherty
bmdaugherty 1 week ago
Avatar for nonta14

Hi. I am very confused about what is happening with my setup. I have the iD4 connected to my computer via USB cable, and a the...

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JLast 1 week ago
Avatar for Konsta

Hello, So what I'm looking to achieve is this: bring the sound 'forward' akin to light compression, add some excitement to the...

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Avatar for James Lehmann
James Lehmann 2 weeks ago