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Hi guys, It's been a while since i have posted on GS so forgive me if i'm not in the right sub-forum. What are your...

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Brent Hahn 3 hours ago
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So, I've been going crazy lately Researching and researching about mics and all the little differences and comparison videos and...

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Overdrive 3 hours ago
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My daughter is a very talented singer and she wants to start producing music. I plan to get her an interface, mic, and a...

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slainbabyyc 16 hours ago
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Going for 1. Practical usefulness 2. Obscurity (sleepers?) 3. Under $100ish Mine would have to be the RNC, any old tube tape...

jml designs
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k brown 17 hours ago
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Since I've mentioned Marc Aubort's use of 1202 preamps on a couple of other threads, I decided to get an original MS1202 on e-bay...

k brown
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floeter 19 hours ago
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What sort of equipment/effects are typically used to create this sort of...

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Donald Cooper 1 day ago
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Here is my story. I had an old RME hammerfall PCI express card with 3 expansion boards as my sound card for 5 plus years. You...

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coolfog09 1 day ago
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Hi what are some must read books that you recommend for artists that are aspiring to make it in the music industry?

B i e b e r
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chessparov2.0 2 days ago
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So I am going to be buying one of these two units.....which would YOU choose, and why? (And before someone says it, I have...

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New Armageddon 2 days ago
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Several drummers I've recorded recently came in with the $39 plastic bass port stuck on their kick drum head. I've tried to...

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tviler 2 days ago
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I purchased a brand new Aston Origin about a month ago and noticed white noise as soon as I plugged my mic into my Focusrite solo...

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Anila6 3 days ago
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not really looking for multitrack, just any cassette player with a recording function and a mic in.

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Garage Rodeo 3 days ago
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My room is full of dvds and shelves, gear but no sound proofing at all. I have Behringer B1 condenser, Shure Sm57 dynamic and...

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XHipHop 3 days ago
Avatar for Tisca

Tubes, 2? ch, H.P filter, phase switch, phantom power. See attachment. Any ideas?

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Tisca 3 days ago
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Hello all, I am a newbie to posting but a long time reader of forums. I produce and record HipHop/Soul/RNB music. I am simply...

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shepke 3 days ago
Avatar for miniqtone

This things been sitting around unused for years. I'm wondering if it is worth restoring? My gut tells me it will be an old noisy...

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tvphobic 4 days ago
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...there are a few higher-end LDC mics that offer multiple voicings, but I've never seen one this affordable...anybody have any...

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Ox Han 4 days ago
Avatar for Srbhsngh

Hi.. I'm about to build a studio and there are already too many things in my buying list and I'm trying to save whatever I can...

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Srbhsngh 4 days ago
Avatar for Ozboz

First post here so sorry if i posted in an incorrect subforum, I currently have 2 computers (PC & M1 Mac) and 1 audio...

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ambiguous signal 4 days ago
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Hello, dear friends at this lovely forum. I'm looking for an amp that will help me out with these passive...

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James Lehmann 4 days ago
Avatar for rando67

Hi, I'm looking for a pair of small NF monitors that I can also use in the wee hours without disturbing family and...

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JSchlomo 4 days ago
Avatar for noah330

We see a lot of talk about what DAWs sound better, if they sound better, etc.... Here's a great resource that has tests of...

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Garage Rodeo 4 days ago
Avatar for QueenSisi

Do you know this brand and what can you tell.

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haysonics 4 days ago
Avatar for Garage Rodeo

Currently using a Rode NT-1 thru an ART MPA 2. Issues: Can't say the mic is bad, its great. I recorded a couple songs for a...

Garage Rodeo
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Avatar for Garage Rodeo
Garage Rodeo 4 days ago
Avatar for gasolin

I have a pair of Mackie MR524 and i like them alot I have tried using a subwoofer and it didn't do to much for me, since i...

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gasolin 4 days ago
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gmatkin 4 days ago
Avatar for The Dazzler

Searching the net for gear one day, I bumped into something that looks too good to be true. I tried to contact them about a piece...

The Dazzler
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JLast 5 days ago
Avatar for marcreeves

Hey all, I've got an MPA II pre that I've had for many years now (8-10 years I think) - worked great until recently, but then...

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MarkF48 5 days ago
Avatar for dglennjr

I'm excited to announce that Part 2 in our new Mixing Michael Jackson series is NOW LIVE on YouTube! Today, we're breaking...

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dglennjr 6 days ago
Avatar for damien

Hi, I stumble uppon those cute little DI boxes made by Alctron while buying some cables on Ali'. They claim to deliver...

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damien 6 days ago
Avatar for bibleboy3

I am curious what’s in YOUR mic locker?? Mine: Oktava MK319 (Russian ) CAD E100 (American) ...

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Avatar for XHipHop
XHipHop 6 days ago
Avatar for Ladycharles

So someone was selling one of these locally for 30 and I decided to grab it out of curiosity - there's very little info online. I...

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Avatar for Ladycharles
Ladycharles 6 days ago
Avatar for Sry

How is your MOTU 16A holding up for you today? I've been thinking about getting one myself since I've heard good things about...

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Avatar for gravyface
gravyface 1 week ago
Avatar for EnochPorch

I've been searching around and I can't find quite what I'm looking for. Can anyone make a recommendation? I have the Apollo x8...

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Avatar for JLast
JLast 1 week ago
Avatar for B i e b e r

Hi Can everyone show us their gear along with their music so that we can hear the quality you're capable of getting with it....

B i e b e r
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Avatar for shepke
shepke 1 week ago
Avatar for nowaysj

Hello all, have been trawling the A&H GL threads, and the 2200 threads in particular. I have little experience with mixers,...

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nowaysj 1 week ago
Avatar for bill5

Feeling underwhelmed by the MIDI controllers I have seen/read about, I have thought of a control surface attached to a digital...

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Avatar for bill5
bill5 1 week ago
Avatar for Shreyas

I'm looking for a ribbon mic under 300$ that'll sound good recording alto saxophone and double up as a good mono OH for the drums...

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Avatar for ShellTones
ShellTones 1 week ago
Avatar for Xieanaiar

Hello all! I want to start a career beatmaker, and I choose my first professional headphones, here write that you need headphones...

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Avatar for Garage Rodeo
Garage Rodeo 1 week ago
Avatar for EasyToAssemble

I'm considering picking up a cheap Zoom R8 to use as a desktop looper, as it appears to have that functionality. However, I'd...

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Avatar for EasyToAssemble
EasyToAssemble 1 week ago
Avatar for FoodProduct

Hey all, I’ve been trying to dial in exactly the next leap in my gear chain and wanted to gauge people’s thoughts on some of...

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Avatar for FoodProduct
FoodProduct 1 week ago
Avatar for master_ov_realit

Looking to set my kit up for recording some rough demo tracks at home, and have been looking at some of the lower end drum mic...

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Avatar for JLast
JLast 1 week ago
Avatar for Psklpt

Hi guys jkthtyrt, Has anyone tried the Avantone CV12 BLA version? There’s no much info out there…. I’ve emailed Avantone...

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Avatar for homestudioguy
homestudioguy 1 week ago
Avatar for s wave

I have made some prototypes and am thrilled by the reverb they produce. I am currently tweaking the golden/sacred geometry...

s wave
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Avatar for s wave
s wave 1 week ago
Avatar for occam

I have a Tree Audio Branch II which I really love on vocals and for guitar tracking. I'm looking to add some analog to my mix...

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Avatar for JLast
JLast 1 week ago
Avatar for ShelGef

A representative from Harman told me yesterday that the mic pre section of the current-production dbx 286S Voice Processor has...

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Avatar for Manak1n
Manak1n 1 week ago
Avatar for sdlmoab

I have been working on my recording skills at home the past few years trying to achieve professional quality recordings with a...

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Avatar for sdlmoab
sdlmoab 1 week ago
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Avatar for ExPorts
ExPorts 1 week ago
Avatar for Pipe_Dream

Hello GS; long time lurker first time poster here. The long and short is that my Art Pro VLA II is giving me a monster headache...

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Avatar for Pipe_Dream
Pipe_Dream 1 week ago
Avatar for gasolin

Im considering the Presonus Eris Sub8 but i know some of the smaller Presonus eris active studio monitors have white noise, hiss,...

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Avatar for gasolin
gasolin 1 week ago