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Did Alesis ever offer these as an accessory? Does anyone make insert cables with the same weird connections at the mono jacks...

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stella645 2 hours ago
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So, since I'm travelling with my iPad and acoustic guitar I'd literally yesterday just bought a used Rode NT-USB mic along with a...

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Spiritos 17 hours ago
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This covers a lot of turf as such instruments vary a lot, but worth a interested in people's experiences. Hoping to...

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nicod98 17 hours ago
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Looking for suggestions here. Have this idea but not attached to it. Ive been using a volt 476 with good results but I want to...

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JLast 17 hours ago
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Thought it might be useful to have a thread discussing mics by brand...opinions those who have used of course of top interest....

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nicod98 18 hours ago
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This is a short comparative test of two ribbon microphones: Superlux R102 active ribbon mic and sE X1R passive ribbon mic. sE X1R...

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poppaflavor 18 hours ago
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So I have had an At4040 for quite a while now, I went and bought 2 more just for having them, I tested them all 3 out same...

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poppaflavor 18 hours ago
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...there are a few higher-end LDC mics that offer multiple voicings, but I've never seen one this affordable...anybody have any...

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Progger 20 hours ago
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Hello, I have an RME Babyface Pro interface. And I want some "tube warmth" in a budget. Do you think art pro would...

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GalenHefferman 1 day ago
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Hello everyone. I'm looking for any suggestions about the simplest possible way to mix a guitar and 2 synths (OTB only, no...

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derco 1 day ago
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Hello I would like to know if anyone here is using Behringer's T1 or T47 tube microphones.I tried to find a review on the web...

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Martenx 1 day ago
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Hi every time I drag a sample from splice into Logic Pro it sounds different even though nothing is on it. Its not just volume...

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s12512 1 day ago
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Haven't seen a thread about this yet, and to be honest I'm not even sure if this product has shipped yet. From the...

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Krush411 1 day ago
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This isn't a question but rather an observation. Quality...

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chessparov2.0 1 day ago
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I am curious what’s in YOUR mic locker?? Mine: Oktava MK319 (Russian ) CAD E100 (American) ...

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kludgeaudio 1 day ago
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So... to frame the question.... i have zero direct experience with any hardware in this price range. My setup is primarily...

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s.d.finley 1 day ago
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Hello, just a very brief first test of the Nohype Audio Ribbon mic LRM 2b without and with Triton Audio Fethead. No processing;...

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cracker satchmo 1 day ago

Anyone heard them? Dirt cheap. Cheaper than Golden Age...and that was dirt cheap. Probably not great for Golden Age, who as a...

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znjamznjam 2 days ago
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Do any of you home studio guys have acoustic drums that you record for your songs even though you can't really drum? I'm...

hello people
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hello people 2 days ago
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Most likely LDC. What would be your choice there? In particular for female vocals, right on up through soprano range, but if...

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bill5 2 days ago
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Which is the best sounding 1073 clone that’s relative cheap?

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kuasalogam 2 days ago
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Hey guys, I have been a hobby music producer and mixer for about the last four years. During this time I have improved...

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Synth Guru 2 days ago
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Hello, just wanted to share this as it might come in handy - I was looking for a new pop filter and saw the Hakan P110...

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Tabbi 3 days ago
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So I'm trying to clear some space in my mic drawer. Selling the ones I don't use but still have resale value. And chucking the...

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themicrophoneguy 3 days ago
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Hi everyone, I recently put out a Youtube video detailing how the Beatles got the sound for The Revolver album and how we can...

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Nick_Dawes 4 days ago
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does anyone have any experience on this pre-amp i'm considering to buy it pro's and con's please thanks gilson

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ThePremiere 4 days ago
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Akai DPS24


Anyone using this unit? If so, what are your opinions?

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AuldLangSine 4 days ago
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<3 hello all~ I currently have a simple writers setup with my trusty M1 MacBook Air, Logic and the cute little SSL+2, with a...

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AnnaJMusic 4 days ago
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Hi, Anyone who can help me with detail on the crossover in the S12.4? Slopes etc? When I measure mine to integrate with...

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mnissov 4 days ago
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Looking for a new mic that is close to a condenser but doesn’t pick up as much outside sound. I don’t have a super strong or...

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Martenx 4 days ago
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Hey Guys, Do any of ye compress your kick or snare drum while tracking?? If so, how much db, what are your settings and...

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Paul_G 5 days ago
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Has anyone ever directly compared two or more of these four ribbon microphones? AL95 (graph here) LRM-2b (graph here) VR1...

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Sinocelt 5 days ago
Avatar for goom

I don’t care if I have to boost the high end. Cheap condenser mics sound distorted in the 5kHz+ range.

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Sinocelt 5 days ago
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There are a lot of posts about the more 'recent' Groove Tubes microphones, but is there anywhere I can get good information going...

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themicrophoneguy 5 days ago
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Before purchasing my i88x, i did a lot of research on several websites, forums and magazines. What surprised me was the amount of...

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rockum 5 days ago
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Hi all, I'd like to connect two different balanced sources to my active speakers - but not simultaneously. I just use the...

Hank H.
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poppaflavor 6 days ago
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I've been using a Sony action cam (AS200) and tried my Motorola Edge phone. Both take grainy videos. I try to take them and sync...

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joeq 6 days ago
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15 years ago I recorded in a studio with a Neumann M 147. It was the best my voice has ever sounded! I bought a TLM 103 for home...

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SingOrSongRider 6 days ago
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I'm just before buying my first monitors for a bedroom studio. I've done some researches here on GS and I found HS80 or A3X the...

Dr. Fleischman
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MrCrowbar 1 week ago
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Hello, I'm looking for a firewire interface for my old Mac Mini 2010. It has 16GB of RAM and a SSD. It runs Logic Pro X on macOS...

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MrCrowbar 1 week ago
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Hi! im looking for an alternative to Faderport 1 of PreSonus, i would love something more simple, i just one 1 motorized fader...

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MrCrowbar 1 week ago
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So I'm getting a weird problem with my (very old) Tascam 414. I'm getting a low frequency rumble/popping sound when I have a...

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decocco 1 week ago
Avatar for nonsuchpro

Has anybody used the Behringer CX3400 Crossover? If so whats the word on it? I usually stay away from Behringer stuff but I have...

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ControlCentral 1 week ago
Avatar for laser

Sure could use a little expert advice. Like many on this forum, I'm a firm believer that the straighter the wire, the better...

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DarkSky Media 1 week ago
Avatar for sharpeleven

Just got my first Roland R880 reverb unit with GC-8 remote and program cards. Love the sounds! Got some Q's for U Slutz: - my...

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Trigunaudio 1 week ago
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So, I've been going crazy lately Researching and researching about mics and all the little differences and comparison videos and...

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themicrophoneguy 1 week ago
Avatar for Dizzler

I'm getting more into preamps and would like to make an investment in one for vocals. I'm a rock singer. Mostly use an SM57,...

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SonnyBoy 1 week ago
Avatar for sadroyhibbert

So, I love the Ramsa WR-8616 console and as a result have been interested in its larger-format relative, the WR-8428, for a long...

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localpressure 1 week ago
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I'm new to the forum but I've searched for information and found none so I thought I would post my question. I'm looking at...

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Friendlycasper 1 week ago
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Hello, I've been using a Behringer UMC404HD for years now with no problems, but it's time for an upgrade. I watched...

Deleted fc05ec0
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Scragend 1 week ago