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I’ve never normalized before mixing /mastering . I’d rather just record good levels but I’ve read normalizing can help get...

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McWreckinBall 35 minutes ago
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Anyone used? Thoughts? Quite a deal if even respectable.

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weave 21 hours ago
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Hello, In terms of augmenting ITB with some hardware, whats the order of purchase do you think? I was thinking of getting a...

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cisc0kid 1 day ago
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I don't use a computer for my music (I knowhidz). I have an outboard fx processor. I want to mix my romplers and process them...

The Dazzler
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shepke 1 day ago
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Just finished attaching a $20 VIVO side mount to the Output's leg. Due to the desk's slanted/irregular features, this required...

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Tonefinder 1 day ago
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Is anyone here using this? lf so, what do you think so far? Does it feel cheap or is actually well-built?

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joeq 1 day ago
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...there are a few higher-end LDC mics that offer multiple voicings, but I've never seen one this affordable...anybody have any...

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Wilks832 2 days ago
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Pref around $50-100 :cowbell:

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Eiko 2 days ago
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So I have had an At4040 for quite a while now, I went and bought 2 more just for having them, I tested them all 3 out same...

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D40Oz 2 days ago
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Wilks832 2 days ago
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I'm ready to rebuild my home studio,this time i wanna get used gear that is cheap and good that don't lose resale value if i'm...

Corona Radiata
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F.L.deU. 3 days ago
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Hi! I'd like to get a Behringer Xenyx 502 as a sub-mixer for my keyboard and laptop setup but I'm unsure about something. I...

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WhiteVan 3 days ago
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PLEASE NOTE I AM ONLY INTERESTED IN NEW Since the "affordable" thread has taken a different path...here's what I'm...

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bill5 4 days ago
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So over recent months I have been designing and building these capsules for ribbon microphones. Obviously they aren't a Royer,...

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JLast 5 days ago
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The 787 is a cheap ($230ish) active ribbon mic. It exists, but barely, as I can't find much info about it. I'd like to know if...

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12ax7 5 days ago
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FWIW, I built this with Flowstone software to approximate the EQ bands and Qs of the Audio Palette, in a Pultec-style...

k brown
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k brown 6 days ago
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I'm looking to buy a 100-200 $ mixer and when I searched I found that people were recommending Allen and Heath mixers over...

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k brown 6 days ago
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Hey all, I just purchased my first microphone, an MXL 2003A, and my first interface, a Lexicon Lambda. I have phantom power on...

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LudwiGuy 6 days ago
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Hi, I have a sony dps D7. It is not working. In bypass the unit sends the bypassed sound but in normal mode there is no...

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teddymusic 6 days ago
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I'm looking to replace my RME FF400 as I bought a new iMac and no Firewire support on it. I just have a small home studio so...

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jerry123 1 week ago
Avatar for ezzily

Hi fellow musicians/sound engineers and people trying to be a bit of both, like me. I got an old teisco mx800 analog mixer...

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ezzily 1 week ago
Avatar for Ozzy

Hi there. Im thinking abut doing a DIY project involving a BCF2000. I need to know a few things tho. 1. Is there a limit to...

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zubilo 1 week ago
Avatar for Pasta4lnch

Anyone have experience with the high output options vs the non-high output versions? Just curious. I see a pair of k47's in my...

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JLast 1 week ago
Avatar for Bater

I want to add a monitor controller and a headphone amp to my studio rack. I have two sets of monitors and will probably not use...

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loujudson 1 week ago
Avatar for guitarboy94

Anyone out there using this preamp? I think it deserves some attention and it never seems to get a whole lot around these...

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staticwhitesound 1 week ago
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Hey guys, I had a very popular post on here from some years ago about the pmd 740 and had a huge positive response, so I just...

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andypick68 1 week ago
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I have been wondering if low end hardware compressors are worth using in comparison to the compressors built into DAWs. I myself...

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Karloff70 1 week ago
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Hi guys, I´ve been reading the forum researching all the MXL v67 mods you guys have done. This month i got one as a gift (a hi...

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jams3223 1 week ago
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The 'Faulkner II' array (a pair of 27" omnis, and a pair of near-coincident sub-cards or cards on the same bar), can almost...

k brown
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k brown 1 week ago
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I have some FMR compressors (the RNC and the RNLA). I also have a Bitree patchbay, that I would like to hook them up to. If I...

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weave 1 week ago
Avatar for D40Oz

Hey everyone, I bought an Audient id4 about 2 years ago ( the grey one ) and today I just noticed something with my gain, when...

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JLast 1 week ago
Avatar for qrtl

Hi, i want to record drums with my Focusrite Scarlett 4i4. For now i have Shure sm58 and consider 2 options: 1. Buying Aston...

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qrtl 1 week ago
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Hello there, i have heard alot of times that the Mx8000 is an exact copy of the Mackie 8 Bus, and behri was sued for that back...

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Marko1970 1 week ago
Avatar for Jt9026

I have a 5x5 vocal booth, Its actually a portable photo booth. Basically a 5x5 walk In tent. I first thought about covering the...

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Jt9026 1 week ago
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I am curious what’s in YOUR mic locker?? Mine: Oktava MK319 (Russian ) CAD E100 (American) ...

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bill5 1 week ago
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This is a really strange question but, I have pieces of paper on my computer desk and I kept finding somehow they looked as...

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igorock 1 week ago
Avatar for Radiussound

Hi, I am looking for a multi fx hardware unit. Price range- not higher than 1000 euro. I know the price range is possible...

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JLast 1 week ago
Avatar for wladymeer

Hello guys, I'm looking for a cheapest solution for recording vocal demos at home, ideally up to 50€ with USB connection and...

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JLast 1 week ago
Avatar for Rightclick

I've been writing, recording and mixing on my Macbook Pro with my trusty, industry standard ATH-m50's (blue box)...

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Avatar for Enlightened Hand
Enlightened Hand 1 week ago
Avatar for Fargo

Hello, I have a pair of focal alpha 50s, the original ones from 5 years ago. I didn't really know what to look for in when I was...

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standup 1 week ago
Avatar for kuangbao

Hey folks, I'm another new face around here... I'm wondering about the same questions for quite some time now and hope you...

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sirjuxtable 1 week ago
Avatar for GENX

These are the real deal. Love 'em. Bought these and thought I would pass it on to help the GS community. I can post pics if...

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Avatar for GENX
GENX 1 week ago
Avatar for arkansas01

I was looking at a Studio Projects C-1 initially, but that seems to be hard to find... Then i saw a comparsion to a 3U Audio...

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Wilks832 1 week ago
Avatar for Tony76

Hello, I am looking for a 4ch. microphone preamp with ADAT or spdiff out. My budget is aprx~700eurs, or 1000$. Can you recomend...

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Goblinturd 1 week ago
Avatar for bluesy

I got this suggestion to get a small mixer as the device to do what I'm looking for. But, searching for mixers, I'm still a...

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bluesy 1 week ago
Avatar for andypick68

Hi, I have been recording on one of these babys for about 3 years,I got it on ebay for peanuts in brand new condition, it...

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andypick68 2 weeks ago
Avatar for Illiac

Hey. Recording a simple, acceptable sounding 4-piece, with good sounding cymbals, in a decent sounding room, and looking to...

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Avatar for k brown
k brown 2 weeks ago
Avatar for roman_

Hey there, out of curiosity, I bought one of the new Tierra Audio Flavour Preamps, the "Truffle" model, because it was...

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JLast 2 weeks ago
Avatar for goom

They have a million ways to give you the same sale price of 1 free plugin if you buy 2. This sale ends in 24 hours when we reword...

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Avatar for ambiguous signal
ambiguous signal 2 weeks ago
Avatar for OddBall Audio

I know, I know, another low budget summing thread... Here's a link to the unit in question: LittleOne 16 - Passive Summing...

OddBall Audio
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Avatar for Boris_keys
Boris_keys 2 weeks ago