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So I moved into an apartment a while back and the walls are paper thin … I can literally hear the person below me talk to...

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Undagc 1 hour ago
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Yeah I know it's a pretty short list :) I'm eyeing a few that are even less expensive, but for the purposes of this thread,...

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esldude 2 hours ago
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I bought a 90s Kenwood tape deck recently and ran a drum bus mixdown through it. The result was nice. The highs sounded less...

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joeq 5 hours ago
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I see the new Motu M2 does this interface record in 32 bit float or just 24 bit?

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earlevel 12 hours ago
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I have three Mackie SRM 450 v1 powered speakers. I have them all configured identically (same input gain, same button...

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JLast 18 hours ago
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Hello, I'm a soprano and I'm looking for a new large diaphragm condenser mic and I've narrowed it down to these three mics. My...

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gmatkin 20 hours ago
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What the **** is with all these shitty mic stands! Does somebody make a decent, reasonably priced, built to last stand with...

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Russell Anderson 22 hours ago
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Well I bought this plugin about 6-7 months ago on sale and haven’t used it. I watched tutorials etc. has anyone tried it and...

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NoPro 1 day ago
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I came across an ill-maintained website about the QV2. It mentioned that a dedicated editor was made for the QV2, but it was...

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corvusdotnet 1 day ago
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I am curious what’s in YOUR mic locker?? Mine: Oktava MK319 (Russian ) CAD E100 (American) ...

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barforama 1 day ago
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Can't find any reviews for this thing. I'm curious about how it sounds for speech/voice over. lol

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JLast 1 day ago
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I know there are threads related but would love to get some specific advice for my situation :) I really want to start mixing...

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JLast 1 day ago
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After using a blue yeti for everything for two years I've decided I deserve an upgrade. I'm a little uncertain what direction to...

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bill5 2 days ago
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I’m currently undertaking a fully solo project, which is basically jangly dad-rock… I record vocals, guitars, bass and real...

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Subverter 2 days ago
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Hi! Is there anybody who have the manuals for the AKAI S3000 and S3200? I have searched all the net, but came up empty :( I...

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Supawolf 2 days ago
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Hi All, I have a need for a second pair of monitors. I'll try and keep this short. I have monitors that I like to mix on, but,...

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sirjuxtable 3 days ago
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about to record a choir, half the songs would be with a full music backing track, and some songs with just piano, others with...

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renesas 4 days ago
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Hi GS, long time lurker first time poster. Figured although there are enough monitor threads in the Low-End theory, I would ask...

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motomotomoto 4 days ago
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I'm considering buying an old midi sequencer, but one that does literally nothing but midi sequencing. I'd like to try to get my...

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ilikefruit 4 days ago
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I recently purchased an assembled stereo pair of these and started to test their ability to faithfully record acoustic music. I...

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BruceG 4 days ago
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Can I use a beatstep pro and keystep pro together and have no need for anything else sequencing-wise? I have... 2 x Nord Drum...

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Barbovalum 4 days ago
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I'm trying to build a transformer colour box with UTC - A10. I have a wiring question. I am trying to wire these up to an xlr...

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Brent Hahn 4 days ago
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Hey, I was reading through some ribbon mic threats and the 2 most recommended mics were (low budget)...

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Progger 5 days ago
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I thought for fun I would bust out my Neve rack and do a little recording. My Neve rack has all original transformers. I got them...

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Pyeguy 5 days ago
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My query will surely come across as pig-ignorant, but I have no pride. I now own both Softube Console Mk2 and Softube's fader....

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Rowboat 5 days ago
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Ox Han 6 days ago
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Did you use DAWs and DATs or were you more analog. I know CD became fully ubiquitous after the mid 90s at least (looked up...

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Adam Dempsey 6 days ago
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Greetings, I am looking for two very versatile microphones around $1000 combined that I can use for drums, acoustic guitar,...

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EddieHuante 6 days ago
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Hi, Is it possible to use the aphex 622 as HPF and LPF ? Also is it possible to use it as a deesser ? Thanks

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teddymusic 6 days ago
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I've seen some simple designs for a DIY variable impedance control for your microphones which is comprised of some XLR sockets, a...

Axemaster G
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ambiguous signal 1 week ago
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Firstly, I am a total Newb. But I am of the opinion that taking the time to understand the full workings of something you're...

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Barbovalum 1 week ago
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Woah….super old system. I can’t seem to find the answer online . I have a very old protools session. I want to export each...

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NoPro 1 week ago
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So I got some Yamaha HS80M yesterday. Bought them second hand, demo-d them in the sellers room, looked and sounded fine, even...

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joeq 1 week ago
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Last year I posted on Gearspace to ask why there wasn’t a low cost analog to digital converter. Specifically, I was looking for...

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joeq 1 week ago
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Does anyone have any experience with these desktop compressors? Can you get them to sound anything like the 160x ?

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RBHan 1 week ago
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I've seen a lot of great suggestions for budget recording equipment around here, but one thing I haven't seen much of is people...

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chaocrator 1 week ago
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Hello, I am not a complete newbie but my experience and knowledge are quite limited, specially compared to yours. For her...

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MaritLage 1 week ago
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Hi all. Just a question for you: who uses a hired web designer and hosting. Who uses web design software and hosting (and if...

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Affeas 1 week ago
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I own a Presonus RM32ai which I have been using for quite a while with a DIY rack PC running W10 older i7 and 32G of Ram. I am...

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Hattrick 1 week ago
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Hi there audio fellas! I want to upgrade my headphone situation, Im happy with my old trusty SONY MDR7506, good old cans for...

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iFi audio 1 week ago

I am looking for ADC which can convert stereo analog signal through rca or xlr in and output digital signal through Optical or...

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KING DRANZER 1 week ago
Avatar for Barbovalum

Strange question, but if staring at a smart-phone before bed keeps me awake, which it does, then would one of these new MPC...

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Barbovalum 1 week ago
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JZ Microphones is having a summer sale - their mics are 50% off. First off... how is this even possible? Discounting their...

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ilikefruit 1 week ago
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I'm looking from a step up from my Roland Studio Capture, and the RME Fireface 802 fits exactly what I need, feature wise. I'll...

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ilikefruit 1 week ago
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The ‘88 has fully weighted keys, and I’m running short on space, so could anyone advise whether this keyboard can be safely...

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Muser 1 week ago
Avatar for Barbovalum

Have the 'MODS' made it incapable of doing something the TD-3 can do? I have one MODDED OUT version and would like another TD-3,...

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Barbovalum 1 week ago
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I need to rack some gear I've purchased recently. Metal racks are cheaper than wooden ones but I'm worried the steel might rattle...

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kazper 1 week ago
Avatar for donluca

I know that digital mixers exist which allow you to apply effects to each channel, but they have one big caveat: if I want to...

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Pyeguy 1 week ago
Avatar for JamesG602

Hey guys! Anyone have some first hand experience with the new KRK Rokit G4 series? Specifically looking into the 7 and 8s....

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Avatar for Boulderhippy
Boulderhippy 2 weeks ago
Avatar for Codyh630

There's an Ashly SC-40 for sale local to me cheap. I can't seem to find much info on them? How are they as a studio preamp? Are...

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Avatar for David W. Jones
David W. Jones 2 weeks ago