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Hey Folks, I've been making what feels like pretty steady progress in my home-recording journey for quite a few years now....

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Progger 3 minutes ago
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And by cheap, I guess I’m hoping for $500 or less for the pair, maybe $600. Any chance of finding a matched pair (probably...

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gravyface 4 hours ago
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Hey so as the title says im looking for a new Preamp.. My Equipment is: Mic: Wa-87 with Zen Pro Audio mod (i use it most of...

Young Sine
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NEWTON IN ORBIT 10 hours ago
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Hi, I have some rather old but perfectly functional red Tannoy Reveals and a Samson Servo 170 amp. I'm considering replacing...

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homestudioguy 11 hours ago
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Anyone using this unit? If so, what are your opinions?

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mikephilryan 18 hours ago
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I recently picked up two of these micro series EQs pretty cheap as part of a deal for an Alesis Micro Limiter (which is the one I...

Gideon K
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Gideon K 19 hours ago
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Anyone have stories... gear references or any other useful information on the guy? Obviously this is the low end board... any...

Perfect Drug
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floeter 20 hours ago
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...or am I just living in the Twilight Zone? I saw one of these on ebay today.. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE *AURATONE* ...

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Brad Lunde 23 hours ago
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Hi, I need more inputs to record drums with my Apollo Twin mk2. I see that it is possible over ADAT with several third party...

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JLast 1 day ago
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I tend to buy low end stuff. I'm not a pro, and even though I love writing and recording music, I've had to admit that this is a...

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coreyspencer 1 day ago
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Hi everyone I'm on the lookout for low to mid priced as transparent as possible SDC (or even LDC) mics ( RODE, ADK, SE el,...

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Slava A 1 day ago
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Could we collect here examples of low-end cheap outboard which are more or less secretly in professional use. Preferably with...

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joeq 1 day ago
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So I'm finally diving into recording drums and liking a 3 mic sound as a starting place for learning. I got the 2 above mentioned...

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Trojanmantony 1 day ago
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Hey all, I bought a pair of Fostex 6301s after hearing they're a great 'grotbox' and, after only a couple of short tests I...

Deleted 68555ba
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charlienyc 2 days ago
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Audio friends. Halp. I have a set of JBL SLR2300 monitors. had them for a few years. They're okay. Never had any huge...

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Kambo 2 days ago
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Hi, I have a aphex 651 modded and a soundcraft delta dlx. I have a problem. I tried to insert my aphex compressor in the...

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teddymusic 2 days ago
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I want to add a monitor controller and a headphone amp to my studio rack. I have two sets of monitors and will probably not use...

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weave 2 days ago
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I contemplating building a hybrid mixing setup and wondering if anyone who works with large format consoles was able to mix one...

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Nickerz 2 days ago
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I'm looking for a ribbon mic under 300$ that'll sound good recording alto saxophone and double up as a good mono OH for the drums...

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Scragend 2 days ago
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Hi All, I value everyone's expertise here. I'm looking to pick up a new Pre to replace my VoiceMaster Pro. Going to be using it...

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themiracle 2 days ago
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I have a simple question, does green or red light on ADA8200 indicate phantom power is on ? Manual doesn't say. Edit: Ok, I just...

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Scragend 3 days ago
Avatar for Wrongwonder

I soldered some cables today for my patchbay. On one end I have an XLR female and on other a TRS, so balanced. I connected the...

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nosebleedaudio 3 days ago
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The RV-500 has no power switch. I plugged TS cables into both the inputs and outputs and have a 9V adapter connected to it. You'd...

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afv 3 days ago
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I had a monitor go bad on me within a year so I sent it back to the shop. They said they couldn’t repair it but since the model...

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Wibble666 4 days ago
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Anybody played with one of these mics? I just came across them. Tube mic for 199 pounds... SubZero Tube Microphone at...

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mattrico 4 days ago
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Hi everyone so I have ordered a Adam Sub 7 to use in my current setup, I will be connecting them to my Adam A5X. I am confused...

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ambiguous signal 5 days ago
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Before anyone disses this mixer, I'll say that it was free, and I liked the sound of the pres before I tucked it away in a closet...

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Guatecoop 5 days ago
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Hey all! Got a dinosaur here...at v1.1, but I've read the chips can overheat with that version. I believe the last version...

Jimmy B
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Jimmy B 5 days ago
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Hi everyone. Since I was given some great suggestions about cheaper SDC condenser by the community, I would like to ask your...

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tedsorvino 5 days ago
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If you could only pick one piece of hardware gear, what would you buy first if it were cheaper?

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Bob Ross 5 days ago
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Hi, Recently purchased an RME Fireface UCX and want to expand my I/O via ADAT (currently looking at the Behringer ADA8200),...

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stella645 5 days ago
Avatar for part12studios

Hi there, I found a good deal (much cheaper than the one linked below) on one of these and wondered if they might be a good mic...

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part12studios 5 days ago
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Hi, my friend’s son has a korg d3200 that stopped booting up the other day, sounds like the HD finally gave out after many...

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colanderman 6 days ago
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I've recorded a few iMovie jingles played back on Audient iD44 with JBL 305P MkII monitors using a pair of RODE M5's. I've used...

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fretlesik 6 days ago
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The KSM 137 is an end address pencil condenser while the KSM 32 is a side address condenser. The 32 has a 3 layer mesh acting as...

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esldude 6 days ago
Avatar for stevenstok

Ok I have a question for anybody in the know lol. I own three interfaces a presonus 1824 with an adat pre for tracking drums. A...

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Red Black 6 days ago
Avatar for iansr

I’m looking for recommendations for a power amp that has at least 2 x 1000 wpc into 4 ohms - its to drive 2 sub woofers. It...

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iansr 6 days ago
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Hello! I currently use an M-Audio 88 key MIDI keyboard, it's fine, but it has no on-board sounds so I have to turn on my...

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Slava A 6 days ago
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So I've got my eye on either the VC6Q, VC1Q or the TwinQ. I like quirky gear. I have a couple nice Pre's (API and Neve )...

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mikegentry 6 days ago
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I'd like to upgrade my sound which would give me better sound for the money?...Here is my setup Neat worker Bee V.1 Condenser...

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CASD 6 days ago
Avatar for Shubhankit

Please help me in deciding which one to buy for producing and mixing, I have thought of following options: 1. JBL 305p...

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elegentdrum 1 week ago
Avatar for occuna

Hello all, I have been using a focusrite 2i4 2nd gen as my interface since I started producing. Having recently purchased an ISA...

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JLast 1 week ago
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Hi guys, Trying to do some drum triggering for toms via gating into a VST drum plug-in. My main question: Would a piezo or...

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freelancepoet 1 week ago
Avatar for stanko55

I'm looking to buy a multitrack cassette recorder with atleast 6 separate channels. I want to record a full band live, so I'd...

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Avatar for floeter
floeter 1 week ago
Avatar for sampemberton

Hi guys. Basically I'm trying to send audio (drums for example) out of my iD22 on outputs 3/4 (1/2 are my main speaker outs) and...

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fushapanther 1 week ago
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So by some COMPLETE fluke that is blowing my mind right now. My magnetic charger got pulled out go my macbook by a dog running...

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Avatar for Cleversounds47
Cleversounds47 1 week ago
Avatar for damien

Hi, I wonder if someone knows the package form or exact model of the Alesis Quadraverb 2 backlight display LEDs. Some of mine...

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Avatar for damien
damien 1 week ago
Avatar for kidvybes

...there are a few higher-end LDC mics that offer multiple voicings, but I've never seen one this affordable...anybody have any...

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Avatar for Progger
Progger 1 week ago
Avatar for boomyak

I just bought a Behringer UMC1820 and I've already filled up all the inputs. I need one more stereo pair, lo and behold the...

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ambiguous signal 1 week ago
Avatar for enroper

I know there used to be a bunch of people like 15 years ago who were known to mod this mic. But I'm not finding any recent hints....

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Bugsmasher 1 week ago