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Whats in your mic locker? Low-End Theory
Old 29th August 2002
Lives for gear
David R.'s Avatar
🎧 15 years
OK, I'll play. In order of how they are currently stacked.

Neumann TLM103
RCA 77dx (3) (2 fixed up by Clarence Kane a couple months ago)
Shure 55
EV 660
AKG C1000s (2)
AT 4050/cm5
CAD E200
Shure SM57 (3)
Shure SM58
Sony C48(2)
EV 408N/D
Sony ECM22(2)
AKG D112(2)
Crown CM700
Radio Shack 30-3032(2) (got 'em a couple weeks ago - cute)
American Microphone DR330 (ribbon)
Turner (big ribbon, looks like a Sure '55)
Shure Green Bullet
Radio Shack/Crown PZM (4) (2 are modified, mounted on a larger plexiglass surface)

I really need more pre amps, so I'm not going to list those. Open to donations...heh
Old 29th August 2002
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Fibes's Avatar
🎧 15 years

2. NEUMANN M269c
5. NEUMANN KM184 (2)
7. ROYER 121 (2)
8. Sennheiser 421 (3)
10. AKG D 112
11. AKG D12
12. AKG D25
14. SHURE SM 57 (10)
15. Radioshack PZM (2)
16. EV BK1
17. 50's Drive in movie speaker

I want a stereo Royer, shure 330 and an RCA 44bx.


1. API 512 (6)
2. Phoenix audio GTQ2 (2)
3. Peavey VMP2
4. Demeter VMP2

I wanna Buzz audio and a GR MP2NV.
Old 29th August 2002
Gear Maniac
wurly's Avatar
🎧 15 years
I luuuuuv to buy microphones. Damn the whole unlimited wants and limited money thing.....

TLM 103
TLM 147
TLM 193 (2)

Neumann Gefell
CMV 563 w. M7 and figure 8 capsules
CMV 563 restored by BLUE w. B6 capsule

451 (2) w. swivels, cardioid & omni capsules, pads
452 (2) Stephen Paul modified .9 micron omni capsules
460 (2)
C12VR (2) w. original C12 capsules rebuilt by Eddie Ciletti

RCA 44BX restored by Clarence Frame
RCA 77D restored by Clarence Frame
Reslo Celeste (2)
Beyer M500

421 (6)
E609 (2)

SM 57 (8)
SM 58 (8)
SM 81 (2)
Beta 57 (2)
Beta 58 (3)
Beta 84

E200 (2)

AT 4033

I have money down on an InnerTube Audio MagMic (LD tube Condenser). The RCA 74B, Reslo Celestes and Beyer M500 will be sent to Stephen Sank soon for new ribbons. Can't remember the model # of a spiffy little EV SD condenser that I got recently.

The preamp list isn't very exciting now. Looking Forward to a Great River MP2NV. Those things are so great it's hard to believe they're legal. Also waiting for 2 ultra-hot rodded LA4's from Eddie Ciletti that will have cloned Trident mic pres built in!!! (w. phantom too).

wurly was here
Old 29th August 2002
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e-cue's Avatar
🎧 15 years
Originally posted by planet red
E cue, what are you using your ECM8000's on? They're dirt cheap and if usable in any way I'll pick up a pair.
Percussion, Ac. Guitar with either an 87, 800G, or 414 (depends on guitar and song), Stand up bass (actually TAPED under the fretboard)... In a pitch, I've used them on OH's. Keep in mind, they are omni. My mics are usually 'fill in the blank' mics just because most of the studios I work at have a full mic locker.
Old 30th August 2002
Motown legend
Bob Olhsson's Avatar
🎧 15 years
These were mostly bought to supplement what I would expect to find in a typical studio during the early 1970s before very much was available for rent.

2-Shure SM-56
1-Shure-300 ribbon
1-Shure "Johnny Carson" ribbon
1-AKG 224
1-AKG D-12
1-EV RE-11
1-EV RE-55
1 EV 635a
1-Sony ECM-22
1-Sony ECM-50
1-B&O stereo ribbon
2-Audio Technica ATM-35
Old 5th September 2002
Gear Addict
Greg Heimbecker's Avatar
🎧 15 years
hmmm, found this from the last time we played this game on RAP... presented here with some new additions.


Brauner VM-1 Lawd have mercy!
Brauner Valvet vocals and soloists
RCA 77dx bass cl, room, horn soloists
Microtech Gefell UMT70 (2) piano, some sopranos
Microtech Gefell UMT71
Neumann M-149
Neumann KM140 (3) lots of things!
Neumann TLM103 (2) vox, aco gtr, some saxes, snr
Earthworks QTC1 (2) narrow AB, orch ambience, piano & more
Akg 414 EB old silver vs w/c12capsule
AKG TL II (2) budget recitals, trpt, utility
AKG 414 ULS utility
AKG 451e
DPA 4060 (4)
DPA 4066 (2)
Sennheiser 404 (3) orch soloists, spot mic
Sennheiser 10? omni, doesn't see much use
Sennheiser 421 (5) the ususal, all over 20 yrs old
Sennheiser 431
Beyer M-88 (4)
Beyer M101 (2)
Beyer M 160
Shure SM58 (4)
Shure SM57 (3)
EV PL95 doorstop
Altec 639 paperweight, effects

UNC Studio

Wunder CM67 #s 002 & 003
Soundelux Elux 251
Soundelux E-47
Royer R-122V (2)
Royer SF-1 (2)
Neumann TLM 149 vox, upright bass, room, aco gtr & more
Neumann TLM 49 (4) lovely on saxophones and many voices
Neumann TLM 193 (2) toms, celli, aco bass, low tbn
Neumann KM 184 (2) aco gtr, hihat, percussion, overheads
Coles 4038 (2) gtr, cello, bass, violin, some saxes
Beyer MC 834 (3) Leslie top, alto sax, some vox
Schoeps CMC-6(4) w/ matched prs of MK-4, MK-2H & MK-21 capsules
AKG C12VR Bass and baritone vox, room, horn soloists
AKG TL II (2) trpts, bones, oboe, overheads
AKG 414 ULS (2) brass, some vox,
AKG 460 (2) hi hat, snr bottom
AKG 391 (2) snr bottom, shelf weight
AKG small cap stereo coincident not much, too bright and nasty
Sennheiser 421 (2)
RΓΈde Classic tube (2) some vox, room, overheads,
CAD E300 vox, bari sax
CAD E100 (2) Leslie bottom, Horn(french, baritone, tuba)
Shure sm 81 (12) trpts, bones, saxes location big band for 23 yrs
Shure sm 58 (6)
Shure sm 57 (4)
Shure sm 85
Shure sm 87
EV RE 20
EV 635

and if we're throwin the pres in...

6ch of API 512c (and a pair of 550a)
14ch of Millenia HV3
2ch Earthworks Lab 102
8ch Earthworks 1024
2ch Great River MP2-NV
2ch Millenia Orign (pretty huge w/the Tele tubes)
1ch Manley Voxbox
3ch Avalon 737
2ch DW Fearn VT-2
2ch Avalon 2022
4ch Focusrite Red1

Greg Heimbecker
University of Northern Colorado Recording Studio

heh I want more... MORE...

Last edited by Greg Heimbecker; 28th December 2011 at 03:27 PM.. Reason: updated
Old 6th September 2002
Gear Maniac
Mats Olsson's Avatar
🎧 15 years
AKG C3000B
AKG D-112 (2)
AKG D-125 (2)
AKG D-190
Audio Technica ATM-25
Behringer ECM8000 (2)
Calrec 1050 (2)
Coles 4038
Electro Voice BK-1
Generis/ADK GC-1 (2)
Microtech Gefell UM-70
Milab D-37 (6)
Milab VIP-50
Schoeps CMH 52 U
Sennheiser MD 421
Shure KSM-32 (2)
Shure SM-57 (3)
Shure SM-81 (2)

(and a bunch of others)

Old 7th September 2002
Lives for gear
barforama's Avatar
21 Reviews written
🎧 15 years
Ok here we go:

AKG C451E (4) w/CK1 (3), CK1s (2) og CK2 (2) capsules
AKG C451EB m. CK22 kapsel
AKG D112
AKG D1000C
Audio Technica ATM25
Audio Technica AT4033a
Audio Technica AT4041 (2)
Audio Technica AT4051a (2)
Beyer M260 (2)
Calrec CB21c/CC51
Microtech Gefell MT71s
Neumann M147 tube
Neumann TLM103 (2)
Neumann U87i (2)
Neumann U87Ai
Neutrik 3382
Sennheiser MD441N
Sennheiser MD421N (3)
Sennheiser MD421-U5 (3)
Sennheiser MD21 omni
Sennheiser MD405s
Shure SM545s
Shure SM57 (10)
Shure SM58
Soundelux U195

On the top of my want-to-have-list is a caople of km184's. Pretty modest, huh?

Old 7th September 2002
Lives for gear
barforama's Avatar
21 Reviews written
🎧 15 years
Oh, yes...inputs

Amek 9098 eq (2)
Avalon VT737sm
Bellari RP-520
Drawmer 1969
D.W.Fearn VT-1
TL Audio Classic EQ-1

Old 7th September 2002
Lives for gear
hollywood_steve's Avatar
🎧 15 years
mic locker

Seems like not too many people have mics from Blue. Why is that?


I can tell you that in my case it was because I wasn't too impressed with the less expensive BLUE mics (this was way before the Baby Bottle was available) I checked out the Blueberry extensively and the Dragonfly and Mouse and didn't go for any of them. But when I finally had a bag full of cash and checked out some of the original big Bottle mics, well that was a very different story. So the reason I didn't have any BLUE mics was because I didn't like the ones I could afford. But that big bottle is one serious microphone.

my very small mic collection:

Blue bottle w/ B6 & B7 caps
Royer R121
Neumann KM184 (pair)
Senn 421 (pair)
AKG D112
Shure 57 (pair)

Not a lot, but I can get a lot done with that selection. And I spent almost two years looking for my 1st large D condenser and my big discovery was that I would rather have one Bottle than a dozen different examples of the new $399 "really good" condensers. A great mic is a really special thing. And until I could afford a great mic, there was very little that I couldn't do with my trusty 421's!

[email protected]
Old 7th September 2002
Gear Nut
Diginerd's Avatar
🎧 15 years
Here's my megre collection in no particular order:-

4 x Shure SM58
4 x Shure SM57
2 x Sennheiser MD421
2 x AKG 451
1 x AKG D12E
2 x TLM103
2 x Rode NT2
2 x Rode NT1
2 x C3000 (Used 'em once, anyone found a decent use for them?)
1 x Some Beyerdynamic Dynamic Mic (Haven't looked for a while)
1 x Weird-ass Sony Stereo Mid-Side Thingy (Sound's great on a bunch of things though!)
2 x Senheiser PZMs (I think they're Sen.. It's been awhile since they've been out of their box)

In short pretty unspectacular compaired to some of the lists floating around here, but since 99% of the time I only track vocals that will be mangled in Alsihad for trance records my locker is prolly a bit of an overkill!

Can't bring myself to part with any though.

My name's Rob and I'm a Gear Slut...
Old 7th September 2002
Lives for gear
🎧 15 years
Neumann U87
B & K 4011
CAD Equitek 100
Rode Classic 11
AKG Solidtube
AKG C1000
AKG C414B TL 11
AKG 535 EB
OKTAVA ML 52 Ribbon
Sennheiser 514
Sennheiser 421
Shure SM 7
Shure SM 57
Shure SM 58
Crown PZM
BSS DI Boxes
Countrymany Type 85 DI boxes

Focusrite ISA 131
Massenburg pres
Trident/MTA A Range Module
Avalon SP 737

Would love to try the Elam 251 sometime!
Old 8th September 2002
Lives for gear
XHipHop's Avatar
🎧 15 years
I might have the weakest collection on here!

But here it is:

Audio-Technica AT3035 (2)
Audio-Technica AT4050
Audio-Technica ATM25
Audix D-2 (3)
Behringer ECM8000 Omni Measurement (2)
CAD M9 Tube
Marshall Electronics MXL 603s (2)
Rode NTK Tube
Sennheiser md 441
Shure Beta 1.1
Shure Beta 52
Shure Radio Shack Pro-3010 Vocal Mic
Shure Sm-57 (3)
Shure Unisphere 1


Focusrite Green Voicemaster (coming monday)
Digimax Lt

Old 21st March 2003
Gear Nut
max the mac's Avatar
🎧 15 years
aww what the hell.......

embarass myself for a change.

Here's the list that isnt that great.....
Others pass thru from time to time, and I have access to several "other" mic cabinets..... (mates, dad's, etc)
Groove Tubes

1 x Gt67
1 x Gt57
1 x Gt55
2 x Gt33

1 x Tlm103

1 x D50e/200
2 x C3000
2 X D112
2 x D3700
1 x C1000


1 x Beta 58
2 x Sm58
2 x Sm57
1 x Green Bullet
1 x BG6.1
1 x 16A

Audio technica
2 x At 4033
1 x Pro 25
2 x AT3528
1 x ATM75

Benson Audio Labs

2 x ND90
2 x BA30

I apologise for the next few.....
They have a certain "charm"

Sony F-V120

Un-branded REALLY cheap and nasty stereo (Hah!) pair of ****e ****e ****e dynamic/carbon things... like you got with a REALLY old portable cassette recorder... even came on a DIN plug...... (Now replaced )

Have a couple of samsons and sennheisers somewhere, think they're at me mates place in wales..... ..... Really ought to pay him a visit and get them back.... He also has My rode NT1 and NT2

I'm not really doing all that much Mic work at present...... so It's not all that important..

REALLY Like the GT stuff though...

Nothing earth shattering....

Have fun...... well, at least dont get caught...

Old 21st March 2003
Gear Addict
Curious G's Avatar
🎧 15 years

Soundelux E47
Brauner Valvet
Blue Dragonfly
Earthworks SR71 (pair)
Octava MC012 (pair)
Josephson C42 (pair)
Shure SM7
Shure sm57 (2)
Senn MD421 (2)
Crown pzm 185 (pair)
various Sony lavs, AT odds and sods and a Beyer handheld in a pear tree!
Old 21st March 2003
Lives for gear
Mike O's Avatar
🎧 15 years

(2) AKG C12
(2) AKG 414EB (CK12)
(1) AKG 414 TLII
(1) Brauner KHE
(2) Lucas CS-1
(2) Lucas CS-4
(2) Neumann U67
(1) Neumann M49
(1) Neumann U87
(1) Neumann M149
(2) Soundelux E47
(1) Soundelux 251

(2) Royer 121
(1) Royer SF12
(2) AEA 44CX
(2) Coles 4038

(2) AKG 451E
(2) Neumann KM84
(2) Schoeps CMC6 MK4
(2) Schoeps CMC6 MK41
(2) Schoeps CMC6 MK 2

(1) AKG D12
(1) Soundelux 195
(2) Senn 421
(4) SM57

Looking to add:
LDC: 1xM49
Ribbons: (Beyer 160);
Dynamics: RE20, SM7, Senn 441s.
Old 21st March 2003
Lives for gear
Mike Jasper's Avatar
1 Review written
🎧 15 years
Neumann U-87
Neumann K-184 (2)
SE5000 tube
Rode NTV tube
Groove Tubes MD1-A (for sale)
Sennheiser 441, 431, 421
Audio Technica 4033
SE201 (2) (SE stands for Silicon Entourage)
EV RE20 (I love that mic. Makes me feel like Don Imus)
SM-57 (2)
SM-58 (1)

Old 22nd March 2003
Lives for gear
barforama's Avatar
21 Reviews written
🎧 15 years
Groove Tubes MD1-A (for sale)

Ohh I much??
Old 22nd March 2003
Gear Maniac
🎧 15 years
Crap, I need to buy some more gear!

Here it goes...


AT 4050 (2)
MXL/Royer 2001 Tube
Baby Bottle
SM-57 (6)
M-88 (2)
M-500 Ribbon
Shure SM-33 Ribbon
MXL 603 (two tube mod's soon!) (3)
KM-184 (2)
SM-81 (2)
520 SL (Green Bullet)
Altec 660B (2)
Rad Shack PZM (2)
Audix OM3xb

Mic Preamps:

Sytek MPX-4A
OSA MP1-L (2)
Mackie 1402
Yamaha PM-700
Rauland 4 ch pre/mixer (tube PA head)
Webster Solid State (Hi-Imp) WTA-2 (overdrive for a cool distortion) (3 for free)
Ampex 601 (free as well)

Old 22nd March 2003
Lives for gear
Mike Jasper's Avatar
1 Review written
🎧 15 years
Groove Tubes MD1-A (for sale)

Ohh I much??
I can't sell internationally. Three months ago I sold an SKB case -- basically an empty box -- to someone in Canada and went through unbelievable hassles. The US is no longer a free country, it's merely a secure country.

Old 22nd March 2003
Gear Addict
Etnier's Avatar
🎧 15 years
B.L.U.E. Bottle w/B6 + B7 capsules
Neumann M 149
AKG C-414 EB, modified by Klaus Heyne
AudioTechnica AT4060 modified by Lee Quintana
Neumann KM-84i (2), modified by Klaus Heyne
Neumann KM-84i (2), stock
B&K 4006 (factory-matched pair)
Royer R-121 (2)
Electro-Voice RE-20
BeyerDynamic M 201TG
Audix D-6
Sennheiser MD-504 (4)
Crown PZM 30RG (2)
Radio Shack PZM (2)
Shure SM57 (3)
AudioTechnica ATM35
Old 22nd March 2003
Lives for gear
barforama's Avatar
21 Reviews written
🎧 15 years
I can't sell internationally. Three months ago I sold an SKB case -- basically an empty box -- to someone in Canada and went through unbelievable hassles. The US is no longer a free country, it's merely a secure country.

Could you please specify what problems you had....??
I've never had any problems whatsoever shipping overseas..
Old 22nd March 2003
Lives for gear
Mike Jasper's Avatar
1 Review written
🎧 15 years

First I got a call from the Austin, TX asking me what it was and what it was used for. This caused the box to go out one day late.

Then I got angry email from the guy I sold it too. It was three days past due. I checked the UPS Web site and they said it had been detained or some other word. "Marked for Exception." That's exactly what it said, now that I remember.

I called Austin UPS and they told me they were taking it out of the package to check it over, hence the delay. And this was for an empty SKB rack, mind you. So he wound up getting it seven days late AND he had to pay an additional duty.

I think I sold the case for $75, but the shipping cost me $25 before his duty was added on.

Old 23rd March 2003
Gear Nut
heartsoffire's Avatar
🎧 15 years
AKG D112 (1)
AKG D409 (3)
AKG D550 (1)
AKG Solidtube (1)
AKG C430 (2)
Crown CM700 matching pair (2)
AT 4033(1)
Studio Projects C3 (1)
Shure SM57 (4)
EV RE50 (1)
Samson S-12 (2)
Samson Q3 (2)

Working on broadening and upgrading to a Gefell mic and a Neumann. I'm hoping to audition the U87i in a week or so.
Old 23rd March 2003
Gear Maniac
Mats Olsson's Avatar
🎧 15 years
I've posted earlier in this thread, here's an updated list:

ADK SC-1 (2)
AKG C451 + CK-1 + CK-8
AKG C452 + CK-3 + CK-8
AKG C3000B
AKG C2000B
AKG D-112 (2)
AKG D-125 (2)
AKG D-190
Audio Technica ATM-25
Behringer ECM8000 (2)
Calrec CM1050C (2)
Coles 4038
Electro Voice BK-1
Generis/ADK GC-1 (2)
Microtech Gefell UM-70
Milab D-37 (6)
Milab VIP-50
Milab MP-30
Neumann KM-84
Schoeps CMH 52 U
Sennheiser MD 421
Shure KSM-32 (2)
Shure SM-57 (3)
Shure SM-81 (2)

(and a bunch of others)
Old 23rd March 2003
Lives for gear
PlugHead's Avatar
🎧 15 years
Soundelux U99
Royer R-121
Royer SF-1
Earthworks TC30k's (2)
AKG C451E's (2) CK1's, CK-9 capsule, BLUE lollipop capsule
Neumann U67's (2)
Neumann KM56'S (2)
Neumann KM184'S (2)
Coles 4038
Beyer M500NC
Beyer M160 stock and DX mod
Senn. 421's
CAD E100's (2)
Rode NT1
Sennheiser MD421 (4)
Sennheiser MKE-401
Sennheiser ME66
Realistic PZM (2)
Shure SM57 (4)
Shure SM58 (2)
Shure VP-88 stereo mic
AT 4033
many, many more - some working, some not...

Neve 1073's (2)
API 512's (4)
Focusrite (2)
McCurdy tube pre's (4)
John Hardy M1's (4)
BuzzAudio MA 2.2 (2)
TLAudio C1 (2)
Scully 280 (2)
Ward Beck 470's (2)
SeGhost TB101
Trident (32 channel/console)
SoundWorkshop Series 20 pre's (12 channels)
Ramsa DA7 (16 ch.)
There's more, but I forget
Old 23rd March 2003
Gear Nut
plexi's Avatar
🎧 15 years
Originally posted by Etnier
AudioTechnica AT4060 modified by Lee Quintana
Please tell me about this mod, what is it?

Old 24th March 2003
Lives for gear
covert's Avatar
🎧 15 years
From the bottom feeder zone

2 AKG D 1000 E
These are a nice variation on the 57 style. Seem a bit crisper.

1 AKG D 2000 E
2 AKG OT100
SM 58 style things

4 AKG C418
Clip on mini condensers

2 AKG C535
2 AKG C460B+CK61
1 Audio Technica ATM-25
1 Audio Technica AT 4040
1 Audio Technica AT 4050
2 Audio Technica MB 1000L
SM 58 style things

2 Behringer ECM8000
1 Beyer M 500
2 EV 1776
Decent sounding condenser alternatives to SM58. I bought them out of nostalgia, mostly. I'm sure they will have a use.

1 EV RE-20
1 Ibanez COM-503
Cheap electret.

1 MXL V57
1 MXL V67M
1 MXL V69m
2 MXL 603
2 Octava MC012
2 Radio Shack 33-3007
Cheap electret

4 Radio Shack 33-3032
Senn 405 knockoffs. Not bad.

2 Sennheiser MD421
2 Sennheiser MD441
1 Shure Beta 58
1 Shure SM-10
Headset mic.

2 Shure SM-57
1 Shure SM-58
1 Sony ECM-23F
1 Sure/Prologue 16L
Cheap electret, seems identical to the Rat Shack.

2 Studio Projects B3
Old 24th March 2003
Lives for gear
dave-G's Avatar
🎧 15 years
How did I miss this thread?!?

Telefunken ELA M 251
Neumann M49c
Neumann SM69fet
(2) Neumann CMV-563 modified by BLUE
(2) Sony C-800
(2) Sony C-37A
(2) Sony C-500
(3) Sennheiser MKH-80
(4) Sennheiser MKH-40
(2) Sennheiser 421
Sennheiser 409
(2) B&K 4003 with A.P.E. set and nosecones
(2) Gefell M300
(2) Beyerdynamic M160 ribbon
Beyerdynamic M260 ribbon
(2) Fostex M88RP ribbon
(2) Fostex M11RP ribbon
Fostex M20RP MS-Stereo ribbon
American DR-330 ribbon/dynamic
American DR-332 ribbon/dynamic
(3) Pearl (PML) DC-96
Pearl (PML) DC-63
(2) Milab DC-96b
Audio-Technica 4051
Audio-Technica clip-on condensers
Shure VP-88
(2) Shure SM57

I've always tried to accumulate really good stuff that's not on every other studio's list already.

...and not to be a pimp, but these are all available for rent

My pre-list has gotten shorter recently, but includes Focusrite Reds, Millennia HV-3s, Averill-Neve 1272s, and Bryston BMP-2s

I'm very pleased to see the Fostex printed ribbons on a couple of lists. They're sleepers, although I think the 88 is the best-sounding of the bunch.

Old 25th March 2003
Gear Head
jbchef's Avatar
🎧 15 years
Here, let me try...

5 Sennheiser MD441 (2 fs)
2 Shure VP88 (fs)
1 Shure SM57
MBHO 608 (fs)
Gefell UMT711S (fs)
3 AKG C451Es (Jim Williams Mod)
1 EV RE 20
1 RCA 44bx (fs)

Buzz ma2.2
aphex 1100

Still can't believe I part with my akg c426eb. I'm looking to add a high end LD condenser mic (blue bottle, soundelux in mind right now), 2 ribbon mics, josephson c42 matched pair, and that new AT dual element kick mic.

Notes: (fs) means for sale.
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