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I have bought numerous white noise machines but they are all a appointment, even the one that has a physical fan inside as...

Deleted 72b6a74
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jazzcabbage 6 days ago
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Suspect this philosophy is mostly aimed at the hobbyists/weekend warriors among us but I’d be interested to hear the pros weigh...

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Synth Guru 1 week ago
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I know we all attend concerts for work, pleasure, and are in loud volume environments as a part of this craft. I carry a stringed...

iFi audio
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iFi audio 9th August 2021
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Hello there! I thought this would be a helpful thread for studio owners who want to find a way to attract new clients in this...

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dirker 24th July 2021
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I need to try this. For most of my life I have gone to bed when totally exhausted. I am trying to get to bed earlier when just...

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Synth Guru 30th June 2021
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I’ve used this stuff probably for the last 10 years. it can be tricky to handle for some applications and very easy for...

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AndreiPiatra 8th June 2021
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Great video clip from Tony Maserati on "spec" work... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULfpBcQzKhc

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BettyJo 6th May 2021
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Looking for options to listen to works in progress from anywhere. My current MO is to send my temp mixes/ideas to Dropbox or...

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Bob Ross 21st April 2021
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For years and years I'd seen the famous commercial on television, but never thought about it...

Synth Guru
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kludgeaudio 31st December 2020
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It's truly scary to me. A good recap of why/how is here: The Day Albert Einstein Feared by kasache - Meme Center wth? I...

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souljahh 20th December 2020
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He says that you should never let your craft destroy your balance in life with family as well. What do you all think of this?

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OBOYO 20th October 2020
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Hi, Just recorded this one sharing secret and sacred knowledge about using the tea bags :) https://youtu.be/v1ycgicKqIU

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AKM 29th September 2020
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Or maybe you can recommend me some which you've already tried?

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RayHeath 25th August 2020
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Sound a bit crazy, I know, but still. I'm really curious about the topic. Could you share your exact effective morning...

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Jules 6th August 2020
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More music philosophy, for those who find this stuff as interesting as I do ;)

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AfterViewer 2nd August 2020
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Hey I've attached a video for better understanding. I'm basically trying to get audio from my Duet 2 into my Iphone. This...

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ntt333 23rd March 2020
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Anyone tried it too and can share with an experience? Also how much money can I get from it? Thanks!

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Fay Smearing 28th February 2020
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I bought a big instrument bundle and now I have thousands upon thousands of samples to search from. So when go I look for a bass...

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Deleted 38a4a95 14th February 2020
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Here's a question I am trying to work on and refine my approach to at the moment - how do you go about creating an archive and...

Gideon K
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Muser 9th February 2020
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Hello To All, I'm new here and hope this is the proper place for this post... Does anyone save a backup of their pro tools...

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topaz 30th November 2019
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Hello, I'm looking on some help on how to organise my music collection. I'm 38, so my collecting history is collected on cd...

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bill5 16th October 2019
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Did not like apples. Tried a Kanzi Apple, Addiction. Other apples are ok too. Stop Kanzi Not so happy. Hmmm..

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Amsoily 17th September 2019
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Common sense? Stating the obvious? I would think so, but it's easy to let slide. I admit I did it only casually for the longest...

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creegstor 15th September 2019
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I thought some of you might be interested in this video: a semi-rambling and discursive video I shot about practical ways to...

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Howling Terror 15th September 2019
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AlejandroAlvarez 3rd September 2019
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Hey everybody. My wife is trying to get her book cover done for her Create Space project. Sadly, I know very little about graphic...

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standup 31st August 2019
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I might go offline, and in preparation I just deleted every email I ever sent and received. I'm on an AT&T plan that's...

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QTISVC 26th August 2019
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There's a lot of areas that thought they had good drinking water but now we know there's elevated levels of PFAS. The cause is...

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Jason Sheesley 5th August 2019
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Will reset your mind and refresh your body. Stress tolerance will increase. Other claim that it stimulates the immune system, but...

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mjw63 30th June 2019
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I had read ears normally have an omnidirectional pickup pattern. Kinda wondering if they are modded with 'vents' if it affects...

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EMMST 26th June 2019
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if you don't feel comfortable posting please private message me. I would like the good and the bad. Anyone here have any advice...

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Deleted 9d8db46 23rd June 2019
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Chaga mushroom grows on birch trees from across the top of the United States to Siberia. Some of the most robust and radically...

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tluke 11th April 2019
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Hi there, This isn't specifically related to studio building as such but I thought, given your knowledge of sound-absorbing...

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audiospecific 22nd March 2019
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So i'm that type of guy who makes beats over the years (28 now) all by myself. I found out how to make certain beats and fell in...

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elcct 24th February 2019
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Okay, this should be in the Moan Zone.....I am helping my wife get her book published and she is using Create Space. I downloaded...

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yanismangas 21st February 2019
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I want to try this market for the first time, tips please? Would be grateful for responses!

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AndreiPiatra 24th January 2019
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How do you guys get over that metal boundary when you been working on a project for some time and suddenly gets stuck? Nothing...

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HSi 3rd December 2018
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Whatever digestive disorder you might get, ginger, cumin and mint will fix it. Ginger works for easing digestion if you ate too...

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Jason Sheesley 13th November 2018
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I need to make the one for advertising my music but I'm not good in writing at all. What can you recommend me? Did anyone face...

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bill5 27th October 2018
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Can anyone suggest a forum or something of the sort to find someone to record and send me a pedal steel part. Its a very simple...

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Brent Hahn 15th September 2018
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Hopefully this will be of help to someone. Ok so a little while ago I got a tender gum, followed by a little swelling. The...

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Noisewagon 8th August 2018
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I just wrote a new article for The Pro Audio Files that outlines some good non-audio apps you can use to help run your audio...

Deleted 49af092
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Deleted 49af092 2nd July 2018
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Hack : there are many skeptics in regards to this and some think its new-agy fluff, so I've got my flame suit on ;).. I've been...

Deleted 0a764d2
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Arthur Stone 1st May 2018
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This is a little too weird not to share: I'm re-planning my patchbay for the n-th time so I fire up an Excel-sheet, type in...

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TimS 17th April 2018
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Hello, I was wondering if there are any programs that allow a person to fill in the metadata for audio, video, graphic, etc...

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SyncroScales 16th April 2018
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These days after getting home from work, doing homework with the kids and then having dinner I'm khrthjdrt Help me to stay...

Audio Child
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synthesia1073 11th April 2018
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oranzil 9th April 2018
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* as a side note, I've used Hotmail since the late 90's for my main email. They've gotten real intrusive over time to where Skype...

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JoeyM 31st March 2018
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Hi, If you are a developer, this story will be interesting. In recent years, many VSTs and sample libraries have been cracked...

Granny Nakajima
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WorldPowerLabs 8th March 2018
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We all like gear. Ladies and gentlemen, the best £250 (wifi version) you will ever spend on gear. In all of the following...

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Synth Guru 26th January 2018