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Hey there gearspace community! I'm hoping you can help me. I have made an EP of experimental cinematic electro jazz, combining...

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Jonoamusic 4 days ago
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Anyone making this style and have a studio based in UK I have a few tracks that need some arrangement & final analog mix...

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Lucazade 3 weeks ago
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Hi hi. I wanted to let folks know about the Kickstarter for Reprinting Allen Strange's Electronic Music: Systems, Techniques,...

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sds1fs1r 7th August 2022
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Fellow artists, let me introduce Timbre - a no code platform for artists to release their music as NFTs instantly. With Timbre...

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SEcomo 4th August 2022
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hello.. here is my (pre-)master : got only 1...

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lunecha 24th July 2021
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Hello I am Rahul Gandhi Owner Of Akai Metal India I want to Buy new Music Speaker for my office cabin suggest me some best...

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worm 29th June 2021
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From continued growth Im really pleased to advise we're looking for sound designers. Please note this is not a full time role....

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SOUND7 25th May 2021
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Hi and please move this to the correct forum if i am off target. I just need some simple advice on the kind of agreement i...

barry white
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barry white 24th May 2021
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Hello dear slutz! I recently finished a full length album. It has been professionally mastered with artwork done by a pro as...

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Kola 27th March 2021
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Greetings, Mootant is soon to launch a record label to accompany it's sample label and this means I'm going to need...

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Chriscowie 14th March 2021
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I’m trying to decide whether to start my own label. My main focus for the next year or two will be to work on and release 1)...

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mullbite 22nd February 2021
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Title says it all. Anyone had good experiences or recommends a particular PR company to get music (Downtempo Electronica) out in...

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Reptil 15th December 2020
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Mods, totally move this to the right forum, I couldn't find a better one: I'm looking for a mix engineer on my new collection of...

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Reptil 11th December 2020
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pocket control

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vento 24th September 2020
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Hello guys, I would like to offer professional mixing, mastering, audio repair, music production services. For more...

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georg.vo 21st September 2020
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Hello everybody, ;) (this a new post as we made great changes to "deep wave" radio...) i'm proud to present you this...

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lunecha 16th September 2020
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hey hey, we had an issue...., should be fixed atm ;)

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lunecha 7th September 2020
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Hello We are looking to work with a versatile producer that has experience in producing radio-ready pop songs. We will supervise...

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S_A_P 28th August 2020
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We've now developed our seller portal to help anyone wanting to quickly and easily sell their own sample content, preset packs,...

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SOUND7 2nd August 2020
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hello all ! :) i'm proud to present a new FREE Radio : "DEEP WAVE" - … a ( deep / electronic ) music radio based...

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lunecha 25th March 2020
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Sunspotgrooves 18th February 2020
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Hi all, Someone I don’t know personally (but with a pretty good following...bigger than mine anyway!) wants to remix a song of...

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44deluxe 5th February 2020
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Think you are ready to step up your music production skills and go bigger? WE CAN GET YOUR TRACK RELEASED ON TOP EDM LABELS...

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Pindrive 28th November 2019
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Limb BoY 23rd November 2019
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If you propose to earn $2000 with your music, what should you do to get it? It seems a not very large amount, but ...

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lacnadon 1st November 2019
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There are many possibilities to get your music in front of people. You can send emails but that won't help a lot. So...what are...

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Sonny Casanovas 8th October 2019
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New Loops is running a survey and competition with a chance to win a £40 coupon to spend on audio samples and synth presets...

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BiomeDigital 22nd August 2019
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Formerly mastering at a studio for a number of years and am now freelance and building my own client base. Would be delighted to...

Deleted 0f528f4
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Deleted 0f528f4 26th May 2019
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Alongside sound designers. Were also looking for midi part creators. Specifically for Pads, Leads, Arps for genres Synthwave,...

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SOUND7 9th April 2019
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Hello, We are currently seeking demos from ambient and experimental electronic artists. If you're looking for representation,...

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djwaxxy 4th April 2019
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Est. March 2019 I'd rather not gauge the quality through words until you take a first hand look. I'm welcoming absolutely...

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feelthesound 4th February 2019
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Hi! Please excuse my meager english skills :facepalm: :cop::synth: If I publish a song, written with Steinberg HALion...

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PitW 1st February 2019
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sebsXS 24th December 2018
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Music uses the laws of vibration to show what exists at the center of this universe of energy. Into our divine reality springs a...

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ignorantape 18th December 2018
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What are the best blogs/ facebookpages to find the newest electronic music? Thx

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poole 22nd September 2018
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Hey guys I wanted some advice in terms of contacting labels. I generally have a list of favourites, and then write emails to...

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poole 22nd September 2018
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A Label I work with on and off has a new remix op’ via WAVO; for new French producer, Yann Sella’s debut single. LINK:...

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OK GO 14th August 2018
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I'm signed oi a "label" but I am starting to get some real concerns about this. When I signed I was told I had to...

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Reptil 2nd July 2018
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I host collaboration events for Electronic Artists in Los Angeles. Electronic Music Producers - LA Chapter (Los Angeles, CA) |...

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KillingMachine 2nd July 2018
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Amselcom has forever been near the forefront of change, exposing new ideas and giving insight through music and creativity. Our...

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Floppy32 10th June 2018
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Looking for a mixing mastering engineer who specializes in Tech-House and Techno.

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djtomfoolery 7th June 2018
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I need to hire a KONTAKT expert ASAP. All work can be done remotely from anywhere in the world, and I can pay via PayPal or...

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bitleyTM 27th May 2018
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Looking for a mixing mastering engineer who specializes in Tech-House and Techno.

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Elite2409 18th April 2018
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Hi All, I hope everything is all good. Are you looking for some help with your productions or are you looking to have a track...

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wearemindflux 9th April 2018
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Hi, I'm setting up a mastering studio here. Have real high end, top of the line gear and acoustics and stuff. I would like...

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Reptil 18th February 2018
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can hike from Chico to Humboldt... Im looking to pay or trade for a few hours a month of help getting my gear around a room full...

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Threads 19th December 2017
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jamienoble 24th November 2017
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We are looking for super creative, disruptive thinking but also experienced synth/drum machine/sequencer product designers who...

Deleted 153c85c
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Derp 30th September 2017
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hello Hello I need a music project With flstudio or cubase Anyone who does it will send a private message Thanks

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saeedmn 17th September 2017
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Hi guys! This is the solution I came up with to speed things up, I will be acting like an Executive Producer. I'm lagging...

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lucozade 21st August 2017