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Does anyone know if it’s possible to get the piano roll grid to show triplets in iPad / iOS GarageBand? And if so, how do I go...

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MaestroPhil 4 days ago
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(Not sure if this should be in the Gadgets Gadgets Gadgets forum, or the Audio For Soical Media forum, or, uh, somewhere...

Bob Ross
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psycho_monkey 1 week ago
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What’s the simplest to use, and most musical sounding EQ plugin you can use on any track? Looking for something that adds...

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dickiefunk 1 week ago
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I'm sure there's not a lot of Noise users here but I use it quite regularly with my Seaboard 49 and thru the touchscreen. It does...

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michaelpv 2 weeks ago
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I mean, it's as strong as a mac book pro now for music production. All it needs is the apps, if it got AU support and VST...

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vashuba 2 weeks ago
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Hello all, I currently use an iPad for music production and was planning to buy a MacBook for better compatibility with audio...

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deondamage 3 weeks ago
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Hi! I'm developer of Chordez, an iPad app that will help you explore complex chords and harmony progressions. Chords are the...

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Treelias 3 weeks ago
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BeatCutter is an experimental multi-channel app for slicing and recombining sound based on rhythm. In the center of the app is a...

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zzzwiw 4 weeks ago
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I know Nectar and MautodynamicEq does it. Just curious what other plugins do this?

melodic dreamer
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melodic dreamer 4 weeks ago
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I have a Minibrute2 with MIDI going out into a Source Audio Collider delay/reverb pedal to give me tempo synced delay. Now I want...

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thesheep 5th April 2021
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As a rookie with several synths I have a 2i4 interface Neutron Werkstatt Keystep Ableton Pocket SUB Other stuff I don’t...

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ModMatrix 1st April 2021
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so just recently purchased new iMac after old HD crashed and unrecoverable. It came w Catalina 1o.14.5 and unfortunately its not...

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studioguy1176 30th March 2021
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At last i did it, i repair my MD ... so he is like new ... just two cables needs to weld and new battery replace. So after 8...

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kostistlac 30th March 2021
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Hey, everybody, I'm a songwriter and a composer. With the music program, I'm just trying to record my voice and...

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Bushman 25th March 2021
Avatar for Snarpch

I released a new update for MusiKraken on iOS (version 1.13): -Hand Tracking now also supports detection of two hands, so the...

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Snarpch 21st March 2021
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Hi guys, I have 4 interfaces currently Steinberg AXR 4T, Metric Halo 2882, Apogee One and a Roland Super UA. The 2882 and Apogee...

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dfghdhr 16th March 2021
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i have a ipad a focusrite scarlet 6i6 hooked up through camera connection kit I have two tab modded sm57's. ever since I saw...

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chrisjordon 15th March 2021
Avatar for benny15

On my mac I normally use Ocen Audip to record my audiobooks/poscasts. I basicaly only do one post-production edit that is more...

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benny15 13th March 2021
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Are there any of these apps that can actually be used with a desktop DAW to provide MPE, as does a hardware device such as a...

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Snarpch 10th March 2021
Avatar for Rufuss Sewell

I have an Akai SynthStation 49 which I love! It has a 30 pin connector and I've always used it with my iPad 2. It's fully...

Rufuss Sewell
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wladymeer 4th March 2021
Avatar for dirgemedia

Sorry if this has been answered but search bought up nothing, Can you use the mk4 as an audio interface on the ipad pro for...

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dirgemedia 24th February 2021
Avatar for maestro

Just purchased Apple's USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter to connect a midi controller to my iPad Pro 2018. Did I buy the correct...

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maestro 24th February 2021
Avatar for tricera

Can someone recommend me an iOS sequencer that lets me send notes and CCs to an external drum machine?

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tricera 21st February 2021
Avatar for amundsen

Their website's forum is down and the mails I've sent to them came back...

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WindcryMusic 17th February 2021
Avatar for muzikmaddness

Hey you slutz, I have a dilemma and needed some advice. I'm upgrading from a Apogee Duet mk1 and I'm on a 2011 Mac mini. I...

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ZangTumblyTumble 16th February 2021
Avatar for nightchef

I'm currently working one some projects involving choral singers recording remotely for virtual concerts. Most of these folks do...

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nightchef 15th February 2021
Avatar for SwooshMusic

Hey guys so I'm in the middle of building an at home studio to record in, but covid has delayed a lot of my equipment primarily...

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SwooshMusic 14th February 2021
Avatar for dg27

Hello, I'm wondering whether anyone has experience with the Arturia Flanger...

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dg27 12th February 2021
Avatar for jmauz

Not sure if this is the right sub-forum - does anyone know of a way control a Focusrite RedNet4 device from an iOS peripheral? ...

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Avatar for jmauz
jmauz 11th February 2021
Avatar for pixeltarian

Best free plugins in the 1st quarter of 2021. I stuck with mostly things that work on windows and Mac that seem to be in...

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pixeltarian 10th February 2021
Avatar for Bellsie1000

Hi there - have been using Live Trax app on my iPad for about a year now and it was great until yesterday. Loaded a new playlist...

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Synth Guru 10th February 2021
Avatar for Codee94

So you know how when you hook up a MIDI keyboard controller to your laptop via USB, you can assign custom controls to the...

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teceem 8th February 2021
Avatar for billwarner

I would really love to use the iPhone app with my PT mix buss, especially after I've paid $25 for the plugin! I have sent two...

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Avatar for GreenNeedle
GreenNeedle 3rd February 2021
Avatar for DirkP

There is a new Interface from Zoom, the...

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T100_Guy 1st February 2021
Avatar for Phil Cibley

I just installed the demo for the Ocean way plugin. The graphics are mirror images of what they should be and are inverted,...

Phil Cibley
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mbvoxx 31st January 2021
Avatar for adydub

I'm a little surprised how great this thing is - not had much time on it yet, but so far the different gadgets sound great and...

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Avatar for campbell808
campbell808 23rd January 2021
Avatar for Micoholic

Hiya. As per the title, would a camera connection cable allow me to get 2 channels of audio from my Tascam to my...

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Avatar for Micoholic
Micoholic 15th January 2021
Avatar for tromostheory

Looking for an app that functions as a MIDI controller (already have touch OSC going), that has a keyboard that slides over notes...

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jojo5ound 13th January 2021
Avatar for bmgstudios

I recently started recording on a Focusrite Scarlett Solo into my android phone via the Voloco App using an Android USB OTG...

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Avatar for bmgstudios
bmgstudios 11th January 2021
Avatar for FM Stew

I use SoundCue app on my iPad to run backing tracks sometimes so I figured I would check to see if there was anything new on...

FM Stew
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FM Stew 6th January 2021
Avatar for IamSourceCodeX

I have some new ambient pad presets for iOS Sunrizer app offered here: Demo and more important...

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Avatar for IamSourceCodeX
IamSourceCodeX 1st January 2021
Avatar for ark

I'd like to be able to use my iPad as an SPL meter and real-time spectrum analyzer. There are lots of apps out there, some of...

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Avatar for Todd M
Todd M 31st December 2020
Avatar for DonGoliath

would someone be so cool to compile the 32bit version of the open source VST synth Odin II and upload it here for the community?...

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Avatar for DonGoliath
DonGoliath 30th December 2020
Avatar for Lumyia dark

Hello , from almost one week when I start a Facebook direct live from the mobile app ( iphone 6s ) the fb app is switching strait...

Lumyia dark
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Avatar for Lumyia dark
Lumyia dark 28th December 2020
Avatar for dhilowitz

I've got a new video up: it's about iOS music, AUM, and this magical sequencer that has multiple playheads....

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Avatar for Todd M
Todd M 28th December 2020
Avatar for boomer81

so i bought the lewitt dgt 650 usb/lightning stereo microphone with interface. it is beautiful quality of build is on par with...

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Avatar for tluke
tluke 23rd December 2020
Avatar for Zapple

I'm super bummed with the iPhone apps I've been using to demo songs and ideas on my phone. Apps I've tried include...

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Avatar for overtonee
overtonee 22nd December 2020
Avatar for singaiya

I'm wondering if there's an app for iPad that can route its audio track outputs to mono tracks via connected audio interface. I...

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Avatar for singaiya
singaiya 22nd December 2020
Avatar for Axelorox

I'm in search of MIDI keyboard with weighted keys for virtual instruments, around $500. I do mainly audio tracks but need a...

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Avatar for Axelorox
Axelorox 18th December 2020
Avatar for GabrielCaelum

Hi All, We at Caelum Audio are currently running an iOS public beta for an upcoming plugin/app called 'Schlap' Compressor...

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Avatar for GabrielCaelum
GabrielCaelum 17th December 2020