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thisgoestomark 3 hours ago

Hello everyone new to the site. Exactly one year ago I started building a new studio. I will be posting some pics and hope to add...

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Synth Guru 3 days ago
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Hello everyone! I am a newbie who wants to start making eletronic music, not sure which eletronic music "type" yet....

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Synth Guru 4 days ago
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Hello fellow GearSlutz, I am the inventor of the world's first collaborative live looping audio workstation called CloudLoop....

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Dubbylabby 4 days ago
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Hello, I'm an amateur classical guitarist and it's become quite a passion since I retired 4 years ago. I've joined the forum as...

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trevtwoeagles 1 week ago
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Traj 1 week ago
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Hello. I am a classical musician and I come from the world of Opera. Always passionate about gold progressive rock, I turned my...

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Synth Guru 2 weeks ago
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Dustyb 3 weeks ago
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ch2653 3 weeks ago
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Rick Dalton 3 weeks ago
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Rick Dalton 4 weeks ago
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Hello I'm from the southern hemisphere, ie Australia. I have an Anthem 710 receiver driving a pair of VAF 'signature' I 91's....

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Synth Guru 10th August 2021
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Retired VP/Engineering for a 16-station chain, now trout fishing, restoring old broadcast gear, polluting the amateur radio...

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Synth Guru 6th August 2021
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Hello welcome aboard, I am also new here.

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nunrgguy 3rd August 2021
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I'm new to GS so thought I'd introduce myself. I'm a musician and production 'student' in the Vancouver BC area in Canada. I am...

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claramax600 2nd August 2021
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Hi I'm a long time amateur (very amateur) guitar player. I have a Randall half stack with 100watt solid state head. Also a...

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Synth Guru 22nd July 2021
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Hello! I spent 20 years in an office environment as a computer programmer, but I'm done with that now! I'm starting out with a...

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Synth Guru 21st July 2021
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Hey everybody, checking in here. Some awesome and humbling studio set ups here. I've been working on a small Eurorack / synth...

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Synth Guru 12th July 2021
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Hi! My name is Boris. I am composer from Ukraine. I compose lot of different music including cinematic tracks. You can listen it...

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composerr 11th July 2021
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Hi, I'm back, well I hadn't left, but this is the third time I have registered in a few months only to find that (a) my...

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Skyline_Again 10th July 2021
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Hey! My name is Bodya Konakov. I am a musician from Kyiv, Ukraine. I am in electronic listening music, braindance, breakbeat,...

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Synth Guru 7th July 2021
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Excited to be here on gearspace. I recently retired from almost a 50 year career in radio. I was an on air personality and...

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Synth Guru 28th June 2021
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Hi to everyone at Gearspace. My name is Alastair Charles Parker, I am 51 years old, I live in East Dulwich, London in the UK...

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Synth Guru 26th June 2021
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Just found out about this forum and it seems that this place is where I can find out all that I have to know about how to make...

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Arthur Stone 26th June 2021
Avatar for Gerry1960

Happy to answer questions about the vintage and new equipment

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Synth Guru 25th June 2021
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Hi All I'm new here, I have been a producer independently for a while now & stumbled upon you guys who have an abundance of...

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Synth Guru 24th June 2021
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Hey everyone! New to Gearspace today. Recommended to me! Looking forward to digging in... I'm a drummer :cowbell: and...

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Synth Guru 24th June 2021
Avatar for Jacob Sowell

Hey y'all, finally getting around to properly introducing myself after a couple years of quietly stalking forums! I'm Jacob...

Jacob Sowell
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Jacob Sowell 15th June 2021
Avatar for MRB71

Hi, Already posted something, but forgot to properly introduce myself. I was already reading a lot of topics. Especially...

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Synth Guru 13th June 2021
Avatar for NocturneSounds

Hello! We're a new sample library developer based in North Yorkshire, UK. Been following this forum for many years as a...

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Synth Guru 11th June 2021
Avatar for iFi audio

Hello Gearspace! I’m happy to share with you that iFi-audio will now be present on Gearspace! iFi is an award-winning audio...

iFi audio
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Synth Guru 11th June 2021
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Hi I just wanted to introduce myself to everybody, as I have been reading gearslutz for a long time however only recently decided...

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boombapdame 11th June 2021
Avatar for TheLiquidClear

Long time musician, composer, home producer, synth user, weirdo, just joining here for the first time and saying hi. -Bree ...

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Fay Smearing 3rd June 2021
Avatar for spra

My nickname is spra and I live in Greece. I am a composer, arranger, conductor and home producer. See you around.

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Synth Guru 30th May 2021
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Hey everyone, I'm Javier, a 19 year old from Spain with a lot of music-related stuff on his head. I'm currently studying an Audio...

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Synth Guru 29th May 2021
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Hello everyone, I’m Stefan. I am a self-taught hobby music producer in Stockholm, Sweden. I produce melodious electronic music...

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Synth Guru 28th May 2021
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Hope your all good and all is well your side... Just touched down, wish had came across the platform earlier. glad to be...

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Synth Guru 27th May 2021
Avatar for Bardkin

I was given the name several decades ago when I played guitar at a renaissance fair, and liked the name so I kept it. I have...

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Synth Guru 26th May 2021
Avatar for luckykat

My goal is to be playing festivals within the next few years so any music industry intel massively appreciated. I produce...

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luckykat 25th May 2021
Avatar for onre

Hi, I've occasionally read the forums for almost two decades already so I figured I might as well finally create an...

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Synth Guru 25th May 2021
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Just reading around the internet for information on rare/highly desired Roland gear I'm going to get rid of, and came across this...

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Synth Guru 25th May 2021
Avatar for David Hilderman

Who I am I grew up in Saskatchewan, toured professionally when I was just out of high school then got an electronic engineering...

David Hilderman
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Avatar for Raynaldo Martine
Raynaldo Martine 24th May 2021
Avatar for Bo Derek

Hello everybody, It has come to my attention that my previous introduction was labeled baseless and then deleted grimm, so...

Bo Derek
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Bo Derek 23rd May 2021
Avatar for CivoLee

Greetings, I'm a musician with engineering experience who's looking to get into composition. Been playing guitar and keyboard for...

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Synth Guru 19th May 2021
Avatar for Rowboat

Many thanks, AdminBot, for accepting my presence. Though I'm newly de-virginized, I've been following sundry Gearslutz threads...

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Rowboat 18th May 2021
Avatar for addmoremelody

From Sweden and play, produce and mix music for my own amusement. I am always interested in new stuff, such as gears,...

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Synth Guru 11th May 2021
Avatar for ANNMS

Hey family, My name is ANNMS, I am a sound designer by profession. I have made a lot of free soundbanks in the past and...

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ANNMS 11th May 2021
Avatar for Leather Virgo

Greetings! New to the forum but not the production/recording/mixing... I've played mouth, bass, guitar, samplers, synths,...

Leather Virgo
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Synth Guru 10th May 2021
Avatar for Northernsoul242

Hey everyone, I'm here to learn and ask questions about how to improve my mixing and recording skills. Cheers :)

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Northernsoul242 5th May 2021
Avatar for victoriayeh

Hey all! I've been referencing this forum for probably over a decade, so thought I would finally join in. I'm Victoria -...

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Avatar for Progger
Progger 4th May 2021