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Ilok lack of support for Indonesia
Old 19th May 2009
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Ilok lack of support for Indonesia

Hello guys,

I've been engineering here in Indonesia since 2003, owning a studio since last year with 4 rooms operational. HD3XL for Recording, HD6XL for Mixing, PTLE for Pre-production room and a mastering room with sonic soundblade/wavelab. I'm proud to say that all the plugins/software in my studio is fully and legally purchased.

Besides that, I also own a recording equipment distribution business, ::BIGKNOB::

Don't mean to sound like I'm ranting off. I apologize if I do (English is not my first language)
Managing ilok have been a terrible headache for my studio and for my clients. We can purchase iLok through an exclusive Digidesign distributor. However, we are not acknowledged anymore in iLok's territory for support. If credit card fraud is causing this, Paypal has already existed in Indonesia, or another solution should be worked out.

Most of my customers/clients are musicians and engineers are iLok users and the lack of support for Indonesia have troubled us.

Please consider that Indonesia have a huge music community (not just the traditional music scene, but the pop music culture as well).

We have the biggest market for recording in South East Asia and Ring Back Tone sales have gone over the roof here.
For example, many artist have sold over 1 million RBT (Ring Back Tone download) over the past 3 years. Some have sold over 5 million RBT per song!!!

Thank you for taking time to read.

Jules, thank you for the forum!

Harmoko Aguswan
Big Knob Audio
Brotherland Studio
Jakarta, Indonesia
Old 19th May 2009
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Hi Harmoko,

my wife is from Indonesia and on my frequent visits to your country it has become clear to me that Indonesia is indeed a huge music market. I'm not really into your mainstream music, but the indie scene seems to be very alive with lots of interesting bands.

I am sorry to hear about your iLok support problem. It is unfortunate that credit card fraud is widespread in your country, and so is cd, dvd and software piracy. I was shocked to see how openly pirated music, films and software are being sold in shops, bazaars and in the streets

It is these pirates and bootleggers that make life difficult for honest guys like you, making it hard to get support and almost impossible to order stuff from abroad using a credit card. So unless that situation improves I don't see any quick and easy solutions to your problem.

Good luck!


Firehouse Recording Service
the Netherlands
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Yes, this has to do with the incredible amount of fraud from Indonesia.
We will contact you directly to resolve your issues. Thank you.

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