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What have you seen lately...and did you like or not and why? A few for me: The Enforcer: Denzel Washington in an ex-military...

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brockorama 10 minutes ago
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Howdy fellow videogamerslutz! Let's talk video games! What are you playing this month? To get the ball rolling: I'm...

Diogo C
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GJ999x 2 weeks ago
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What are your hobbies? Have you made new friends thanks to your hobbies? Could it be sports, music, cars or something else?

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12ax7 2 weeks ago
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American (all) The gold mining ones American Pickers Storage wars Border Patrol Botched Gordon Ramsey Kitchen...

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Jules 4 weeks ago
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I really don't care about the NFL - far too many criminals and obnoxious brats for me - but college is another story. ...

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nice keetee 12th May 2021
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Relatively new biker here. Got my full A license in March last year. Went nuts and bought a Ducati SuperSport S rockout It's...

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Fay Smearing 27th April 2021
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LOST, Ozark and Sneaky Pete are 3 of my favs- highly recommended.kfhkh. Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan is good too- although it (and...

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Sloppy 25th April 2021
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Whether you're a kid at your parents and this is just a hobby, or you're a seasoned veteran, or anything in between, I'm curious...

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Hollowman9 22nd April 2021
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I've been a very casual vodka drinker all of my adult life, but a couple months ago, I discovered absinthe at the liquor store. ...

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Hollowman9 16th April 2021
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I'm not a big fan of anime. I don't really go out looking for it because so much of it seems silly, like they're trying to put...

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beshel 14th April 2021
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I’m going camping this weekend. With the family. In tents, old school style. I’m really excited about it, we all are even...

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Hollowman9 13th April 2021
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I just changed the batteries to my Steam controller (it was laying around without use for couple of years) and installed some...

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HenB 13th April 2021
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bright sparks you will remember, the movie i bought it when it came out well the site that used to be dedicated to the movie...

Jamie munro
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cresshead 14th February 2021
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Not about gear but nothing in the moan zone is. I came across this and man it brought back memories....

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Hired Goon 28th January 2021
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Anyone here watch(ed) Dark Side of the Ring? I love backstories about entertainment, dark side or not.

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boombapdame 22nd January 2021
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Yes. Cookeryslutz. OK so obviously the focus is on the gear; ovens, refridgeration, tools, furniture, storage, kitchen...

Arthur Stone
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Noisewagon 17th January 2021
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I'm almost done reading Billy Vera's book "From Harlem To Hollywood". It is a great read and a treasure trove of...

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PdotDdot 14th January 2021
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A free to watch documentary on Amazon Prime about the current state of selling music ZeIh5I8ju5Q

Deleted 7c2c8ee
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Deleted 7c2c8eec84da091 13th January 2021
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Watching it for the hundredth time and I honestly just love this movie, a shame it wasnt marketed better, i think it would have...

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Synth Guru 28th December 2020
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I'm a great fan of tennis and I adore swimming too, what about you?

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ekkmlk 29th October 2020
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My Samsung HD TV is getting a bit outdated nearing 12 years. It still looks quite good for watching Blu-Ray movies. Despite...

Synth Guru
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PdotDdot 28th October 2020
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Hi, I'm looking for a great photography forum, kind of like the equivalent of what gearslutz is for audio but for...

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Jacqueline Perez 26th September 2020
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I had some time on my hands this week, and started going through some photos taken in November last year. Two friends of mine...

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tkr 12th September 2020
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Do you care? If you don't how are you planning to not-celebrate?

Deleted 38a4a95
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Synth Guru 24th August 2020
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Is anyone else leery about the "allow access to all photos files etc etc etc?" bit that almost all of them seem to...

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bill5 5th August 2020
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I am interested in hearing the answer to this question. Because I just watched Every single Roadrunner cartoon ever made...

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chessparov2.0 11th July 2020
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As some of you may already know, I'm a woods man. I love wood carvings, wood furniture, wood cabinetry and so on. Anyways,...

Synth Guru
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Synth Guru 28th June 2020
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Wow a football player making sense (other than Drew Brees) what a...

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bill5 18th June 2020
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Since the random image thread seems to be taking off, here's a fun thread I totally just stole from another popular forum. The...

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Derp 27th April 2020
Avatar for bill5

Has anyone used this? Just wondering what your experiences were. Mine have been mixed

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KellMartin 20th April 2020
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Hope all are holding up job wise! "Social distancing" wise, how are you filling the time? I'm watching Netflix more and...

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bill5 6th April 2020
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I think I need some book suggestions for the (hopefully not) upcoming quarantines/curfews/lockdowns. Especially in case of...

Deleted 38a4a95
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12ax7 6th April 2020
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This is great instrumental stuff for all of us self-isolating and knuckling down at the computer. It certainly lifted my...

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telecode 3rd April 2020
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I have recently watched the first two episodes of the CBS show Picard and wondered what you folks thought of it. My Random...

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Synth Guru 31st March 2020
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What are your favorite instant messengers and apps? What social networks do you use? Maybe you will suggest options for how to...

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Vitrix 30th March 2020
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Ok so I finished Season 3 of Stranger Things. *Spoiler Warning*. Also if you don't like grumpy posts then maybe stop reading...

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Avatar for Derp
Derp 2nd March 2020
Avatar for FreshProduce

Anyone play? I've been learning the game for over 25 years. Love it.

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Noisewagon 5th January 2020
Avatar for bill5

I can only watch so many movies at once. :) Pick a topic let's ramble. Failing that I guess it's back to Netflix!

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Synth Guru 26th December 2019
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Hi. Has anyone got any suggestions to the best app or ways to compile my large CD collection. I've recently designed an...

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Cpl. Punishment 22nd December 2019
Avatar for AndreiPiatra

Very few stories actually deserve being told in an era where everyone has something to say due to youtube's and social media's...

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AndreiPiatra 16th December 2019
Avatar for nobtwiddler

My Studio's private pub... AKA BarFunGul... Is hosting our annual Christmas party tomorrow. We got 38 people confirmed,...

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Synth Guru 15th December 2019
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Probably from the same kind of interest I've always had for the engineering and execution of audio electronics, I've long had an...

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soundebler 10th December 2019
Avatar for Arthur Stone

As the title suggests; I'll start with an iffy one: London 90's. Girlfriend asks me out to dinner at a pop-up restaurant in...

Arthur Stone
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PdotDdot 5th December 2019
Avatar for Derp

As the title says, what's the creepiest thing you've ever personally experienced? It's Halloween, and I want to know what's...

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Noisewagon 25th November 2019
Avatar for AndreiPiatra

There are quite a few restoration channels on youtube, but this one is it, and since the guy is Swiss it makes total sense,...

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AndreiPiatra 23rd November 2019
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Hey guys, I've been a lurker for a while occasionally replying here and there so I thought I would make my first post! I...

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dlmorley 10th November 2019
Avatar for Bitsmith

was recently binging on the netflix show DARK. WOW what a soundtrack and music roster!! amazing stuff imo. No one else has picked...

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Bitsmith 31st October 2019
Avatar for bill5

Clemson looked quite beatable on Sat. God help us another Alabama title run. So SO sick of the same teams up there all the time....

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bill5 16th October 2019
Avatar for Jules

I loved this and can't wait for the 3rd season. It's like Breaking Bad meets Jim Carey Hilarious show and full of action /...

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Jules 4th October 2019
Avatar for Jules

My kids want a PC gaming laptop to run games like Cuphead and Subnautica But I hear a desktop would work out better...

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brendaa 30th September 2019