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Ok.......... let me start..... right now i have a tg-2, and i love it. but i dont think it will cut it for my vox. now i am...

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C.Lambrechts 1st November 2005
Avatar for Skeetch

I've been using the KSP-8 for almost a year now and love it. Just added to the joy but putting the KANA4 board in it and am...

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Puppeteer 1st November 2005
Avatar for essence

i'm thinking about upgrading my monitors to the event studio precision 8's, but thought i'd see what everyone else likes to...

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84K 1st November 2005
Avatar for knerd

Has anyone here used that gSSL diy stereo compressor? any reviews? I'm just looking for a "cheap" way to get a decent...

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norman_nomad 1st November 2005
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I'm looking at picking one of these up and giving it a shot, but I'm curious as to the best way to connect it to my system with...

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Brandino221 1st November 2005
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I am looking into a some of the Yamaha mixer plugins. Mostly interested in the REV-X Reverb. Any one have any experience with...

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garymusic 1st November 2005
Avatar for mac black

Hi guys, I hope Dan is reading this too.... I wanted to check the Lavry converters but there arn't any distributers in the...

mac black
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Avatar for Dan Lavry
Dan Lavry 1st November 2005
Avatar for I play in a ban

Wondering how much you guys charge per hour and on average how long it takes to mix a song. peachh peachh

I play in a ban
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Avatar for Mike Caffrey
Mike Caffrey 1st November 2005
Avatar for Gordon -10

I did a searh on the subject and nothing really came up, So im wondering what people think the better EQs Plugs are out there?...

Gordon -10
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juicemaster1500 31st October 2005
Avatar for Resonater

Alright guys...what would be your choice for favorite tom mics? I might consider something as high as 1k per mic, although it...

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RKrizman 31st October 2005
Avatar for Donny

I know of Funky Junk but is there anywhere else ?? TIA

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theother 31st October 2005
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I hope I'm posting this in the right forum. I just bought a Tascam ATR-80/24 multitrack recorder and used it last night for...

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jeffwuollet 31st October 2005
Avatar for Robobo1

I'll be in NYC next week (Thurs 11/3 - Sun 11/6) for some freelance work. If any of you NYC cats are willing, I'd love to meet...

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Avatar for Sqye
Sqye 31st October 2005
Avatar for djui5

Anyone have one of these, or know what I can get a price on one? Peavey PA-6A Reverb Mixer

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Avatar for djui5
djui5 31st October 2005
Avatar for rlnyc

which polar pattern has the most proximity effect? cartioid or figure 8? is there a rule for multipattern mics with swept...

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chriscavell 31st October 2005
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r0ck1r0ck2 31st October 2005
Avatar for Ottomo

...hi its my first post although ive been visiting the forum for a while now...i can get a neotek elite 1 desk fully serviced and...

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Avatar for Ottomo
Ottomo 31st October 2005
Avatar for kats

As if you greedy buggers didn't know heh I wouldn't mind this one...how much you figure it'll go for? ebay U67

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Avatar for Jonathan Starr
Jonathan Starr 31st October 2005
Avatar for cannibalbritney

Im runnin a 002 but i wanna be able to get at least 16 tracks for drums... is the control 24 going to open that up to me, or am...

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Avatar for David Herbert
David Herbert 30th October 2005
Avatar for AB3

Which has the better compressor for vocals? I know this is maybe a tough question because the Quartet I and II have other...

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Avatar for 84K
84K 30th October 2005
Avatar for jlsgear

Hi all, R84 and R44c - any own both? Would you care to comment on their sonic differences for vocals ? The r44 is a BIG...

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Avatar for Jamz
Jamz 30th October 2005
Avatar for labman

Hi, I am looking for something to run my mix through to soften it up a little. Also to add a small amount of limiting. I am...

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Avatar for labman
labman 30th October 2005
Avatar for PJB5060

OK! I know there has been a little preliminary commentary on this already, but now that time has passed has anyone any further...

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Avatar for PJB5060
PJB5060 30th October 2005
Avatar for fastlane

Hello gearslutz. I.m wodering if any of ye pro's would visit my site, have a listen to the samples and tell me what they think...

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Avatar for murp
murp 30th October 2005
Avatar for europa78

I can't decide between a Sytek and 4 channels of RNP. They're both around $900 and seem somewhat similar sonically (fairly...

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Avatar for Snatchman
Snatchman 29th October 2005
Avatar for DaveH

Protecting expensive mikes: I’m getting back into this after 20 years and I am quickly getting a large collection of...

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Avatar for DaveH
DaveH 29th October 2005

Hey I just got this mic. And I'm very excited to track with it. Gotta say though, I'm suprised how weak the output is. I have...

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Avatar for Sui_City
Sui_City 29th October 2005
Avatar for snedley

Anyone ever use one of these as a mic pre?

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Avatar for squeegybug
squeegybug 29th October 2005
Avatar for Charlie-O

Just curiouse if there are any california bay area slutz here.... Im in oaklands soundwave studios

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Avatar for Winey
Winey 29th October 2005
Avatar for Analog

and don't say "his ears monitors and room" because while they help him make decisions on WHAT to do, they don't do the...

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Avatar for xaos
xaos 29th October 2005
Avatar for Mike Cluskey

Dear EuroSlutz, Neve will be hitting the road throughout the European continent in October and November with a range of...

Mike Cluskey
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Avatar for Achim L
Achim L 29th October 2005
Avatar for powerestudio

Hello any experience? witch do you prefer for mastering? regards

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Avatar for I Lurk
I Lurk 29th October 2005
Avatar for Bishbashbosh

Just noticed that Mytek now has a new EU distributor. http://www.mytekdigital.com/europe/store/ Can't help but think that...

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Avatar for mytek
mytek 29th October 2005
Avatar for fastlane

Gearslutz, i need help. I what to take my recording to the next level. I need something to record vocals, acoustic and maybe...

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Avatar for brownmouse
brownmouse 28th October 2005
Avatar for sottovoceprods

Hi guys. I have been offered a modest amount of money from a family member as an investment in my studio (lucky me!). I am...

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Avatar for Drumsound
Drumsound 28th October 2005
Avatar for Flymax

My friend has a pair of these and I'm wondering if anyone knows the history on them.

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Avatar for daaronhoffman
daaronhoffman 28th October 2005
Avatar for Bounce

Hi. I am expanding my studio. I am going to lease out my current 5 room studio to a busy production company and turn the 1000 sq....

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Avatar for Bounce
Bounce 28th October 2005
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Avatar for laughingbear
laughingbear 28th October 2005
Avatar for schizojames

First of all, hello. I am new to this forum but not to forums in general so I would like to get straight to it. We are in the...

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Avatar for rjay
rjay 28th October 2005
Avatar for pigpen

If it is in good shape and runs like a champ...what is a good price?

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Avatar for theother
theother 28th October 2005
Avatar for Seti808

I need some tips on keeping my gear in top shape!!!!!! How often do you guys use deoxide and do you guys deox everything...

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Avatar for Seti808
Seti808 28th October 2005
Avatar for xaos

Has anyone checked these out? They look like some pretty serious kit. I am just wondering. The G2 monitor appears to...

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Avatar for xaos
xaos 28th October 2005
Avatar for pigpen

Ok, here's my question. I have a chance to get a Neotek Elite 48 at a good price (I think) to replace my Control 24. It is in...

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Avatar for pigpen
pigpen 28th October 2005
Avatar for Logan Connery

As I have no Ribbon mic, I thought somebody could help me to pick one! It will be used mostly for rock guitars and possibly...

Logan Connery
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Avatar for Logan Connery
Logan Connery 27th October 2005
Avatar for Silver Sonya

In June I will be doing a three-day run of mixes in NYC either at the Magic Shop in Manhattan or at Studio G in Brooklyn. ...

Silver Sonya
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Avatar for Mike Caffrey
Mike Caffrey 27th October 2005
Avatar for deuc647

Whats up y'all in slutzland, i really need help on this one. I have a tascam 3700 and was told that u can use it as a controller...

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Avatar for deuc647
deuc647 27th October 2005
Avatar for 1484

AES Report


First things first. I had the opportunity to meet Rupert Neve. He got out of his chair (his wife was there too, and I found out...

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Avatar for Jeff A. Roberts
Jeff A. Roberts 27th October 2005
Avatar for Logan Connery

Anybody has any experience with the Red capsules for the CMV563?? How do they sound compared to the old ones!! Does it sound...

Logan Connery
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Avatar for Doublehelix
Doublehelix 27th October 2005
Avatar for MMinton82

if you were to get a hypothetical business loan for 50,000 to start a home studio and you had no equipment. what would you get.

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Avatar for McPhaul
McPhaul 27th October 2005
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Avatar for Zep Dude
Zep Dude 27th October 2005