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So... who, and what console??? :) Anybody know? http://www.crypticglobe.com/RANDOM_PICS/who_dis.jpg ;)

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MAProTulz 18th May 2006
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Should I be posting in the Low end or high end forum? How expensive is "expenive stuff"? I've just got a pair of PMC...

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petermedland 17th May 2006
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Perhaps it is not the correct place to post this but I'd like to know 1)how do you take care of the dust 2) Do you have some...

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XSergeantD 17th May 2006
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HI fellows ! its very hard for me to find an Console ( Analogue ! ) which has the right Sound, good components, and...

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Pat 17th May 2006
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Anybody out there use this compressor? I was told it's great for vocals, but also across a stereo bus.

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thethrillfactor 17th May 2006
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Um... does ANYONE have the Shadow Hills summing box yet? Mike @ VintageKing told me they were 2 weeks turnaround, but shipping...

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Kalite Marka 17th May 2006
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Recently, we were lent a 1176 clone in the studio, to try it out. The brand name is Chatelain Audio : behind that is a swiss...

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dokushoka 17th May 2006
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Hi! I know that a lot has been discussed about the different daws available and their advantages over each other. I think i...

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Dog_Chao_Chao 17th May 2006
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Hey guys, Just a quick question - Just looking into doing some vox / guitar / percussion over dub recording for some up coming...

Dr Roundmenge
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yumdrum 17th May 2006
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If there is such a thing as an unbiased opinion... any preference in the A/D of these 2 pieces at 24/48. I recently recorded a...

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frontierfran 17th May 2006
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Dirty Halo 17th May 2006
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will i hear a big jump in sonic quility, that is not subjective but quantative against the rme fireface 800!??! all answers...

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raal 17th May 2006
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Can any of you studio savy people out there recommend the best console I can get for a $25,000 budget. Right now I'm looking at...

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Anderson 17th May 2006
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The other day I sat and watched MTV late night. I saw modern rock band after modern rock band, and EVERY band sounded so...

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David Herbert 17th May 2006
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Hey guys, I'm going to be recording soon and am looking for a new piece of gear to add to my collection. We're going for a...

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robstar 17th May 2006
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Hi Guys Last saturday, Target Music and Flyline Music Switzerland has organized a blindtest preamp workshop with the following...

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Lynn Fuston 17th May 2006
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Hi sluts! Great forum...the times are getting dangerous for me after finding gearslutz, I'm already quite a slut with these...

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s.d.finley 16th May 2006
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i have the opportunity to buy a hill 4400 console for 4000$. is that a normal price? What do you think of the console?it was...

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ddanyboy 16th May 2006
Avatar for lovetomix

i was wondering if those of you out there who have mixed alot on both j and g boards, generally speaking have any differences in...

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TonyBelmont 16th May 2006
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Just wondering who'll be there... A good occasion to have beer together! Cheers!

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Sui_City 16th May 2006
Avatar for Nutmeg II.

Hi all together, I need to rent some stuff for a mix session. The session would only be a weekend long so the gear is only neded...

Nutmeg II.
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clipgod 16th May 2006
Avatar for hvwb

I am out putting the 3124+ into an O2R using a U-87. If I set the gain on the API to get the "leds" moving, I...

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Ruairi 16th May 2006
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I know the MC 77 has been discussed at length here, but I have one simple question: Bling-factor and price/value asside, what...

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HudHudson 16th May 2006
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Do I use mic input or instrument input when tracking Drum machines or keyboards. Please give reason why.

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nevusmusic 16th May 2006
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Hi, I do most of my tracking/ mixing through the rosetta 200. Lately i have been considering adding the big-ben to clock the...

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davehall6162 16th May 2006
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Not for a large studio, mainly tracking vocals, guitars, small groups of instruments (string 4tets etc.), no drum tracking. No...

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coosticks 16th May 2006
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I've been an engineer for 25 years ... a 'slut for 3 or 4 years now ... I have, just about, the alphabet of gear ... A ...

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orange 16th May 2006
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Hi There...I bought Apogee AD/DA 16X convertors and I bought a RME DSP AES-32 along with 2 Dsud to Dsub digital cables....is...

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Crandall1 16th May 2006
Avatar for fifthcircle

I was looking at the Benchmark web site and noticed a stereo headphone amplifier (IFA-7). How does the quality of this headphone...

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mahasandi 16th May 2006
Avatar for BLT

Hi everyone. Rarely do crawl out of my stealthy "forum lurker" mode to actually post something, but I feel it's about...

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Jim vanBergen 15th May 2006
Avatar for tragedybysyntax

Okay so.. I'm using a pair of Coles 4038's for drum overheads, going into a pair of API 512c's feeding into a Chandler TG1...

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kats 15th May 2006
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Lindell 15th May 2006
Avatar for Jason Poulin

Good day folks, I was foolin around today with a quickie mix of a song we're producing (most tracks aren't recorded/mixed yet)...

Jason Poulin
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Jason Poulin 15th May 2006
Avatar for Wafellos

Hello, One Short question, on which console was recorded these albums sound of drums is almost indentical, i'm looking for...

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Wafellos 15th May 2006
Avatar for chrisrulesmore

I am making the leap to an analog multitrack but will have to mix in pro tools until I can afford a console. Simple...

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Avatar for Bob Olhsson
Bob Olhsson 15th May 2006
Avatar for relaxo

I need a temporary (6 month) solution to restrict the volume of my big mains. People keep damaging the mid and high drivers due...

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Avatar for Jay Kahrs
Jay Kahrs 15th May 2006
Avatar for trobly1000

hello i am newbie that is looking for my first mic pre . i just read this : Third, we tried the SSA 1.1 on vocals with the...

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u b k 15th May 2006
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Doublehelix 15th May 2006
Avatar for saikit_2003

Hi... how's going? I am going to move to a new house in Canada. So, I am planning to buy a desk for my station. However, I...

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Count Dz 15th May 2006
Avatar for infiniteposse

Hi all- Over the last 8 months or so I've purchased several of the available 500-series modules and have taken some detailed...

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Deleted c40a31f 15th May 2006
Avatar for chaka89

thinking about purchasing a pair of 414s... how much do they vary from the ones produced 10+ years ago to newer models? someone...

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Avatar for NOCCA
NOCCA 15th May 2006
Avatar for 8068

Where can I find specs for Tonelux modules? Headroom........input , output, internal howdy

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Avatar for Paul Wolff Designs
Paul Wolff Designs 15th May 2006
Avatar for numrologst

I did a search and saw that there were alot of threads unanswered in the past about these consoles. I can get one pretty cheap...

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Avatar for clearwave
clearwave 15th May 2006
Avatar for jayjay

I have a newly built control room and v booth. Have around 12.000 to spend. need 16ch D/A 8 A/D. Nice mic and pre (drs 1,avalon...

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Avatar for rlsoundsystem
rlsoundsystem 14th May 2006
Avatar for Axiz7

Is this a waste? Should I wait until I purchase the Aurora?...currently have a Delta 1010. Much thanks for any input. cooge

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Avatar for chrisrulesmore
chrisrulesmore 14th May 2006
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RedWallStudio 14th May 2006
Avatar for Marello

Currently I'm costing up 3 audio post studios for a friend of 3 varying budgets (he's getting some funding and has investors but...

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Avatar for matt thomas
matt thomas 14th May 2006
Avatar for adclark

This sounds like an interesting Pre. I'm wondering about the sound.

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Avatar for Traxx
Traxx 14th May 2006
Avatar for Rednose

Hello, I have a client with 2" 24 track reels that need to be transfered to Wav format. If you have a studio in Chicago...

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Avatar for Rick Sutton
Rick Sutton 14th May 2006
Avatar for Solunaris

Kind of a weird question, not sure if its been covered before. Right now I have an apogee ad16X and da16x. I'm about to put in my...

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Avatar for CorkyTart
CorkyTart 14th May 2006