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I'm looking to eventually acquire all of the following vintage mics, but to me it seems lately that the price is going UP! Just a...

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thismercifulfate 30th August 2019
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Has anyone ever used a Nagra IV-S as a mixdown deck? Would you consider it "Album Quality" as far as reproduction? Is...

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vernier 30th August 2019
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Hi folks, I have a query about the plug in, used in standalone mode. If the lineariser adds latency, why does...

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Aka_bob 29th August 2019
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Hello All, There is a vintage broadcast gear collector in my vicinity of the world who happens to have something I've been...

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krazh 29th August 2019
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Vocals to me always sound fine until I compare them to the pro reference vox they want it to sound like. If you get a vocal...

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Deleted fe72b385f72c012 29th August 2019
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Hi, I found a deal for an old Apogee DA16X with the X-Symphony card installed. I use Pro Tools HD Accell Pci-E on a Mac Pro...

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Doc Mixwell 28th August 2019
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Any Lomo 19A19 users here? I'm considering getting one, but I want to see if anyone here can confirm if it's original. Here...

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Lon7 28th August 2019
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Hello colleague, I'm not quite sure this is the right board for my post, may the moderators forgive me. btw, here's my...

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RyanC 28th August 2019
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Today I got, what I consider, the best acoustic guitar sound in my carreer as an engineer. Here is the setup: Room: 12x22,...

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crestifer 28th August 2019
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Vintage and New Telefunken Elam 251 users. how happy are u with your microphone? any regrets, horror stories, positive stories,...

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burp182 27th August 2019
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Hi, as far as I know, the following consoles are the only ones that can accommodate 500 series modules: API 1608 Neve 5088...

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Paul_G 27th August 2019
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I use a TLM 103 on voice. Used to have a U87, but I'm beginning to miss it. Does anyone have both? I can't do an A/B...

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SolArt Music 27th August 2019
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Hey Guys, I just invested some moneys into new gear for recording at my studio. And all together is getting high on the...

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jwh1192 27th August 2019
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Hello fellow slutz I've come across a second hand Audient Black Box BB4. It is configured as a "voice channel", it has...

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soundmodel 27th August 2019
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Im thinking of getting a roland space echo re-201. I am already interested in using it on my synths and guitars if i do purcahse...

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matucha 27th August 2019
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Just got the API The Channel Strip a few days ago and noticed some weird buzzing come from the 512C Preamp section. Only happens...

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devinjameson 27th August 2019
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Would you want to mix with knobs (like the new Tree Audio console) instead of faders? Is this a retro trend or are there some...

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dirker 26th August 2019
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This should not be another Neve vs. API thread. I was just investigating and looking at both consoles: API 1608-II 16-CHANNEL...

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127Riot 26th August 2019
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Hello all, I have $2K(can be a hair more) to work with and am considering a few options for upgrades. Would like to hear people...

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elegentdrum 26th August 2019
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Just bought a nice Summit Audio EQP200B and think it sound VERY nice on a lot of things. Been reading about changing tubes to...

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MacMike 25th August 2019
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Hello, Friends! Forgive me for posting a new thread on this topic, however please note that this specific question has never...

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chessparov2.0 25th August 2019
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Hi folks, I'm looking at picking up a Grace M905 to upgrade my SPL MTC2381. I've had a bit of a read of the manual and read a...

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uptheoctave 25th August 2019
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Hi guys, I have three channels of RND 511 which I like alot, they sound beautiful and classy, but I have an Engl Fireball that I...

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_Ludovico 25th August 2019
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Hi - Anyone tried the new Telefunken TF51 (or TF47) and if so could anyone comment on maybe this against a Lawson l251...

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sharkboy 25th August 2019
Avatar for Dudo

Dear Slutz Anyone knows what Synthesizer this is? Thanks https://ibb.co/XkGt9yT

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Farmboy presents 24th August 2019
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Question fellow sluts, If I have an UA Aollo Twin MKII Quad, could you see any situation where spending money to rent or buy a...

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cat alley 24th August 2019
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Lately I have been recording my guitar parts by recording in mono on one side, an going back and recording again the same thing...

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Zasterz 24th August 2019
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I've decided after 5 years that I need to move on from my Focal Twins. We've had a good run but I just feel like the imaging and...

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johannburkard 24th August 2019
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Hello there! I have been eyeing on the Audeze LCD-X Creator Edition for a while now and I believe I am finally able to invest it...

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Woodwindy 24th August 2019
Avatar for Pred80r

I was wondering if anyone here mod's these or knows someone who does mods on these cards. They are quote usable stock however a...

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Jim Williams 23rd August 2019
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I'm trying to keep my mobile setup light. That's why I don't want an external PSU for a mic. Is there any microphone out there...

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shahstlz 23rd August 2019
Avatar for j. echo

Hello everyone! Long time reader, but new member so please excuse me if I've overlooked the solution to this. I know ideas were...

j. echo
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brendandwyer 22nd August 2019
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Hi all, can someone help me do the right steps? I have the tube. Thanks, Rob Thanks, Figured it out.

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rwsand 22nd August 2019
Avatar for Jason rocks

Both quality tube mic's with less color and nice top end. What are the different sound characteristics between them two?

Jason rocks
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pasarski 22nd August 2019
Avatar for benpasley

Hey, at $2,700 for a two channel mic pre this thing sends most audio creatives into immediate sticker shock (me included), but...

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JSchlomo 22nd August 2019
Avatar for JohnJohnto

Hi all, I've a little problem I'm wondering you could help me with. I bought an Avalon VT-737SP second hand about 18 months...

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nukmusic 21st August 2019
Avatar for herecomesyourman

Seigmund Guitars Spring Reverb LINK! These look killer...2 and 3 spring models...variations with XLR I/O and Jensen...

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Avatar for Ox Han
Ox Han 21st August 2019
Avatar for The Lab

Hey folks I need a new red plastic window for a Lexicon LARC. Anyone know where to find one? Lexicon Part Number is:...

The Lab
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waldie wave 21st August 2019
Avatar for johnd5412

I'm going to be building one of these puppies in the next few weeks. I have already done several DIYRE units so I'm no beginner...

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Avatar for PeterLarkin
PeterLarkin 21st August 2019
Avatar for Subversounds

Hello, My RCA 44bx has a completely worn-out rubber ring inside its cushion Mount. I've contacted AEA but they dont have this...

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emrr 20th August 2019
Avatar for Dayo

It's not a scientific test by any means. Different sessions, different days, but in a clumsy way maybe enough to give you a...

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Avatar for bob2018
bob2018 20th August 2019
Avatar for shahstlz

What else should I consider as an option for a flavour bus EQ in that ballpark? Anyone ever compared the Electrodynes to Siemens...

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matucha 19th August 2019
Avatar for I.R.Baboon

Hi folks, I want to start making my own bantam cables, and to that end i've picked up the Neutrik HX-TT-1 crimp tool set...

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Avatar for Spindrift
Spindrift 19th August 2019
Avatar for LloydH

Hi guys, I have actually e-mailed BAE about this but quite anxious to figure it out, so I will post here if they come back with a...

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Deleted fe72b385f72c012 19th August 2019
Avatar for Sance21

Hi all, Does anyone know what the average lead time on the Silver Bullets are? I ordered my unit from the LTR site yesterday,...

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Avatar for Jeff Hayat
Jeff Hayat 19th August 2019
Avatar for zuzu

Hello I'm looking for a mastering eq and my budget is around 3k. I've decided to either go for a Hendyamps Michelangelo or a...

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Avatar for Trakworx
Trakworx 18th August 2019
Avatar for MacMike

Hi! In august I will get a Lavry Blue 4496 to the studio and was curious if someone have any experience with that box. I am...

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Avatar for Aleksandr
Aleksandr 18th August 2019
Avatar for arsmusic

I have a Neumann M249 (really a m49). From the SN it was made in 1964. Then re-built from Blue in maybe 2000 or so. I know...

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jjblair 17th August 2019
Avatar for unvs

From the SCM25 manual: Unfortunately there is no Fig.3 in the manual, but there is a Fig.2 which shows the center of the...

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Avatar for Brad Lunde
Brad Lunde 17th August 2019
Avatar for Grandreptile

I was thinking about buying an 1176 for my home studio, which is what I'm used to after 42 years. However for $300 more I can...

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Avatar for mark714
mark714 17th August 2019