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Just got a UA LA2A and wondering about NOS tubes. I use NOS tubes in my guitar amps and appreciate both the tone and reliability....

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mikoo69 22nd October 2019
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Hey, In my EQ rack are a SS EQ573, Warm EQP, and a Hammer eq. Would it be a good idea to get 2 SSL 611EQs, or DIY my own...

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esppse 21st October 2019
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SAY IT AIN'T SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hjghfgg:facepalm: : ( The Plant. Bearsville. Electric Lady. Long View... There are only a...

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Zoot 21st October 2019
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Hello and thanks for taking the time! At the moment, I am willing to invest 4-5000$ on a tube microphone dedicated to first and...

Deleted d7ec93e
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dopeboi 21st October 2019
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Hi, I ordered the Elysia Karakter the other day. Needed something to fill 2 spaces. Honestly, I ordered it because it's...

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deondamage 21st October 2019
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Having recently acquired a Flea 47, I'm thinking about adding another tube preamp to my rack. I currently have a Demeter VTMP-2c...

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fromthepuggle 21st October 2019
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These things are gigantic, are PMC's top model, and cost as much as a house. I've never heard speakers at this extreme. ...

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pentagon 21st October 2019
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HI all, I have a dramastic obsidian. I'm looking to upgrade it to another mastering compressor. Looking at the SPL IRON...

saga legin
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CSField 20th October 2019
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Hello fellow Gearslutz. Today has not been a good day. I left my mix last night sounding good, you know to where in the next...

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RogerFoote 20th October 2019
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Greetings! I haven't been active here much at all for years. I have been lurking, but I feel compelled to post about our...

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shalimo 20th October 2019
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I just ordered both of these pieces for a client's studio that I'm involved with. I'd love to hear some thoughts on them. I plan...

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fromthepuggle 20th October 2019
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I stepped up to the ams 1073dpd but no eq. Is there a big difference between the pres only on the 2 units? Trying to decide if...

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cap217 20th October 2019
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I've read lots of posts about 67's and 48's talking about what's the best clone or why each is the best mic, but never which is...

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chessparov2.0 19th October 2019
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Hey all, about to pull the trigger on a RND 5060 Centerpiece along with the master buss processor and wanted to get some feedback...

Matthew Murray
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javamad 19th October 2019
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In terms of sonic quality which one you think would be better? Thank you

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qslprod 19th October 2019
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I've got a Fairchild 692 SCH card. I'm looking to have it racked. I know Brent Averill was racking the 662s for a while. This...

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gemme 19th October 2019
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Looking for owners of 16 channels+ Rupert Neve Designs 5088 to share the good, bad and ugly. Appreciated.

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qslprod 19th October 2019
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Why am I seeing people buy the neve 1073 DPD with AD converter using it with an expensive $2000+ AD/DA Converter? (Shouldn't they...

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cap217 19th October 2019
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Kinda sad to let my u87ai go. I grinded to get that mic. But I figured I take the risk with the upton. I haven’t gotten around...

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aremos 18th October 2019
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Neve Repairs Los Angeles - 1073, 1081 modules need some love .. any and all recommendations are appreciated .. i know of one...

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BerkleeDrummer 18th October 2019
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Have you guys seen this new summing mixer/routing mixer? Looks cool, check it out; http://www.apiaudio.com/thebox.html

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skybluerental 18th October 2019
Avatar for dsstudio

Hello! I have a Pultec EQH-2 and Mid frequency that needs repair (some knobs are not working). Please recommend me a shop that...

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EvilRoy 17th October 2019
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soooo 17th October 2019
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Hi - I'm seeking recommendations for someone qualified to service Tab V76 preamps. I have the V76/S variants. Thanks!

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toledo3 17th October 2019
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Looking to buy a pair of preamps for the front of my tracking chain, mostly for instrument parts and drum machines but I will use...

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nuemes 16th October 2019
Avatar for Avening

Hey guys, Never used a Great River Preamp before in my life. Huge fan of big and heavy sounding 1073 style preamps though. In...

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pan60 16th October 2019
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Hi There My beloved DBX 786, has stopped working on one of the 2 channels, I took it to Fairman (Werner Scherrer) to see if he...

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mr.gefell 16th October 2019
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Thoughts on these bands? Similar, diff? Can each do close what the others do in these ranges, or not? Obviously these are called...

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fromthepuggle 16th October 2019
Avatar for Kimono Cowboy

SSL make some of the best mixing tools and after getting my hands on both hardware and software I've found some non-intuitive...

Kimono Cowboy
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Kimono Cowboy 16th October 2019
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Hey guys, I had a a c800g that I had to sell last year. Great mic obviously. I read a review recently where someone said...

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deedeeyeah 16th October 2019
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I finally did it, this week we upgraded from the focal twin 6B to the Barefoot MM27 gen2. Right of the bat my mixes are...

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shalimo 16th October 2019
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They make the power supply most SSL owners use and love. But I found today they make a full range compact studio monitor Called...

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Dokterrock 15th October 2019
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Ive been hassitent about posting this but anyway here it goes...me and a friend of mine were planning on opening a small...

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chessparov2.0 15th October 2019
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Our studio lacks ribbon mics. We have an RCA 44B which is great but ever since I heard a Coles 4038 I've wanted one. I've also...

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Moondog007 15th October 2019
Avatar for fromthepuggle

What gear just oozes mid-70s hifi tone to you? To my ears thats high end tubes, transformers, transistors, and tape gently...

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stixstudios 15th October 2019
Avatar for gearstudent

Hello, I saw a youtube video of a person speaking into/around a Manley Reference Cardioid. At one point, the person was a good...

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MYN 14th October 2019
Avatar for JustinMorris79

Does anyone on the forum have schematics for the Raindirk LN-1 Console? I'm working on one for a client and he has an incomplete...

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Wiggy Neve Slut 14th October 2019
Avatar for Svens

A while ago I was in the market for an Otari Status console. I wanted (moving) faders and good automation/recall for mixing ....

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Avatar for EvilRoy
EvilRoy 14th October 2019
Avatar for Top Knob

Currently looking at the barefoot mm45s. What can actual users tell me about this monitor? Are they bright/harsh in anyway? How...

Top Knob
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Jeff.calcaska 13th October 2019
Avatar for Benny Hill

I had the opportunity to listen to the ATC SCM20 Mk2's the other day. I thought they sounded beautiful but when we A/B'd them...

Benny Hill
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Avatar for loji
loji 13th October 2019
Avatar for Alex Breaux

I just started using mine on a regular basis and I gotta say these things really shine on everything. I usually use the m58...

Alex Breaux
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Avatar for themiracle
themiracle 13th October 2019
Avatar for DB117

Hey guys, I want to buy a pair of ATC20 but local distributor is out of stock, so I contacted KMR and they are willing to ship...

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phillus 13th October 2019
Avatar for ninibee

Hola, I recently bought a second-hand 6176, and a gremlin just emerged.. I was tracking some guitar through both preamp and...

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Avatar for Big S
Big S 13th October 2019
Avatar for gravyface

I'm messing around with M/S room mics: Beyer M160/BIV (Royer 121ish) about 15' out, 5' high and with the Soundtoys Devil Lock...

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psycho_monkey 13th October 2019
Avatar for kr1012

I've wanted a FLEA mic for a number of years after reading countless positive reviews on them and I'm now considering a purchase....

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rwsand 12th October 2019
Avatar for AB3

How would the high end compare on these two mics. I tried a Bock 151 and loved it. I assume the high end on the Bock 251 would...

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Avatar for Paul_G
Paul_G 12th October 2019
Avatar for jffmusic

This is an important decision for a production and commercial studio. I was planning to get an SSL XL Desk for tracking and...

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kushyman 12th October 2019
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Does anyone here have any information as to where I could acquire photos of the interior of Studio "A" at the (long...

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Avatar for RockHill
RockHill 11th October 2019
Avatar for Rea

My ideal console would be the XL-Desk, but with the irreplaceable MDAC automated analog gain controls and the DAW layer for...

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qslprod 11th October 2019
Avatar for Pops

Hi. Anyone had the chance to put one of these through it’s paces? I don’t have the chance to try one out because of where...

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Pops 11th October 2019