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My Roland space echo stopped echoing. I tried putting a line Input into it and i wonder if it was because of that. However I’m...

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nomekop2000 2nd November 2019
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Hello, I am very interested in the Augspurger treo 812 cfm monitors. Does anyone on here own these speakers?...or listened...

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paulieGB 2nd November 2019
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Hellooo It just occurred to me that I could be using this tube preamp to add some colour to other things after the fact like...

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phillus 1st November 2019
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Hi slutz, i'm itching to buy some new gear and want to get a couple/few decent pieces to complement current mixing setup, just...

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John_McEnroe 1st November 2019
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Primarily a musician and living in France, I am equipping a personal studio with "modern" gear (ie shelford/cranesong...

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alec6 1st November 2019
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So the other day the phone rang and it was an old client. We exchanged pleasantries and then he came to the topic. Now he has...

Deleted 300228d
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thismercifulfate 1st November 2019
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Had a come to Jesus moment with my newly tubed and calibrated retro Sta Level. It has THAT sound. I just love it. I want that in...

South Brokelyn
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Doc Mixwell 1st November 2019
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whats your favorite clean, fast, detailed preamp ? or which one is the best ?

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hello people 1st November 2019
Avatar for TexasCat

I'm looking at one of these for male vocal tracking. It will be paired with a U47. No one near me has either of them to audition...

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TexasCat 1st November 2019
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Anyway i have the Hedd type 20 i love them. I was very curious about Amphion i had a chance to hear them at New York Aes i liked...

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spektor 1st November 2019
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I just picked up a Beyer MC 833- It is a stereo LDC that looks sort of like a 740, seems to have some of the features of the 742....

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Matti 1st November 2019
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Hi, Can anyone identify the mics in the attached pic? Thanks, Jon

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NathanBarley 1st November 2019
Avatar for KingFish

This Saturday, Addiction Sound Studios will be hosting the Nashville Community Gear Swap, and hosted Mixer / Product Demo by...

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KingFish 31st October 2019
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Confused about the ADC Insert points for the DPD converters. This is what the Neve manual says. "The signal passes to...

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wyattd 31st October 2019
Avatar for planeador

Hey slutz, I just mixed an album with a pair of 1081's on the mix bus and I loved it! Unfortunately they're not mine so I'm...

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slenderchap 31st October 2019
Avatar for jumpcut sound

Hello all, I use the Chandler Mini Rack Mixer for my summing needs, however I'm very curious how the new Electrodyne Summing...

jumpcut sound
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andrewh 31st October 2019
Avatar for mr. harrison

yesterday my M5000 started up with this on the display ... looks weird, almost like polish i´d say ;) anybody seen anything...

mr. harrison
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Avatar for Alex Kretov
Alex Kretov 31st October 2019
Avatar for Mahdes

Hi! I'm thinking about buying stereo unit that I can put on my masterbus - while mixing 100% ITB. I wonder if there is...

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Avatar for Musician
Musician 30th October 2019
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Highly considering this unit... How are people getting along with it? ATM I’m completely in the box virtual summing through...

Deleted b90f8c9
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nickknack 30th October 2019
Avatar for Iron Octopus

Hello! I'm after a clean hardware compressor. I have a bunch of boutique valve stuff that is really good, but I often feel I...

Iron Octopus
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Avatar for NathanEldred
NathanEldred 30th October 2019
Avatar for Bjorn Andersson

Hello, Anyone out there with a schematic for the Datatronix INC 550A-1 eq 500 module? I have searched the Internet but no...

Bjorn Andersson
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Bjorn Andersson 29th October 2019
Avatar for s wave

The piano sound so full - is there any high end piano mic users that can rate the sound? What do you like and dislike? - - -...

s wave
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s wave 29th October 2019
Avatar for cap217

I finally settled on a vocal chain and copied Joey Moi's. Manley Ref C - Vintech X73 (he uses ams) - 1176. I bought this with...

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cap217 29th October 2019
Avatar for hylaster

Curious as to whether any TC Electronic Reverb 4000 owners use hardware MIDI controllers to control the unit, given that it...

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Avatar for hylaster
hylaster 28th October 2019
Avatar for everglass

Hi all, Has anyone had experience using an 1176 in combination with a Distressor (perhaps in LA-2A emulation mode) to track...

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Avatar for everglass
everglass 28th October 2019
Avatar for VirtualPG

Hi Group, I have a sweet Lexicon Primetime delay from 1978 that I love and use all the time - but unfortunately it is...

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oldgearguy 28th October 2019
Avatar for alexstringer

Someone asked me the question recently and i didn't know the answer... As a matter of facts, i've never seen any 1063 in my...

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chipss36 28th October 2019
Avatar for pete

I´d like to share a pretty unique experience regaring support with you - we all know that how companies handle the support of...

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Avatar for roger
roger 27th October 2019
Avatar for brochington

Hey, I was wondering if anybody has ever used a Ramsa S480 console. I might be able to get one for really cheap, but I don't know...

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Avatar for Erik Guevara
Erik Guevara 27th October 2019
Avatar for karljohnson

Hi, I'm particularly looking for an Undertone Audio Mpeq-1 and CL1b .... Anyone wanting to sell one ? Anyone tried the Mpeq...

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karljohnson 27th October 2019
Avatar for DannyMac

OK, I thought in true Gearslutz tradition I would share my experience of this desk which I have now been using for a couple of...

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raal 27th October 2019
Avatar for mwarsell

Hey there, Any specialists out there who'd like to venture how high end gear, more specifically the above compressor/limiter,...

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Avatar for themiracle
themiracle 26th October 2019
Avatar for ___GLM___

Are there still some mixers out there who use a pair of retro 176s on the 2bus? How do you like it? What are your experiences,...

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Avatar for ___GLM___
___GLM___ 26th October 2019
Avatar for 1484

Heard this in a studio, and was very impressed. It has that rich smooth sound that is really nice. Like any mic with a strong...

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Deleted fe72b385f72c012 26th October 2019
Avatar for camacozie

Hello GS! I'm looking for recommendations for a very-high quality home studio stage box - for tracking. I'd like something...

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Avatar for bzone
bzone 26th October 2019
Avatar for siamhatter

Hey, does anybody has an opinion about tannoy ellipse 10 (passive version)? I don't find much about them.

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Avatar for superbee
superbee 26th October 2019
Avatar for JonMarcWeiss

I'm thinking about trading my mint condition 80s Neumann U89 for a Bock IFET. The 89 doesn't get too much use compared to my...

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Avatar for JonMarcWeiss
JonMarcWeiss 25th October 2019
Avatar for kroegermusic

I was wondering if anyone could send me the API 312 PCB file if anyone has it. I'm guessing it would be something eagle could...

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Avatar for kroegermusic
kroegermusic 25th October 2019
Avatar for Jpastor

Hello guys, i've recently acquired a Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor, used one, only one previous owner (a guy i can trust)....

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Avatar for RogerFoote
RogerFoote 25th October 2019
Avatar for Neoneon

Hello dear friends! I'm trying to make up my mind about what mic I should buy... I can buy the horch new for 7000 SEK...

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Avatar for aremos
aremos 25th October 2019
Avatar for Rolling Stoned

Hello, I'm buying the new converter, probably the Dangerous, since I need a headphone output and maybe I can connect a...

Rolling Stoned
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Avatar for Rolling Stoned
Rolling Stoned 25th October 2019
Avatar for Jean Luc Cougar

Hi there, Looking for a bit of advice as I slowly upgrade my studio. I currently have Dynaudio BM6A MK1s (for maybe 9 or...

Jean Luc Cougar
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Avatar for illsoulprod
illsoulprod 25th October 2019
Avatar for peterjulian

Hi, first, I am new to the forum and will this is my first post :) glad to be here! I recently started my interest in...

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Avatar for Mike Caffrey
Mike Caffrey 25th October 2019
Avatar for karljohnson

Hi, I've just been doing a shoot out with a Flea 47 and Shelford v Portico and a tenor Male Vocal. Tried with no silk...

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Avatar for mattcollen
mattcollen 24th October 2019
Avatar for fridge_me

As the title suggests.. I’m about to pull the trigger on a Soyuz mic. It’s the main contender in my overdub studio which is...

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Avatar for ardis
ardis 24th October 2019
Avatar for psyclone001

Hello. I've been using a Mytek 192 DSD mastering DAC for the last 3 years or so and it has been and still is an incredible DAC....

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Avatar for Mr Funk
Mr Funk 24th October 2019
Avatar for Johnson Detlev

Hey, I got my hands on a old Stramp mixing console. I didn't find any info about this specific console and only very little...

Johnson Detlev
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Avatar for Drumsound
Drumsound 24th October 2019
Avatar for skullman

I've been trying to test a Yamaha DM2000VCM console, to see if it will work for me, as my home studio's centerpiece. From what...

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Avatar for skullman
skullman 24th October 2019
Avatar for karljohnson

Hey - I'm on the look out for a 67 (and a Chandler Redd and Mpeq-1 pre - anyone selling?) and am stuck between a new reissue or...

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Avatar for crille_mannen
crille_mannen 24th October 2019
Avatar for caton

Hi everyone, This has been buggering me for a while: LCD X = $1699 LCD X Creator Package = $1199 Audeze states on...

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Avatar for sleepyhollos
sleepyhollos 24th October 2019