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I'm looking to cover all the bases in my home studio. Most of my stuff is Alt/country, folky rock type stuff. I strive for Ethan...

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ozraves 30th April 2007
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Hi I have a Speck x.sum, Mytek 192ADC, and a MOUT82mkII. Now I'm planning on upgrading the D/A since I need more outs to take...

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1monkey1 30th April 2007
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I play in a ban 30th April 2007
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Any of you DAV worshippers try it against a John Hardy? Hear fantatstic things about both preamps. For bluegrass, folk, acoustic,...

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FFTT 30th April 2007
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I have an Otari MX5050 4 track. I would like to use it for basic tracks at home and then do everything else in logic. I'm kinda...

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roelando8 30th April 2007
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I currrently have a Neotek Elite... I love the pres for drums... I am considering a Toft ATB ... as a more reliable and smaller...

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TAVD 29th April 2007
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diddlydoo hi can anyone recommend a compressor to pair with the abbey road tg channel, for tracking? thanks

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airmate 29th April 2007
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I gave a test drive with a Panosonic VR-4100 pro Dat machine and a masterlink. I recorded A/D thru both, using NO digital...

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AllAboutTone 29th April 2007
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Hello, I got a loan for about 70K for a studio. Here's the setup i was thinking about. I'm still unsure if i should spend a...

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walth 29th April 2007
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Greetings from West Virginia. I'm new here and would like to thank everyone for the valuable info I've gained here. I just...

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Peter Montessi 29th April 2007
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Steffmo 29th April 2007
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I need to pick up a studio drum kit and all the hardware that goes with it. I do all kinds of music in the studio from jazz to...

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toolskid 29th April 2007
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This is a general question meant to help me better understand this technology and what products to expect for the future. If 2...

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squeegybug 29th April 2007
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My studio partner and I were looking for a good compressor and EQ.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns =...

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George Necola 29th April 2007
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Hello, is anybody out there to send or post the NS69 or N69K Schematics .?? Thank you guys (girls :-) ) Regards

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LA-2A 29th April 2007
Avatar for bluegrasser

Recommendations, please. Right now have pair of AKG 414 XLS. Thinking about Mojave Audio 200 and AT 4047. Would be running...

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Musiclab 28th April 2007
Avatar for DivineMusic

hey slutz, i wanna get setup a new vocal chain this summer... tryin to think about the best route.... i wanna spend no more...

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chrisrulesmore 28th April 2007
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Now I have DW Fearn and Gyraf G9 here to try, before I had Pacifica. I did not like Pacifica very much for my needs (a bit hyped...

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Plush 28th April 2007
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I'm really starting to think I'm the only one...Maybe I AM wrong. mezed I swear, I find there's a bump that's not there when I...

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Johnkenn 28th April 2007
Avatar for Donny

After 4 years one of my S3-A's has died! The over light just popped up and there was smoke coming out of the tweeters!!!!!!!...

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Avatar for Bryce
Bryce 28th April 2007
Avatar for EdgeGuy2

Ready to drop the money bomb on a some Schoeps CMTs 4x series mics and a API A2D. Any experences good or bad with this...

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EdgeGuy2 28th April 2007
Avatar for Schaap

Found this very cheap here eBay: Manley 16 x 2 Tube Mixer (item 190107287506 end time 29-apr-07 13:19:02 CEST) and then found...

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Schaap 28th April 2007
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hey all, Ive been looking around for u47 and C12 clones, and i came across the Peluso 22 47 variants, and the P12. I did a...

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warhead 28th April 2007
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I'm going to be building some "drum channels" to use on mix down using 500 series modules. I quiet fancy the new buzz...

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stevetgn 28th April 2007
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Hi, I have two api 512c preamps and when I plug a jack on DI line without unplug the back XLR in, there is a bit of noise that...

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Wakena2003 28th April 2007
Avatar for lowfreq33

Not really "high" end, but does anyone know if digi plans to update the command 8 with a jog wheel, better rotary...

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walth 28th April 2007
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Hi Folks Excuse my ignorance, but does recording say a Korg Z1 via analog input to 192 really make a difference considering the...

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kittonian 27th April 2007
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I hope to hear from anyone that have input on comparing Euphonix S5 Fusion and Fairlight Constellation XT. Considering that the...

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shauli 27th April 2007
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Plush 27th April 2007
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Sorry, No samples. Wondering what people think. For ribbon mics (AEA's here and acoustic...

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bluegrasser 27th April 2007
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Dear gearslutz, I really need a new preamp. The main function of this preamp will be for recording vocals and occasionally Bass....

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markk 27th April 2007
Avatar for stevesmithfan

I'm interested in buying a pair of Neumann U 87 ai's for the front of my drumkit to act as a little bit of room mic's and O.H.'s....

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WunderBro Flo 27th April 2007
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I am thinking to add the last "jewel" to my small music alchemy workshop. Mine is purely acoustic soft music. Having...

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stardustmedia 27th April 2007
Avatar for uptoolate

I'm upgrading my converters and want to go with the Aurora 16. The problem is that I have to wait for the cash. It seems like...

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stevetgn 27th April 2007
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Just bought one of these units and had a few questions about it. Anyone use one or own one? shiee

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AMIEL 27th April 2007
Avatar for AudioFocus

Hey all, Maybe Matt Styson could chime in here or anybody else that knows. Got the Amek Einstein all hooked up and everything....

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AudioFocus 27th April 2007
Avatar for winvbass

Here in the UK the price difference between the Aurora 8 and the Rosetta 800 is only £150 ($300 ish). Is the Lynx as good...

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amd 27th April 2007
Avatar for Dr Funk

I've heard of people running tracks to tape and capturing on the fly off the repro head into a DAW. Is anyone here doing this? ...

Dr Funk
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alloysound 27th April 2007
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Lindell 27th April 2007
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johnmarkpainter 27th April 2007
Avatar for Mr. Nice

For tracking you need a Mic, Pre, Comp. Converters. What one or two stereo pieces (money not really an issue) make your mix...

Mr. Nice
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radu.ionescu 27th April 2007
Avatar for badfenderaxe

Right now I have a pair of Event 2020 bas. I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on a pair of Focal Twin6 be. Is this a...

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badfenderaxe 27th April 2007
Avatar for Machina

Hey guys, this weekend I'll start mixing a new project. It's kind of rock/emo/metal/hardcore. It should be a mixture of the...

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subatomicpieces 26th April 2007
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Improv 26th April 2007
Avatar for Mike Tholen

anyone used/heard these things? http://www.diezel.ch/ I've got one on order to check out. should be here in a couple...

Mike Tholen
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ericsusername 26th April 2007
Avatar for stevesound

I work from home, recording instruments in a spare bedroom, and am having a noise problem...I've been using an SE Electronics...

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[email protected] 26th April 2007
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Gravity8058 26th April 2007
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Would anyone here care to give me the low-down on the set-ups used to record Pete's Gibson J-200 acoustic on the albums Tommy and...

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hurricaneE 26th April 2007
Avatar for 11364

Well, my board is almost ready for delivery. These pictures arrived over the weekend. I almost wet myself ! boing Theres 2...

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Avatar for Dr Funk
Dr Funk 26th April 2007
Avatar for musicsound-2

I have just "bought" a Pacifica and a Reddi for testing. On the Reddi there is a paper sticker on the back saying...

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Avatar for ootle
ootle 26th April 2007