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Hi. I was hoping for a bit of advice on my next high end gear purchase. A bit of background... I compose, program, and engineer...

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R3k 7th May 2007
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Has anyone tried them? are they good at that price range?, cause i sense they might be an ssl version of the platinum range...

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*CISKO* 7th May 2007
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For such a long time (and also because i had to wait anyway for a PCI-express solution) i was thinking about which 2 ch converter...

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hurricaneE 7th May 2007
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Vintage gear has always been the thing to have. Even when I was starting out as an Engineer in the 80's the desire for vintage...

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seaneldon 7th May 2007
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I got EL8XS and one of them has been playing up since day one ... (bought them new) Every time I turn it on it forgets the...

mac black
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kt66 7th May 2007
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Guys, I have heard a lot of praise on teh Josephson C42's as Drum overheads. Have any of you used them on Jazz Grand Piano and...

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Fletcher 7th May 2007
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I just bought a Type 69. Has anyone used this? Just wondering what people's experience with it has been...

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nobtwiddler 7th May 2007
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Let's say you already have a beloved Neve 1073 and you want to add a mono tube pre to give your clientes another option as a...

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musicsound-2 7th May 2007
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Hi Everyone, I heard a rumor that Digidesign is going to drop HUI support in the next version of Pro Tools. Can anyone...

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LapTop006 7th May 2007
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I did a few searches and didn't seem to find the answer that I was looking for so I thought i would post it here and see what you...

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MrFortuneCookie 7th May 2007
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we are in danger of losing this to general discussion. And spare me the elitist comments... this is the whole reason why we have...

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Reptil 7th May 2007
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Just wanted to ask my fellow GS's what higher end mic they recommend for loud singers. Not having much luck with my M-149...

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Bdiggy 7th May 2007
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im heading to moscow on monday and am gona have a little time off and am going to hunt for some good stuff hopefully. any tips on...

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WidgetNinja 7th May 2007
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That's all I got to mix an album,music is kind of trip hop (lots of huge drum loops) with female vocals,any help based on...

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robot gigante 6th May 2007
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Hi there, just wanted to show you cats my latest sweetheart piece of ever-lovin' gear...

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toolz 6th May 2007
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I've heard a bunch of good things about this channel strip...

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studjo 6th May 2007
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Could anyone point me in the direction of some high quality producers of Microphone pre-amps, compressors and equalizers? ...

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JoniMnemonic 6th May 2007
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I have been searching a while for a Harrison console. I have found a Harrison 32 Series 32ch and one Harrison MR3 36ch. Anyone...

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hurricaneE 6th May 2007
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tsma 6th May 2007
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I live in south Florida and i'm looking for a place that rents high end pro audio so i can demo before purchasing. I would call...

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yumdrum 6th May 2007
Avatar for flipmodea

anyone has any cool tips when mixing with vocals, The vocals I recorded were tracked using a NTK RODE Valve mic. I'm trying to...

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flipmodea 6th May 2007
Avatar for MichaelPatrick

I just bought a pair of Josephson C617 mics with Gefell MK221 'half inch' omni caps. I'm a Schoeps fan but decided to go with...

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[email protected] 6th May 2007
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DrDeltaM 6th May 2007
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jdjustice 6th May 2007
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Jaguar Dreams 6th May 2007
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MooWahmBah 6th May 2007
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peeder 6th May 2007
Avatar for South Brokelyn

remember the days of putting a one channel mini disk recorder in front of a band, and then listening back and thinking, wow,...

South Brokelyn
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threm 6th May 2007
Avatar for ejsongs

hey, when you are using the dragonfly to mic guitar cabs do you use it for close micing or do you have it a few feet back? ...

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BOWIE 6th May 2007
Avatar for musicsound-2

A-Designs Pacifica is just on the way to me for some testing (also a Reddi of course). Unexpectedly I have got some more money...

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espen askelad 6th May 2007
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rystro 5th May 2007
Avatar for asylum

can anyone recommend a di box, i,m thinking reddi/radial/demeter, any advice or opinions would help me decide. thanks

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redroom 5th May 2007
Avatar for Dirty Halo

Convoution reverbs.... Is the new Altiverb giving the SONY DRE-S777 a run for its money these days? If so, why? If not? -a

Dirty Halo
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theother 5th May 2007
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Oroz 5th May 2007
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TAXS 5th May 2007
Avatar for BIG_MYDUS

Found out about this today looks interesting. Sound Technology plc | SSL Take Me Home

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BIG_MYDUS 5th May 2007
Avatar for buddha fingers

first off. i am posting an mp3 so yall get an idea of what im working with. second... how do you mix songs that are already...

buddha fingers
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buddha fingers 5th May 2007
Avatar for musicsound-2

after trying and testing a lot of different preamps (incl. such as LTD1, SSL channel and 1073) I decided to buy a Portico 1032 to...

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thermos 5th May 2007
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espen askelad 5th May 2007
Avatar for chops909

I`d like to know what this is, especially for storing gear as I have a lot of rackmount klobber and synths sitting in a store...

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barryjohns 5th May 2007
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Hey guys, I plan on building a recording studio someday. I am currently a college student studying audio production, and would...

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Avatar for High Fidelity
High Fidelity 4th May 2007
Avatar for chops909

This seems like a really nice addition to a setup, having 8 additional channels connected digitally to that new Eventide beast! ...

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dione 4th May 2007
Avatar for bexarametric

I have a Fireface 800 right now. I am looking to buy a nice 32 channel console (that's a decision that I will make in the near...

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Avatar for dione
dione 4th May 2007
Avatar for Johnkenn

I'm looking for a vintage 1073 already racked with a power supply...how much should I expect to pay (what's a good deal) and what...

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kdp 4th May 2007
Avatar for Cold Jazz

Hi everyone... I can't seem to find much information about this console, not on the net or here on GS (I've mailed Neve...

Cold Jazz
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Avatar for Jeff Goodman
Jeff Goodman 4th May 2007
Avatar for univ28

Wondering if anyone can help answer this question. We currently record with the focusrite saffire and the akgc3000b mic. Im...

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Avatar for JonCraig
JonCraig 4th May 2007
Avatar for delcosmos

Hi guys, I'm just wondering if it's a good idea to recap a vintage LN1176, I mean I've read that on a vintage 1073 is a good...

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delcosmos 4th May 2007
Avatar for imaverysoundman

just got 2 focusrite blue 230's.....read in one of the threads about a mod anyone know what they are and where to get them..

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Avatar for alexstringer
alexstringer 4th May 2007
Avatar for caliban

How can I use a Lynx Aurora 16 and a Lynx Aurora 8 together? Do I need two aes16 cards?, or is there a way to use only one?

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Avatar for kittonian
kittonian 4th May 2007
Avatar for kosmokrator

Hi there! Our Reverb 6000 is not booting anymore. It says /system/CONFIG missing or corrupt. My dealer suggest sending in the...

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Avatar for kosmokrator
kosmokrator 4th May 2007