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Hopefully one of the Moderators will make this a Sticky: Recently I was doing a session with Michael Beinhorn,(if you recognize...

Lord Fear
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Animus 13th November 2007
Avatar for razorz

Should I look for a unit like SPL or Cranesong or is the Mackie Big Knob or Presonus Central Station good enough for most...

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Avatar for PettyCash
PettyCash 13th November 2007
Avatar for rocker4211

I did a search and couldn't find any info on anyone using or owning a Wagner U47. How good is this mic? Any links to tracks...

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Yuri Kogan 13th November 2007
Avatar for salomonander

so i just finished building a temporary vocal booth. it's made of fibreglass cleasonic panels and lots of duvets on the...

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Avatar for salomonander
salomonander 13th November 2007
Avatar for Dirty Halo

Curious what Toft ATB users think of the center section and summing of the ATB and how favorably (or not) to a dedicated summing...

Dirty Halo
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TAVD 12th November 2007
Avatar for rasmusbmusic

Hey everyone.. I've been searching, but couldn't find anything about this EQ.. But how does it sound.. And how does it sound...

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raal 12th November 2007
Avatar for Aearth

How incredible is the McDSP Channel G......best software comp I've tried yet. I always said that the plugin comps can't cut it,...

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recall 12th November 2007
Avatar for Honest Abe

I'm in the market for a used hedd but am curious to know the cosmetic differences in the different versions of the hedd. I...

Honest Abe
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Avatar for Honest Abe
Honest Abe 12th November 2007
Avatar for PettyCash

Trying to make a 3-way monitor selection between the Dynaudio Air 20 and the Genelec 1037C. Anyone with experience using either...

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Avatar for PettyCash
PettyCash 12th November 2007
Avatar for RABE

Anyone have some experience with these? looking at the 100's vs a pair of Adam's p22

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Avatar for Mike Caffrey
Mike Caffrey 12th November 2007
Avatar for JOHN

Why does modern equipment sound so bad? Modern equipment lacks Realism,soul,body,depth,the truth in the original source WHY...

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Avatar for Absolute
Absolute 12th November 2007
Avatar for Empire Prod

Hey guys I'm looking to buy a comp for drum buss duties this week and have sort of narrowed it down to two units that I have had...

Empire Prod
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Avatar for bgrotto
bgrotto 12th November 2007
Avatar for markk

Hi Slutz I have 4 slots begging to be filled in my API lunch box and was wondering if any of these 500 series comps can be...

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Avatar for markk
markk 12th November 2007
Avatar for King Blank

Hi I want to get a rackmount mixer for rough mixing keys to be monitored and probably recorded through my Neve 8816. Any...

King Blank
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Avatar for 666666
666666 12th November 2007
Avatar for mayday

i known that exit a company who made the interfaces of HD system of digidesign but i dont rebember

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Avatar for Lynn Fuston
Lynn Fuston 12th November 2007
Avatar for markk

Hi Slutz Has anyone tried or own the LaChapell 583s tube pre and how does it compare to say the UA M610 or the Adesign MP1A?...

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Avatar for Sabian576
Sabian576 12th November 2007
Avatar for PhilE

Anyone know about these? I have a pair that my tech says have Valves and Germanium in the power supply. Havent tried them yet...

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Avatar for PhilE
PhilE 11th November 2007
Avatar for mooed music

I'm looking into syncing my MX80 to my Performer set-up, which is clocked by a Big Ben. It is a more arcane area than I would...

mooed music
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Avatar for mooed music
mooed music 11th November 2007
Avatar for audiocure

Alright, this is probably dumb question, but, assuming that analog summing generally improves the sound of ITB mixes - would it...

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Avatar for guru007
guru007 11th November 2007
Avatar for biggie

Hi , anyone knows these as I could get my hands on a cheap pair of them, what amps would you recommend ? greetz , biggie

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Avatar for henryrobinett
henryrobinett 11th November 2007
Avatar for sleestack

What machines are available as 2 inch 8 track r2r's? I already know of the one at atr. Any from the distant past? Besides that...

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Avatar for themaidsroom
themaidsroom 11th November 2007
Avatar for HAWG_TRAIN

Im wanting to go out of apogee ad16x lightpipe out to my alesis masterlink for mixdown, the masterlink has coaxial rca digital...

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Avatar for HAWG_TRAIN
HAWG_TRAIN 11th November 2007
Avatar for neilio

whats the current opinion of the digidesigns "pre", anyone ever/still use these? any good? a servo design right?

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Avatar for neilio
neilio 11th November 2007
Avatar for Intergroove

How many of you mix engineers use a sub for mixing. Is it better to mix with for as more acurate low end.

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Avatar for xmostynx
xmostynx 11th November 2007
Avatar for stevetgn

I've looked everywhere done searches also googled it and found very little info or comments on this eq with the exception of...

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Avatar for stevetgn
stevetgn 11th November 2007
Avatar for dude24man

Is any one running PT HD1 PCI-E on a PC? IF so what are your thoughts. Arthur Dms Recording Studio - Full Service Recording...

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Avatar for wildpark
wildpark 11th November 2007
Avatar for Lion

Lavry blue or Apogee Rosetta 800 + Big Ben Hi, i would like to improve my setup and want to buy some new converters, for the...

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Avatar for GYang
GYang 11th November 2007
Avatar for JDavisNJ

I'd like to pick up some Purple Audio Biz preamps. Is there any rack lunchbox or other unit with only two spaces? It's all I...

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Avatar for GYang
GYang 11th November 2007
Avatar for DanielDaniel

Hey everybody, Honestly im not really informed guy about all hardware stuff,but after reading some threads *saddenly can't...

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Avatar for DanielDaniel
DanielDaniel 11th November 2007
Avatar for darkwavo

Hello, I recently bought an Echoplate III plate verb, and am really happy with it. The problem is now i am over-applying...

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Avatar for Omicron_9
Omicron_9 11th November 2007
Avatar for Kiwiburger

Nearly made an impulse purchase boing These Numerical Sound impulses seem to be fairly good. I tried to order the CD, but...

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Avatar for peeder
peeder 11th November 2007
Avatar for tazman

I am in the process of building my first A12. The instructions say that the wiring order for the output transformer is...

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Avatar for tazman
tazman 11th November 2007
Avatar for rickyfri

I just purchased an API 3124+ and see that only the "M" model has inserts on each channel. The 3124+ has no inserts. ...

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Avatar for Fletcher
Fletcher 11th November 2007
Avatar for penz

My current recording chain is Pacifica --> Lynx L22. The Lynx L22 XLR outputs are converted to 1/4" to go to my Presonus...

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Avatar for Deleted c40a31f
Deleted c40a31f 10th November 2007
Avatar for cletus

I know the P-1 is based on the Pacifica but was wondering how similar its sounds. Anyone a/b'ed em? I'm thinking about getting ...

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Avatar for beechstudio
beechstudio 10th November 2007
Avatar for NowWhat

Hey it's time for the gear fairy to bring me some love to fill the void in my soul, and stereo spectrum... To be as specific as...

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Avatar for NowWhat
NowWhat 10th November 2007
Avatar for Ben B

Anyone ever done it? Digidesign's Signal Tools includes bar meters that can be set to VU ballistics, as well as phase/Lissajous...

Ben B
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Avatar for Ben B
Ben B 10th November 2007
Avatar for FreeToMIX

can some one fully explain a side chain for me i have a 737 and their is a button and i don't know how to use it or what its foe...

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Avatar for Stitch333
Stitch333 10th November 2007
Avatar for sage691

Just curious about this. I have an Otari MTR90. The 24 sound cards have alot of Nichicon electrolytic caps on them that I assume...

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Avatar for juniorhifikit
juniorhifikit 10th November 2007
Avatar for Chris Parsons

I'm a very happy DP user but i'm getting a little tired of giving up some clients because I don't have PT. I'm thinking of...

Chris Parsons
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Avatar for whitepapagold
whitepapagold 10th November 2007
Avatar for ndycus1

I am very, very interested in purchasing a Chandler Germanium within the next week. I have looked into other options, such as...

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Avatar for Skai_Penalva
Skai_Penalva 10th November 2007
Avatar for SF_Guy

I'm putting together a new composing studio (Film/Games). This is what I'm thinking: Mac Pro Logic Pro 7 (Do I dare say...

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Avatar for Kenny M
Kenny M 10th November 2007
Avatar for soundseeker

Ive looked through the threads but this most obvious of questions is not answred to anyone's satisaction. I've got a Wagner u47...

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Avatar for jslevin
jslevin 10th November 2007
Avatar for jacob eli

What the heck?! I just put up my u87ai and c414xls right next to each other to compare them for overhead duties. The c414...

jacob eli
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Avatar for DSMrehearsal
DSMrehearsal 10th November 2007
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Avatar for James Lugo
James Lugo 10th November 2007

I know somebody selling one extremely cheap. I've been searching GS to see what people think of them, but I can't seem to find...

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Avatar for buzzjoe
buzzjoe 10th November 2007
Avatar for Dean Landon

Anyone here using the Neve 8803 in their stereo buss chain? I know it's just been released, but if anyone's been using it, what's...

Dean Landon
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Avatar for Fletcher
Fletcher 9th November 2007
Avatar for doogie

I'm enjoying the Chandler Mini mixer as a summing mixer for the most part but I running the faders in PT quite low to avoid...

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Avatar for JPF
JPF 9th November 2007
Avatar for yumdrum

I recently purchased a pair of gefell M300 SDCs used. The lister listed them in "like new" condition. When I unpacked...

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Avatar for Audionaut
Audionaut 9th November 2007
Avatar for biggie

Hi, just got a pair of cheap Sentry EV 500, now I´m looking for a real good power amp that matches the monitors (8 ohm, 100 -...

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Avatar for Audionaut
Audionaut 9th November 2007