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I'm happy with the M930 for voiceover, but like a true gearslut wonder about the Brauner Phantom. I've tried the AK-47 and...

VO Guy
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Yoda117 10th December 2008
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Okay okay... I AM aware that there are already multiple discussions on this topic. I am going to try to be very specific in my...

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DanRock101 10th December 2008
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What's this preamp really like. I'm not in a position to demo it. But I've heard very good things on it, not too many details...

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DanRock101 10th December 2008
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I have recorded good few times with api gear but i dont own any and i really want to get a lunchbox and some pres So which models...

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HOTC 10th December 2008
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As the title of the thread says ... I currently have one to demo. And I know some of this ground has been covered to a certain...

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Butcha 10th December 2008
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hooray for another Pearlman thread! I've tried TM-1, and while the character of it was quite pleasing, I felt that I was missing...

Eskimo Brain
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Eskimo Brain 9th December 2008
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I know there are a few threads like this, but here's the deal: I need a monitor controller that can handle both stereo and 5.1,...

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NetworkAudio 9th December 2008
Avatar for peder

hello there i use a fireface 400 which i am pleased with but i need more IN/OUTS .. i still want to be able to use the rme...

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Avatar for Duardo
Duardo 9th December 2008
Avatar for mister sunshine

I'm having trouble understanding choices in the Crowley & Tripp mic line. I'm primarily interested in the passive versions...

mister sunshine
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andychamp 9th December 2008
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First off, I will just say that I've been in and out of some great studios for the past 10+ years. I've been recording my own...

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newlyformedmind 9th December 2008
Avatar for Johnny the Fox

I did some recordings with my brand new API 7600 channel strip that I just got and it sounds killer. Later, to check the patch...

Johnny the Fox
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Johnny the Fox 9th December 2008
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see a nice edit..very one can stop getting peed at me now

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rarseman 9th December 2008
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Of course it does...its a preamp. abduction But mine is actually producing acoustic noise. When I plug a synth into the DI and...

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Nolet 9th December 2008
Avatar for Coucou

Hi, I've just been playing around with my Orpheus for the last month and I must say that it is one of the most surprising...

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Audiop 9th December 2008
Avatar for lalune

Hi, I'm looking for a high quality mic pre, whose first job will be overheads. Thereafter I'd like it to be my main pre for...

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Avatar for lalune
lalune 9th December 2008
Avatar for mister sunshine

I've purchased a few sets of "matched" microphone stereo kits and I enjoy getting some confidence that the pair is well...

mister sunshine
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studio1117 9th December 2008
Avatar for Pastor Obviedo

Hey guys. The vocals on this album (Safe trip home) sound fantastic, with a lot of body and at the same time airy with a...

Pastor Obviedo
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Avatar for bcgood
bcgood 9th December 2008
Avatar for AudioClueless

Hey all I just wanted to share my experience and question whether I am in this alone haha... My go to pres have been for awhile...

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Avatar for roger
roger 9th December 2008
Avatar for Daniel Piscina

I'm getting tired of printing to a hard-drive and then HAVING to burn a CD (as with my Alesis Masterlink). I'd prefer to SKIP a...

Daniel Piscina
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Avatar for NorseHorse
NorseHorse 9th December 2008
Avatar for beardsnotbeers

So I need a patchbay. I need a db25 back/TT front. My question is why do I need a Switchcraft 9625 when I could have a Reco...

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Avatar for Crash
Crash 9th December 2008
Avatar for ThomasWho

Hey gang , I borrowed a friends Distressor yesterday and bounced a lot of tracks through it. I dig the hard and fast sound it...

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Avatar for jumpnyc
jumpnyc 9th December 2008
Avatar for TROT

Hello, I've read all the posts on AD-DA and before asking the required question, a little bit of background info. I have 2...

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Avatar for TROT
TROT 9th December 2008
Avatar for ocianic

I have an original Silver Face LA2A and I'm finding that if I raise the gain level above about 2 1/2 (9 o'clock) it starts to get...

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Avatar for emrr
emrr 9th December 2008
Avatar for Nfinite2006

Wharfedale Diamond 8.2's ive been looking around these past couple days...the wharfs were my first pair of mons but i wanna step...

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Avatar for Nfinite2006
Nfinite2006 8th December 2008
Avatar for rmoondoggy

Anyone use Adam's P33 monitors?Adam says they are for "high end home studios"

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Avatar for warhead
warhead 8th December 2008
Avatar for portraitofpeter

Does anybody know if there is an AD module for the API lunchbox format? I have seen that Audient has one for their black...

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Avatar for lozion
lozion 8th December 2008
Avatar for icit

So I'm in the camp a lot of people are in - I own a new macbook (no firewire). But I'd love to have something as portable and as...

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Avatar for desotoslo
desotoslo 8th December 2008
Avatar for Le Lab

Hi all: I am looking for the contact info of the famous mixing engineer Bob Hasseldorf... I really like his work and would...

Le Lab
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Le Lab 8th December 2008
Avatar for gregory

Hello, which transformer is used in the original quartet? I see that quartet II has two, are they the same two that are optional...

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Avatar for gregory
gregory 8th December 2008
Avatar for Demonslave

After A year and countless hours on Gearslutz and the net and 6 hours on the phone with Randy Blevins (figuring out that the...

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Avatar for lambro
lambro 8th December 2008
Avatar for HOTC

Was listening to William Shatner Has Been album and i love the production on it..its beautiful...Ben Folds did a great job and...

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Avatar for cgarges
cgarges 8th December 2008
Avatar for TanTan

Hi there ! Me and my girlfriend are in Brazil for a month ! we are @ Rio for a few days and i would love to know if there are...

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Avatar for taturana
taturana 8th December 2008
Avatar for audioman

Hey guys just wondering what can I use to control the monitor volume for the Ua 2192. I have the outputs going straight to my...

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Avatar for Chris
Chris 8th December 2008
Avatar for Nama

Hi, I am recording a band with using Nuendo on a PC. It is a small studio and their set up is the Tascom DM 3200 (O2R like...

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Avatar for Groff
Groff 8th December 2008
Avatar for 79_Limited

I ran across locally what seems on the surface like a good deal. Studer A80 1/2" 2 track (which I could use) & a A80...

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Avatar for kats
kats 8th December 2008
Avatar for sctt_stone

Do you guys like the 6176 for rock vocals ? I am considering either that or a great river nv and a drawmer 1968. Are these pres...

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Avatar for My Tiny Circus
My Tiny Circus 8th December 2008
Avatar for jumpnyc

I score, track, mix, do post, records, advertising etc. I have been monitoring 5.1 with the xmon and stereo with the avocet. But...

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Avatar for Shaman
Shaman 8th December 2008
Avatar for kgdrum_nyc

I know it sounds very unslut like ............. I am leaning towards going the lunch box route but I am really trying to avoid a...

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Avatar for kgdrum_nyc
kgdrum_nyc 8th December 2008
Avatar for davehall6162

I recently got rid of a rosetta 200 and want to upgrade to one of these fine converters. I know they both do an excellent job,...

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Avatar for Silvertone
Silvertone 8th December 2008
Avatar for hotshot

Hello: I'd like to find one or more stereo boxes (Comps, EQ, etc.) that I can run my drum bus through between my DA and Tube...

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Avatar for Dirty Halo
Dirty Halo 8th December 2008
Avatar for MichaelPatrick

Here's a Verona for sale for $14,000, by a fellow Gearslut... ...

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Avatar for MichaelPatrick
MichaelPatrick 8th December 2008
Avatar for DeadInMagazines

I just got this AKG C414 B-XLS from a pawn shop for 300 bucks, but when i plugged the mic and started testing it, i noticed the...

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Avatar for DeadInMagazines
DeadInMagazines 8th December 2008
Avatar for finlove

Ok I wanna get a new mic and thinking of a few Neumanns...and ive narrowed it down to a few mics..Im thinking Gefell UM70,Neumann...

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Avatar for jmit01gs
jmit01gs 8th December 2008
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Avatar for narcoman
narcoman 8th December 2008
Avatar for Johnkenn

The Korby Blue is now included in the "Things that John really digs: 2008"...(all opinions subject to...

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Avatar for cfdude
cfdude 8th December 2008
Avatar for somsay

hello i just go a lynxtwo b soundcard, is it ok to use my new lynxtwo soundcard to put the the outputs–into my motu 828, so...

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Avatar for somsay
somsay 8th December 2008
Avatar for rids

Crap. I hate when I'm all set on buying something and another idea pops into my head. Basically it's this: I currently have a A...

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Avatar for rids
rids 7th December 2008
Avatar for icit

So, I'm trying to figure out a good HIGH quality mobile option for my macbook, which doesn't have firewire -there's a different...

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Avatar for icit
icit 7th December 2008
Avatar for HOTC

which one to get. Im leaning towards the gefell tho i know the um70 is better...dont know how much better against um71 mainly...

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Avatar for HOTC
HOTC 7th December 2008
Avatar for studiogear

What are the must have best preamps for tracking?

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Avatar for johnlagrou
johnlagrou 7th December 2008