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MICROPHONES LINE AUDIO DESIGN and is this stuff any good? Sure looks good in the specs/pics

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gainreduction 19th January 2009
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Where does the grace preamp sit amongst the other clean preamps. How big of a difference is it from the others. I am noticing...

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captainj 19th January 2009
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Hello there! My name is Marie. Im studying Music Tech at University. I have been set an assignment where I have £750,000 /...

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squidsquad 19th January 2009
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As you all know, the API 212L (the pres in the API Legacy console & the API 200 series rack) do NOT have a switch to flip the...

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staudio 19th January 2009
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Hello guys, I ve been trying to sync 16 track from Fostex d2424 to my pro tools LE running on Mac pro, version 7.4 but i keep...

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oldmemories 19th January 2009
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Hi.. I know, it's probably already been answered, but I just couln't find anything describing my specific problem.. I have a...

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Duardo 19th January 2009
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I know are different design , now different company..but both designers have similar background.. So anybody tried or own...

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AdamJay 18th January 2009
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Greetings. I've done various searches, but not found an answer to the following. Of the 2247 Peluso series, which one has the...

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Piedpiper 18th January 2009
Avatar for CoolVegasBoss

Ok, so this may sound like a stupid question, but I am curious about how this works... With the AWS900+ only having 24...

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Avatar for Chris Lago
Chris Lago 18th January 2009
Avatar for Lemonsqueezer

Any one familiar with this amp? Hows it compare to other? whats its rated output power? diddlydoo

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Lemonsqueezer 18th January 2009
Avatar for ThomasWho

Has anyone done 16 ch recording successfully with 2 Orpeus together on a FW bus? And how do the Headphones out work in a...

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ThomasWho 18th January 2009
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Hi! I wonder if anybody uses low pass filters on mix buss? I remember that reduction of high frequences during recording was a...

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dibravibra 18th January 2009
Avatar for Ry Thomas

I have my d8b working in HUI mode in Cubase 4. I cant seem to access any of the features on my monitor when in HUI mode as it...

Ry Thomas
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DigitMus 18th January 2009
Avatar for Omicron_9

Greetings. Does anyone have any experience with the Peluso P Stereo mic? Peluso Microphone Lab Forgive me if this has been...

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Omicron_9 18th January 2009
Avatar for kirkbross

I am looking to get some new pres. I must admit I don't feel like a High Ender but this gear is relative nice so I thought I'd...

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Avatar for DanRock101
DanRock101 18th January 2009
Avatar for siddhu

Can someone suggest high quality, adjustable monitor stands that are available in Europe? I need to pick up 4 for my move back...

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ESL 18th January 2009
Avatar for Nama

When do you think you know it's done and move to other parts? I record rock and pop music, and 90% of the sessions start with...

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Avatar for Nama
Nama 18th January 2009
Avatar for Stephen.S.C

The title kind of says it all. I left two pieces of papers on top of vent holes ( covered the top entirely ) while it's on. I'm...

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Avatar for Stephen.S.C
Stephen.S.C 18th January 2009
Avatar for spacious

I'm trying to decide which of these to get. Currently, I'm leaning towards the Aphex, because it's also an expander, but I don't...

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Avatar for Steffmo
Steffmo 18th January 2009
Avatar for winvbass

Anybody privi to any inside info on the soon-to-be-released offering from AMS-Neve? ...

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Avatar for dannycurtean@yah
[email protected] 18th January 2009
Avatar for GrooveMerchant

I'm checking reviews - seems the SF-12 has a thinner ribbon for nicer highs but has lower output, thus more noise and need for...

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GrooveMerchant 18th January 2009
Avatar for Deuce 225

I have spent 1 1/2 hrs. searching for a thread I read here in the last 4 - 8 months. Everyone was singing the praises of a...

Deuce 225
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Deuce 225 18th January 2009
Avatar for musicmixer04

Hi I have a xlr patch (lines from studio to preamps) and trs patch (line level, pre out, ADDA, outboards) They are located on...

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Avatar for joeq
joeq 17th January 2009
Avatar for Dnich79

I'm recording a metal band and the drummer has a joey jordison(slipknot) signature kit: 2 kicks, 3 toms, 2 floor toms, 1 snare. ...

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Avatar for FadersmakmeHappy
FadersmakmeHappy 17th January 2009
Avatar for newlyformedmind

Has anyone had any experience using Lucid products? I need to get a D/A and the Lucid D/A 9624 is a good price. But not sure...

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Avatar for dudleys100
dudleys100 17th January 2009
Avatar for Richard Salino

I'm having some noise issues with my ISA 428. Usually, I never have to turn the gain up very high at all to get usable signal,...

Richard Salino
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Avatar for nosebleedaudio
nosebleedaudio 17th January 2009
Avatar for llarena

I´m looking for a good analog console for around 20k and combine it with pro tools. Wich is better? an old big console or an...

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Avatar for 24-96 Mastering
24-96 Mastering 17th January 2009
Avatar for David Browne

Dear Members, We’ve recently updated the website and would welcome any comments you wish to offer with regard to the new...

David Browne
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Avatar for ISedlacek
ISedlacek 17th January 2009
Avatar for ziggy

My original long body Tele 47 is not passing sound. Last time I tried to turn it on there was a burning smell coming I think from...

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Avatar for dannycurtean@yah
[email protected] 17th January 2009
Avatar for Tim Davis

Time? Work a separate job for years until you had the capital? Take loans? Work out of a bedroom studio recording 'turd'...

Tim Davis
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Avatar for memphisindie
memphisindie 17th January 2009
Avatar for Todd Loomis

I've been trying to find some audio examples of the 2192 converter in these threads - most of them are just reviews - I can't...

Todd Loomis
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Avatar for mytek
mytek 17th January 2009
Avatar for Dag

Hi. Can anyone tell me the real differnt between Neve 88R and the 88RS. Is it only the score option or is it more. What about the...

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Avatar for Le Lab
Le Lab 16th January 2009
Avatar for hansonkong

I need a great pre amp for my vocal!!! never heard too many comments about this gear in here... I am going to buy an amazing pre...

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Avatar for hansonkong
hansonkong 16th January 2009
Avatar for Mad-Max

...Could\should be 4 U a nice choice for a smoother overall sound? (I Already own an API 2500, SSL Gcomp and a 1968 ME, 2 1176) I...

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Avatar for Mad-Max
Mad-Max 16th January 2009
Avatar for spektor

Hi all i have a wunder cm7 gt i was thinking of getting a u87 for myself so i have a solid state mic since all my pres are...

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Avatar for litepipe
litepipe 16th January 2009
Avatar for dubrichie

alrighty, can anyone sort me out with a .pdf file of the User Manual for the API 1608? it's not available on API's...

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Avatar for RoundBadge
RoundBadge 16th January 2009
Avatar for Stephen.S.C

Hello all, I'm looking for a very high quality EQ unit for tracking and mixing, mainly baritone vocal. These are what I already...

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Avatar for ssl_ambition
ssl_ambition 16th January 2009
Avatar for Rev2010

Hi all, new here. I recently picked up a second, smaller, set of studio monitors (Dynaudio BM5A's) to replace my standard...

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Avatar for rhythmtech
rhythmtech 16th January 2009
Avatar for gainreduction

The digi192, still going strong but probably getting close to the end of its product life within a year or three. This idea is...

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Avatar for Andrew Kinsey
Andrew Kinsey 16th January 2009
Avatar for Bad Radio

First post here and what a phenomenal resource this site is... I've literally spent the last few weeks searching threads here! ...

Bad Radio
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Avatar for RoundBadge
RoundBadge 16th January 2009
Avatar for bass man

Hi I just got Studer A-80 R ( without Vu meter) and plan to use it for mixdowns/bouncing to tape . I am mixing mostly in the...

bass man
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Avatar for petterericsson
petterericsson 16th January 2009
Avatar for Marrone

Dear Slutz, I can get a good deal on a Neve 1073 DPA but i was thinking about getting the Great River or Neve 1073 DPA. Since...

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Avatar for Doc Mixwell
Doc Mixwell 16th January 2009
Avatar for mantaray

Hi there I have found a Studer a810 and I am considering buying it for the final mixes. However, I would like to know sound...

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Avatar for mantaray
mantaray 16th January 2009
Avatar for Johnkenn

I think I have my choices narrowed down between a 2192 or a Lavry Blue...Just wanted to get some takes on the 2192...

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Avatar for Solar
Solar 16th January 2009
Avatar for DC11

Since the manual to the HEDD is pretty vague and I've never used non-interface converters before, where should I be putting this...

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Avatar for Doc Mixwell
Doc Mixwell 15th January 2009
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Avatar for Eganmedia
Eganmedia 15th January 2009
Avatar for Toast

hello, i´m using a protools HD2 system (core + accel card) and have a 96 i/o i didn´t use for some time but that i want to...

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Avatar for Toast
Toast 15th January 2009
Avatar for JanMoser

I have the following behaviour of my MEC-1A and I don't know if this is by design (which i do not think) or if something is...

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Avatar for Matt Syson
Matt Syson 15th January 2009
Avatar for 82Blues

hey guys- I'm currently using a 003 factory, Great River MP-2NV, M-Audio Octane, and I'm clocking with an Isochrone OCX. What...

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Avatar for 82Blues
82Blues 15th January 2009
Avatar for Vanman4254

Hey guys, I am in the process of setting up my new studio. I have the 003 rack and the apogee rosetta 200. I don't have my...

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Avatar for Vanman4254
Vanman4254 15th January 2009